9 Best Free Portable Browser Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free portable browser software for Windows. You can use any of these browsers without installing them on PC. Plus, you can also carry these browsers on any portable storage device and use them on the go. Some of these browsers are just a portable version of popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. These portable browsers match their standard versions both in terms of features and performance.

In these portable internet browsers, you get almost all the standard features such as bookmarks, history, private mode, multi-tab interface, extensions, etc. There are some unique features also in few browsers like cloud sync, VPN, adblocker, battery saver, vertical tab, etc. For general browsing, all of these browsers are pretty good. But for heavier tasks, browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are more suitable.

My Favorite Portable Browser Software For Windows:

Chrome is my favorite portable web browser because it has one of the best web stores i.e. Chrome web store. Its web store has a vast number of useful extensions through which you can enhance the functionality of Chrome. In terms of performance, almost all web browsers are similar still, its stability and simple interface make it my favorite.

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Chrome is a free and familiar web browser for Windows. This popular browser also comes in a portable package that allows you to carry it on a flash drive and use on the go.

The main advantage of this software over others is its simple interface and Web store. Its performance and ability to open a lot of tabs without crashing or losing performance also make it my favorite portable browser. In this browser, you get all standard features like bookmarks, history saver, incognito mode (for private browsing), extension support, etc. Besides these standard features, it also contains some handy features, such as:

  • Cloud Sync: This feature allows you to import all your bookmarks, extensions, settings, etc., just by logging in to the Chrome.
  • Chrome Web Store: It contains a lot of extensions and games that you can download from the Web Store and install in Chrome as extensions.
  • ScreenCast: This feature lets you cast your browser interface to WIFI enabled smart TV’s or screens.
  • Mute Tab: This option allows you to mute individual tabs of Chrome.

Overall, it is a really good and very stable portable web browser using which you can browse the net with ease.

Opera Portable Browser

Opera Portable Browser is another popular portable browser for Windows. You can carry this portable browser in a portable storage device and easily use it by connecting the storage device to a  Windows PC.

In this browser, you can easily browse any website in normal as well as in private mode. Plus, all standard features like bookmarks, multiple tab interface, extensions support, etc., are available. It also has various unique features which only limited number of browsers have, such as:

  • VPN support: This software comes with an inbuilt virtual private network. Using it, you can create a secure connection to another network over the internet. You can also access region-restricted websites and shield your browsing history. To enable VPN, go to settings > privacy & security > VPN.
  • Speed Dial: Many on-screen speed dial buttons or shortcuts of various websites are present on the interface. By clicking on a shortcut, you can quickly access the associated website.
  • Sidebar: This browser comes with a handy sidebar through which you can access some options like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Bookmarks, History, etc. You can customize it and also disable it if required.
  • Adblocker: It has an inbuilt adblocker that you can enable from settings menu. It blocks unwanted ads and pop-ups while accessing a website or webpage.
  • Battery Saver: This feature is really useful for laptop users as it allows you to browse the web without draining too much battery. To enable battery saver, go to settings > browser > battery saver.

Apart from various features, its performance and looks also impress me a lot. In this portable browser, you get almost all features that a good browser should have.


Firefox is another free and popular browser that comes in a portable package. You can use this portable browser without installation on any Windows PC.

Firefox Quantum is the newest version of Firefox that offers a great performance along with all modern features. On the interface of this software, you get top searched sites as speed dials and bookmarks shortcuts to quickly access important and top searched sites. Even the option to import history, password, and bookmarks are present on the main interface. Besides this, it has all other important features like multi-tab interface, private mode, tracking protection, bookmarks (to save favorite website links), etc.

Some of the highlights of Firefox are:

  • Synced tabs: This feature helps you sync open tabs of Firefox across all your devices.
  • Add-ons and plugins support: Add-ons and plugins help you enhance the functionality of this portable browser. It provides its own Add-ons store from where you can download them.
  • Toolbar Customization: This new version of Firefox emphasizes customization feature. Using its customize option, you can manually change all the tools present on the toolbar according to your need.
  • Offline Mode: In this mode, you will not be able to access the internet. You can enable offline mode from three bar menu > option.


Chromium is a free and open source portable browser software for Windows. It is originally an open source project behind the Google Chrome. Its look and performance are almost identical to Chrome. Plus, you can access and install extensions on it from Chrome web store, similar to Chrome browser.

In this browser, you can browse the internet, download useful content, install important extensions, consume media, save bookmarks, keep track of history, etc., with ease.

It also provides some handy features like Incognito mode (for private browsing), Cloud Sync (to get all settings, bookmarks, extensions, etc., by logging in to your browser),  ScreenCast (to cast the interface of the browser on the WIFI enabled TV’s, and supported smart TV’s), Onscreen shortcuts (it automatically creates shortcuts of frequently visited websites on its interface ), etc.

In general, it performs quite good without any hiccups. Plus, continuous updates (twice a month) keep it stable and secure.


Maxthon is a powerful portable browser software for Windows. It is a cross platforms browser that comes in both portable and non-portable version. You can easily carry it around on a flash drive and use it without installation on any Windows PC.

This browser provides some really good features that you might find useful, like:

  • Cloud Sync: It allows you to sync various settings, bookmarks, add-ons, password, etc., between multiple Maxthon browsers of different devices (PC’s, tablets, phones, etc.).
  • Dual Core: It uses a Trident dual-core and Webkit technologies to provide very fast browsing speed and quick response time.
  • Resource Sniffer: It lets you download videos from various video streaming sites, social media sites, etc., without using an external downloader.
  • Magic Fill: It automatically saves the username, password, and other form data like name, address, etc., so you do not have to enter these details every time before login or filling forms.
  • Handy tools options: It provides various handy tools on the toolbar like reading mode, screen capture tool, night mode, etc. Plus, a separate external tool option to launch system program from this browser like paint, calculator, notepad, my computer, etc. is also available.

Besides these features, it also has all common features like options to bookmarks pages, automatic history saver, private mode, add-on support, etc. In general, it one of the best free portable browser that you can use without spending a penny.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser is yet another portable and free web browser software for Windows. It is a fast and free internet browser that uses very low memory when compared to other browsers. Its main features include split view, RSS reader, download accelerator, a multi-document interface, private browsing, and more. It also keeps your bookmarks and browsing history safe.

This browser has many other smart features which improve the overall web browsing experience such as:

  • Vertical Tabs: This feature shows the content of each opened tab in a separate vertical window.
  • Secure AutoFill: This browser saves the username and password of websites, so you can access them quickly, but that also allows other users to access your account easily. So to tackle that problem, it introduces a secure autofill feature through which you can secure autofill pages or websites by password protection.
  • Ads Blocker and URL Blocker: This browser provides inbuilt adblocker to provide an interruption-free browsing experience. Plus, an URL blocker is also present through which you can manually block any website.
  • Video Sniffer: This video sniffer feature detects the videos in the web page that you are browsing, and let you download videos with just one click.

In general, it is another useful and portable browser that works flawlessly.


Cyberfox is yet another portable web browser software for Windows. It is a free and fast browser through which you can surf the internet and download web contents. This software also provides secure browsing experience and whenever it detects any dangerous download, it either warns you or automatically blocks that download. It also takes care of user privacy by providing the private mode that does not save any browsing history, cookies, site data, etc.

In order to provide the best performance, this software ships with two versions of Cyberfox; one is optimized for Intel processors and other is optimized for AMD processors. By downloading the right version, you can extract the best possible performance out of this browser. In general, it works pretty smoothly without any hiccups.

Some other common but handy features of this browser are cloud sync, add-ons support, bookmark saver, history saver, RAM cache cleaner, etc.

Pale Moon

Pale Moon is another simple and easy-to-use portable browser for Windows. You can use this portable browser even from the USB drive or from any other portable device.

It is a pretty standard web browser with a simple interface and essential features that you can expect in a browser, like:

  • Private Mode.
  • Multi-tab interface.
  • Most visited website folder for quick access.
  • Bookmarks and history.
  • Inbuilt video downloader.
  • Add-ons support.

This browser does not have any unique features that some of other portable web browsers have. Still, it performs its basic task brilliantly that is to browse internet smoothly without causing any problem.

TheWorld Browser

TheWorld Browser is another portable browser software for Windows in this list. You can carry this portable browser in any portable storage device and use it just by connecting the portable device to PC. It is also quite a lightweight software and offers all the common functionalities of an internet browser. Though, it takes some time to completely load a web page. It also has some crashing issues.

In this browser, you get all important features like import and export bookmarks, save bookmarks, private mode, inbuilt downloader, history saver, customizable toolbar, multi-tab interface, etc. Plus, you can increase its functionality by adding external add-ons on it.

In general, it is a lightweight and portable software, but it lacks performance.

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