3 Best Free PRN File Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free PRN file viewer software for Windows. Using these software, you will be able to view and read any PRN file. PRN file is a type of file which carries the instructions for a printer to let it know what to print on a page. If you open a PRN in a normal file viewer or editor, you will basically view a preformatted text along with lots of codes which may be useless for a normal user. To view the relevant content present in PRN file, you need to use some specific PRN file viewers which show you the relevant and original content.

In order to show the relevant content, some PRN viewers first convert the file into PDF and then show you the content. However, other software can directly open a PRN file without converting a file into the PDF. In both cases, you can view and read a PRN document with ease. To make viewing experience easy, some common but essential tools like page navigation, zoom in, zoom out, page scroll, etc. are provided by these freeware.

My Favorite PRN File Viewer Software For Windows:

GSView is my favorite PRN viewer because it directly opens any PRN file without converting it to PDF. Plus, it provides all essential tools along with the ability to save PRN file into formats like PS, EPS, etc.

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GSView is a free and easy to use PRN file viewer software for Windows. In this software, you can open and read a PRN file along with other files of some different formats namely PS, EPS, EPI, and PDF. To make viewing and switching between pages easy, tools like navigation buttons to navigate between pages, zoom in/out tools, find text tools, etc. are provided in it. If you want to directly jump to a specific page, then you need to use its select page option that contains page numbers to directly jump to a specific page.

The main advantage of this viewer over other PRN file viewers is that it shows all the pages of a PRN file and it also doesn’t change PRN file to PDF in order to open it. To view a PRN file, you just need to open a PRN document directly from its file menu.

Apart from viewing PRN file, you can extract text from it and also save PRN as PS, EPS, and EPI file formats.

Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter is another free PRN file viewer software for Windows. Though, it is mainly a file converter through which you can convert an input file to other file formats like PDF, DOC, RTF, PS, PCL, and more. It has similar sets of supported input and output formats. So, you can view and read documents in any of the aforementioned formats.

In this software, you can view a PRN file or any other document file, but its on-screen viewer only shows the first page of a PRN or other input document type. To bypass this limitation, you need to use its print preview option that shows all the pages of a PRN document at once. Plus, page navigation and zoom in/out tools are also present in preview option to navigate between pages and clearly views all the contents of a PRN document respectively.

If you want to convert the format of an input document or a PRN file, then first browse the document using its inbuilt file explorer and choose a format from the toolbar and press next button to start conversion. After the conversion, you can easily save the converted file into PC.

Overall, it a great file converter but as a PRN viewer, it is just average because of the inability of its main viewer to show all the pages of a PRN document.


FreePDF is a free PRN viewer software for Windows. It is used to convert a PRN file to a PDF and also to view the content of a PRN file.

In order to show you the PRN file content, it first converts the PRN file to a PDF format and then shows you the content of that file. The actual PRN file contains preformatted texts and codes that makes the file unreadable to general users. That is why this software first converts the PRN into PDF file and then just act as a PDF viewer and shows all the contents of that file without altering the original format.

Let’s see how to view PRN file in FreePDF:

  • To view the PRN file, first, add a PRN file from its file menu and press the open button. Immediately, this viewer will convert your PRN file to a PDF and then ask you to save the PDF file.
  • Now, you can easily open the PDF file by pressing the open PDF button.

In this software, you can control the quality of the generated PDF file from its on-screen PDF file menu that lets you save PDF as high quality, medium quality, and also as an eBook.

Apart from PRN and PDF, it supports only one more format named PS file format. Plus, it also contains two more additional tools, one of which adds password protection on a PDF file and other is used to merge two PDF’s into one file.

Note: This software opens up the output PDF (converted PRN file) into a web browser, unlike other similar software.

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