5 Best Free Rhyme Maker Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free rhyme maker software for Windows. These software are helpful for poets or songwriters to generate rhyming words which help them writing poems and songs. Or, one can simply use these freeware to learn rhymes of a specific word. You can simply type a word and these software will display all respective rhyming words. These let you specify phoneme and syllable count to fetch results.

In one software, you get rhyme results on the basis of word pronunciations. One of these also shows forward rhyme, backward rhyme, forward-matching syllables, and reverse-matching syllables. Additionally, in one software, you can find single full, double full, or third full rhymes, single, double, or third assonant rhyme, single, double, or third consonant rhymes. You can copy rhyme results in all of these.

My Favorite Rhyme Maker Software For Windows:

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus is my favorite rhyme maker as it is a complete dictionary software and provides a good number of features. You can create a word list of rhyming words too.

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TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a complete dictionary software for Windows. You can search synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, etc. in it. It also provides separate modules for finding anagrams, phonetic wildcard search, concordancer, etymologer, etc. In this software, you can also find a rhyme assistant tool. Using it, you can generate rhyming words for any specific word.

To find rhyming words, you can simply enter a word and then hit the Enter button. It lets you customize fetched results with following options:

  • You can choose whether you want to fetch rhymes with exact same number of syllables as typed word or rhymes with any number of syllables.
  • It lets you select whether you want to find single full rhymes, double full rhymes, or third full rhymes.
  • You can select if you want single assonant rhyme, double assonant rhyme, or third assonant rhyme in results.
  • It lets you fetch single, double, or third consonant rhymes for a word.

The fetched results can be copied to the clipboard. It displays all previously searched words in Work pad list. You can also create a word list containing rhyme results for a word. You can access word lists from the dedicated section. If you want, you can export the rhyme word list to text files.

It is a nice rhyme maker software. You can customize some software settings which include results limit, font, hotkeys, etc. It provides a dedicated History section where you can view previous search history.

Note: It is free for non-commercial use only.

Anagram Generator

Anagram Generator is a free rhyme maker for Windows. It is basically an anagram maker which generates words by rearranging letters of an entered word. It is also used to generate words with a specified pattern, palindromes, and jumble words. Apart from English, it provides Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish dictionaries.

How to generate rhyming words in Anagram Generator:

It lets you create rhymes of a word in its Rhyming tab. You need to enter the word to create its rhymes. You can also select number of phonemes (up to 5). It displays all rhyming words with total number of rhymes fetched. You can even copy these rhyming words to the clipboard.


VersePerfect is basically designed for poets and lyricists to help them write poems and song lyrics. It can be used as a free rhyme maker software. You can type words in its main editor and it will display respective rhyming words in the right section.

  • It displays number of pronunciations for the typed word. You can view rhymes for each of the pronunciations.
  • It displays standard rhymes as well as phrases & proper nouns and roundex.
  • You can copy results to the clipboard.

As it is a poem and lyrics writer software, you get spellcheck, thesaurus, word explorer, sample lyrics, etc. You can also add a web dictionary link.

AnalogX Rhyme

AnalogX Rhyme is a dedicated free rhyme maker software for Windows. The good part about this software is that it can rhyme words backward as well as forward. Also, it can rhyme words with matching syllable counts

How to generate rhyming words using this free rhyme software:

To fetch rhyming words, enter the word to rhyme and specify phoneme and syllables count. After that, choose a condition to fetch results from forward rhyme, backward rhyme, forward-matching syllables, and reverse-matching syllables. After that, hit the Rhyme button and you will be able to see all rhyming words. You can copy selected rhyming words to the clipboard.

Word Sound Rhymer

Word Sound Rhymer is a portable rhyme maker for Windows. As you enter a word and hit the Rhyme button, it shows respective rhyming words. It also displays word sound, words that start, end, or contained in typed words, and syllable rhythm.

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