10 Best Free Software Updater For Windows

Here is a list of best free Software Updater for Windows. These software are used to keep all programs of a system up-to-date. Some software updater also update important drivers, patches, and Windows files. These software scan your whole PC and compare the installed software version with the latest available version to find outdated software. Some of them scan and update programs automatically, while in some you have to update programs manually. Scanning schedule, along with scanning frequency can also be set in almost all of these software update checker for PC.

Some free software updater also let you uninstall programs directly from their interface. Plus, various useful information like software version number, size of software, etc., are also provided by them. The only thing I didn’t like about these programs is that they always keep running in the background and also slow down the system startup process.

All mentioned software updater programs have one thing in common, that they all need active internet connection in order to check and update software.

My Favorite Software Updater for Windows:

Patch My PC Updater is my favorite, because it is portable, lightweight, and also scans system quickly. Plus, it can also update patches along with normal third party software. A list of outdated as well as up-to-date software is also provided by this software. All of these features make it really a good program updater.

You can also check out the best free Driver UpdatersSoftware Deployment Tools, and Driver Backup Software for Windows.

Patch My PC Updater

Patch My PC Updater is a free software updater for Windows. It comes in a portable package, so you can directly download and run it without installation. Using it, you can check and update all the outdated software installed on PC. This software automatically checks and shows the number of updated and outdated software of a system. In the Update Status tab, you can view all the up-to-date software in green color and outdated software in red color. You can update all of them at a time or uncheck the ones you don’t want to update.

This software also has a third party patch management system, which is used to detect the latest patches of various software. It notifies you about detected patches and you can download and install those patches to reduce system vulnerability.

To update software, you can either use Silent Mode or Visible Mode. Silent mode can update the software silently without any notification. In contrary to silent mode, visible mode notifies you before updating a software.

A software uninstaller is also available, using which you can uninstall any installed software easily. Another handy option to set scanning frequency is also available.

FileHippo App Manager

FileHippo App Manager is a popular software updater program for Windows. It can be used to keep programs in your system up to date. It scans the whole PC and identifies all the updated and outdated software. All the outdated software can be downloaded and installed directly through this software. By default, it only scans the default location of installed software, but you can add more custom locations that may contain installed software. Daily schedule for system scanning can also be set in the settings menu. This software updater keeps on running in background and whenever it detects any outdated software, it immediately displays a notification on the screen.

Ignore updates is another useful feature of this software. It can be used to prevent the future notifications of programs that you don’t want to update. But, at any time, you can manually update programs that are present in ignore updates list.

The scanning speed of FileHippo App manager is quite good and it also lets you update multiple software simultaneously.


OUTDATEfighter is yet another software updater program for Windows. As the name implies, it is used to update outdated software by replacing them with their latest version. Just scan your computer with this software updater. After the completion of scan, the list of outdated software will appear on the last scan menu. In this list, select the software which you want to update by selecting the respective check boxes. All the software updated by this updater are checked for virus before installation. The size and version of each updated software are also shown on interface.

This software updater is also capable of scanning and downloading Windows updates. Whenever a new Windows package or update is detected, it automatically notifies you about the update with the updated version. A dedicated software uninstaller is another useful feature to remove any installed software from the system in just one click. Information like file size and installation date of software are also available in uninstaller section.

Carambis Software Updater Pro

Carambis Software Updater Pro is another free and simple software to update programs of Windows. It automatically scans the entire system and provides a list of all installed software that need to be updated. Directly from its interface, you can update some or all the outdated software. Completely new software can also be downloaded through this software. It also shows many popular software in its popular tab from where you can download the suggested software. You can also search for any software from the search bar and download it in just a click.

Many handy settings are also provided by Carambis, like option to add additional directories which may contain installed programs, option to mark various software which you don’t want to update, and another option to set automatic scan time.

This software has all the essential features, nice looking interface, and comes in small size of just 920 KB, which makes it really a compelling software updater.


SUMo is another free software updater for PC. It is designed to keep all system software up to date. It automatically scans all the software of the system and provides a detailed list of all software which contains both outdated, as well as up-to-date software. Outdated programs are further divided into minor and major updates. Programs that come under minor updates are not too old as compared to the latest version. Programs which require major update are too old as compare to the latest version available. Software version of current as well as of outdated software can be viewed in the scanned list.

Individual software can also be added to it either by drag n drop method or by adding it using the add button. Using this feature, you can also check any individual software quickly that might need an update. If a software is installed at a directory other than its default directory, you can add it in the settings menu.

The best thing about SUMo is that it generates a detailed list after scanning. This list includes Software Name, Company Name, Version, and Available Updates. But, the scanning process may take some time. This depends on the number of installed programs. It also has one major let down that it does not provide the download link for available updates; instead, it searches the software name on google or some other software websites.

Secunia PSI

Secunia PSI is a free security tool for Windows. It is designed to reduce the system vulnerability by keeping various programs, drivers, etc., up-to-date. Necessary patches to improve system security are also provided by this software. After scan, all outdated software, drivers, and Windows services are displayed along with all the up-to-date software. One thing I noticed that some software are automatically updated by this software updater, while it left many others. Option to update software manually is also available and you can update any software which did not get updated during automatic update. If any software is not detected during system scan, then you can manually add that software to check for its update.

A detailed view option can also be enabled from the Settings menu. In detailed view, you can view version number of updated, as well as outdated software. List of all software along with date on which they are updated can be viewed from History option. It does not have many drawbacks, but the only thing it lacks is the scanning schedule option, which is provided by many other software updaters.

Update Notifier

Update Notifier is yet another software updater for Windows. It automatically scans computer and prepares a list of all new and outdated software. Before system scan, you can set filters based on various parameters, such as major versions, minor versions, updates, freeware software, etc. According to selected filter parameters, you will get a list which consists of the right set of software after the scan.

Software can also be updated through this software updater, but not directly. It takes you to its website, from where you can download the software. On its website, you can view version number, size, software summary, etc., about the software you are going to update. Various software can also be put on the ignore list if you don’t want update notifications in future for them.

A really handy option to delay the update checks immediately after the system startup is available. This doesn’t stress up the system during startup. You can also set the time after which automatic scanning of system will start. Option to schedule update checks in days and hours can also be set.


HEIMDAL SECURITY is another good software updater for Windows. You can use it to eliminate system vulnerabilities by updating all outdated third party programs. To find outdated programs, it automatically scans the whole system and provides a list consisting both up-to-date and out-of-date software. Version number and status of each software are also displayed in the list.

By default, this software scans the system in every two hours to find outdated software. If you want to change the frequency of scan, then you can do that from Settings menu. It also has a silent update feature, which automatically updates all the outdated software without your permission. You can turn off this feature to manually update software.

It also keeps your system safe from various risky websites while downloading new software. In this free version of HEIMDAL SECURITY, various features like Traffic scanning, Malware Scanning, and Overview are locked. You have to download the paid version of this software to unlock these features.

Glarysoft Software Update Pro

Glarysoft Software Update Pro is a free and easy to use software updater for Windows. Its main function is to keep your system programs up-to-date. It automatically scans your system for outdated programs and when it finds outdated programs, it notifies you through notification. You can manually download any outdated software one at a time. Batch download and automatic updating features are locked in this free version.

All the installed software along with version number are also displayed on its interface. If any software is not updated by this software updater, then it provides you a download link of that software.

NOTE: Various features of this software are locked. In order to unlock all features, you have to buy the full version of this free software updater.

Software Informer

Software Informer is a completely free software updater program for Windows. This software is designed to keep all the software or programs of a system up-to-date. It provides a complete list of all installed software after an automatic system scan. Provided list has two sections, one section is for up to date programs and second section is for outdated programs. Outdated programs can easily be updated from the list. Along with updating, you can also uninstall any software through this software updater.

Discover section of Software Informer recommends you various trending software and apps, which you can directly download. Various important information and reviews about installed software can also be viewed through this software. All these info are not displayed on the software, instead, it redirects you to Software Informer website, where you can find all relevant information about any software.

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