5 Best Free Toolbar Remover Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Toolbar Remover Software For Windows. Using these software, you can remove unwanted toolbars from web browsers which might be affecting the overall performance of your browsers. Additionally, you can manage other browser related items including add-ons, extensions, plugins, search scopes, etc. and optimize browser performance.

Coming to supported web browsers, most of these offer support for Internet Explorer only. But, a few of these support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. The process of removing toolbars from web browsers is very simple and quick. You just need to select toolbars from listed ones and click on Remove button. All of these are batch toolbar remover software which let you remove selected toolbars, add-ons, plugins, etc. at once.

Some additional features provided by these software include “exclude add-ons with good ratings”, backup and restore, set a web browser as default, select a search engine (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.), etc.

My Favorite Free Toolbar Remover for Windows

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner is one of my favorite software to remove toolbar because it supports a good number of web browsers. Avast Browser Cleanup is also considerably good as it shows toolbar list with respective details and ratings. This may help you select the toolbars you wish to keep or remove.

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Avast Browser Cleanup

Avast Browser Cleanup is a free software to remove unwanted and potential harmful add-ons from your web browsers. It also lets you remove toolbars from web browsers. To do so, it supports Internet Explorer only.

How to remove toolbar from Internet Explorer in Avast Browser Cleanup:

As you launch this software, it shows four modules namely Overview, Internet Explorer, Support, and Settings. By going to Internet Explorer section, you can view and remove add-ons and toolbars associated with Internet Explorer. With each add-on and toolbar, it shows respective information and ratings. This helps you select which toolbar you want to remove or keep. It also provides a handy feature named exclude add-ons with good ratings. You can remove a particular toolbar from your browser using Remove button.

Use Reset Settings option to select a search provider from Avast, Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.

Using Settings module, you can change the interface language. The Support tab can be used to view the log file. To view overall condition of Internet Explorer, go to Overview tab.

All in all, it is a nice and easy to use browser toolbar cleaner.

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner is a free toolbar remover software for Windows. It can remove toolbars from web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. It also helps you remove unwanted apps, add-ons, and plug-ins from your web browsers.

On its main interface, you can view installed toolbars with their respective path. You can select the toolbars you want to remove and then hit Remove button to remove all of them at once. It lets you add a particular toolbar to Ignore List so that it is not added to the displayed list. You can view this list using the dedicated option on the interface.

As per its official website, it is also compatible with programs installed on your PC including Office, Graphics, Anti-Virus, etc.

It also lets you change skin of the interface to Android, GPX, iPhone, Metal, iTunes, etc.

Auslogics Browser Care

Auslogics Browser Care helps you optimize the performance of two browsers, namely, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. In order to do so, it lets you remove toolbar and other unwanted items including add-ons and browsing data (cache, history, cookies, etc.). It provides separate tabs for both web browsers to manage respective items.

Features provided in this toolbar remover software:

  • It shows installed toolbars and add-ons with type, name, and state (enabled or disabled). From here, you can remove toolbar and add-ons or disable them temporarily. You can do so in a batch.
  • It also lets you clear cache, history, cookies, and login data from the web browser at once.

It also displays system health in terms of number of issues related to your PC. To fix these issues, you will have to install its another software. Also, you can select a desired search engine from Yahoo, Google, and Bing and home page for your web browser. It provides a Restore option too in case you want to revert back to default browser settings.

From its settings button, you can customize general preferences like backup settings, interface language, etc.

Wise Plugin Manager

Wise Plugin Manager is a free plugin, add-ons, and extensions manager software for browsers. It supports four browsers, namely, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. But, to remove toolbar, it only supports Internet Explorer. While for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, it lets you manage browser plugins and extensions.

To remove toolbar from Internet Explorer, move to respective section. Here you will see different elements categorized in multiple tabs including Toolbars. In this tab, you can view all installed toolbars for Internet Explorer. The toolbars are viewed with name and reviews. Reviews can help you decide which toolbar to remove or keep. You can enable or disable a toolbar or directly remove it from the browser. Other tabs in this section include BHO and Context Menu. You can remove respective element by going to its tab.

From its interface, you can set any of the supported browsers as a default one. Apart from English, you can select a different interface language such as Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers

ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers, as the name suggests, is a software which helps you repair web browsers and enhance their performance. It supports three widely used browsers which include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

To remove toolbar, it only supports Internet Explorer. You can select this web browser and it displays installed toolbars on its interface. It also displays other search scopes and extensions which you can remove. Each item is displayed with name, GUID, and type. You can select the toolbars and other components which you want to remove and hit the Remove Selected Items button.

ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers provide some additional features too, which are:

  • It lets you restore deleted items for any of the supported web browsers. These include Bookmarks, Toolbars, Core Settings, Search Scopes, Program Files, Registry Settings, Extensions, etc. items.
  • It lets you create browser shortcuts to desktop or any other custom location. Also, it can fix existing browser shortcuts if they contain website parameters.
  • It provides Remote Support option too.
  • You can setup general preferences like interface skin, browser preferences, etc.
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