3 Free Video Codec Identification Tool Online

Here is a list of the best free video codec identification tool online. A video codec is an algorithm that codes and decodes the video. The codec compresses the video so it can be stored and playback later on. There are multiple common video codecs out there. Each codec has its own set of features. For example, the H.256 codec can highly compress the video thus reducing the overall video size while keeping the almost same quality. Codecs play a crucial role during playback and editing of the videos. Some video editors are good with particular video codecs and might not support some other video codecs.

You can easily find the video codec in the file information. If you are having a hard time finding the codec then you can use these free websites to do the same. You can simply upload your video to any of these websites and find the codec name along with additional information. There is no file size restriction, you can upload and analyze videos of any size and file format. These websites extract the metadata and show you the video codec. This way, you can find the codec name of your video.

My Favorite Codec Identification Tool

Metadata2Go is my favorite code identification tool online. This is a simple website where you can easily get the video codec name along with various other information about the codec and the file itself. It can easily analyze videos of any size and format. One feature that makes this website my favorite among all three is the ability to edit and delete the metadata. If you want to make changes to the video metadata or just want to remove it from the file, you can do that with ease.

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Metadata2Go is a free website to check file metadata info online. This is a perfect video codec identification tool that you can use. All you have to do is upload your video file on the website. When you do that, it shows various types of file data. You can scroll through the data to check the codec of the video. Apart from the codec name, you get the codec tag, codec type, and more. One of the main highlights of this website is that there is no size limit. You can upload a file of any size and check the metadata. On top of that, it also gives you options to edit or delete the metadata of the file. In that case, you get a new file that you can download.

How to identify video codec online with Metadata2Go?

  • Go to the Metadata2Go website and drop your video file there.
  • Then click on the Start Analyzing File button that appears on the screen.
  • In the metadata results, scroll down to the STREAMs section.
  • There you get all the codec information about the video.


  • This online codec identification tool shows Codec Name, Codec Long Name, Codec type, Codec type string, Codec tag, etc.
  • It shows various other file information Compatiblebrands, Streams, Disposition, and Tags.
  • It offers options to edit and delete the metadata.
  • There is no size limit on the upload. You can upload a video or any other file of any size and get the metadata information.


Aconvert is a file conversion website that also offers a free codec identification tool online. This tool is quite simple to use. You can add your video file from the local storage. Or, you can fetch an online file from URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox. On top of that, there is no size limit for the input file. You can easily upload larger videos to check their codecs. It shows a long list of file information in the results. You can get the codec-related information there.

How to identify video codec online with Aconvert?

  • Follow the link below to open this tool in your browser.
  • Click Choose File button to select a video file from your local storage. You can also click the dropdown button to choose an online file from URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • After that, click on Analyze Now! button to start analyzing.
  • In the results, you can find the codec name in the Video section.


  • This tool shows Codec Name, Codec ID, Codec Info, and other types of information about the video file.
  • There is no upload size limit on this tool.
  • You can analyze a wide range of file formats to check the file information/metadata.


FileParty is a free website where you can create an online room to play media in sync with others. It offers a free video codec checker tool that you can use for codec identification. You have to upload your video on the website and then it gives you the video codec, format, and resolution. Since this tool is specifically for codec detection, it does not offer any other additional or metadata information of the file.

How to identify video codec online with FileParty?

  • Use the link given below to open the online video codec checker tool.
  • Click on the Upload File button and add your video.
  • Wait for it to upload and then you get the name of the video codec on your screen.


  • This video codec checker tool shows the codec name, video file format, and video resolution.
  • It can easily analyze video files of any size.
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