5 Free Websites for YouTube Giveaway Online

Here is a list of 5 free websites for YouTube giveaway online. If you are going to host a YouTube giveaway then this website can help you with that. Depending on the type of giveaway you are hosting, you can go with a website that you find more appropriate for your use case.

There are mainly two types of websites in this list. One is where you can host the entire giveaway contest. You can create an entry-based contest where users can earn entries by entering the contest and earn extra entries for additional tasks like following on social media platforms. You can set a time limit for the contest and get a winner in the end with the highest entires.

Then there are other types of websites that help you pick the winner(s) from the comments made on videos. Such websites compile a list of the comments from the YouTube video and filter those out for tags and words. You can exclude duplicate comments and can even blacklist users with duplicate comments. Some of these websites also put limitations on free users. In this list, I give a brief introduction to each website along with its features and limitations. This can help you pick a website that suits your needs.

My Favorite website for YouTube Giveaway Online

Comment Picker is my favorite website for YouTube Giveaway Online. It is simple to use with no need for an account. You can simply visit the website, paste YouTube video URL and define the conditions. You can add filter comments based on tags or words, include replies, filter duplicate comments, exclude users, and add extra entries. Based on all the specified conditions, it randomly picks a winner.

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Comment Picker

Comment Picker is a free website to run a YouTube giveaway online. As the name suggests, this website randomly chooses a comment posted on a YouTube video to pick a winner. It is one of the easiest ways to pick a winner from comments. There is no need to create an account. The giveaway creators just have to enter the YouTube video URL and pick the options. They can filter duplicate users, including replies, filter comments based on text, and add extra entries. Based on all that, this website randomly chooses a comment to pick the winner. There is no number of comments or number of contest limitations.

Main Features:

  • Choose random comment to pick a winner
  • Filter duplicate comments
  • Include replies to comments
  • Filter comments based on a specific text
  • Exclude/blacklist users
  • Add extra entries


Simpliers is a free website for YouTube giveaways online. This website is a great way to pick winners on YouTube and Instagram. It chooses a random comment make on a specific post or video to pick a winner. In the case of YouTube, users can create an account on this website and then create a contest by entering the YouTube video URL. In the contest, the creator can set conditions to pick one or multiple winners. They can also pick substitute winners. The creators can also set a filter to include comments with specific tags or words. They can also skip duplicate comments and eliminate the users with multiple comments.

Main Features:

  • Choose random comment to pick a winner
  • Pick Multiple Winners
  • Pick Multiple Substitute Winners
  • Include comments with specific tag(s) or word(s)
  • Eliminate users with multiple comments
  • Eliminate duplicate comments


  • 3 Free Contests
  • Works for only 300 comments for free


Gleam is one of the most popular websites to host online contests and giveaways. This website makes it simple to host competitions and sweepstakes online. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its integration with 100+ marketing and social media platforms. This includes integration with popular Analytics, Community, CRM, Croudfunding, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Events, Gaming, Music, Social Networks, surveys, and video platforms.

It is easy to create a giveaway event for YouTube using Gleam.  It is an entry-based event where users with maximum entries have higher chances of winning. Gleam gives an example giveaway for YouTube. Then the organizers can create an account and select a free giveaway template. They can customize the template to create their own or start from scratch. Organizers can add all the details with Terms and Conditions and publish the giveaway online.

Main Features:

  • Entry-based contest
  • Promote social channels to earn entries

Pick a Winner

Pick a Winner is a free YouTube Random Comment Picker website. This website can pick a winner From the comments on a YouTube video and Public Instagram post. In either case, the user has to enter the URL to the video and pick the filter for the comments. Based on that, this website scans the first 1000 c0mments on that video and picks a winner. The free plan with 1000 comments limitation works without an account.

Main Features:

  • Choose random comment to pick a winner
  • Keyword Filter
  • Top-rated Comment Filter
  • First Comment Filter
  • Include Replies
  • Include/Exclude Duplicate comments


  • Works for only 1000 comments for free
  • Custom and mention filter options are not included in the free plan

AppSorteos YouTube Giveaway

AppSorteos YouTube Giveaway is a free web app for YouTube giveaways online. This web app scans a maximum of 750 comments on a video to pick a winner. Users can only use this app for free if their video has only up to 750 comments. If the video has more than 750 comments then users have to create a premium account to continue.

In case the video has 750 or fewer comments, it compiles a list of comments and then asks to pick the filters to pick a random winner.

Main Features:

  • Choose random comment to pick a winner
  • Pick Multiple Winners
  • Pick Multiple Substitute Winners
  • Include comments with specific tag(s) or word(s)
  • Eliminate users with multiple comments
  • Exclude duplicate comments


  • Works for videos with up to 750 comments for free
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