4 Best Free GIF to ANI Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free GIF to ANI converter software for Windows. These software can be used for converting animated GIF to animated cursors (ANI). Before conversion, you can set cursor hotspot, frame display speed, cursor size (32×32), and other properties. You can also edit and annotate frames before conversion in most of these software. To do so, these provide tools like rotate, crop, pen, pencil, effects, text arts, etc. Many of these software also provides Layers feature. So, you can import multiple GIFs as layers and merge them into a single animated cursor file.

My favorite GIF to ANI Converter Software for Windows:

AniFX is my favorite software to convert GIF animation to animated cursor. It provides the flexibility to directly convert GIF to ANI or edit GIF before converting it to animated cursor. Also, it lets you batch convert GIF to animated cursor.

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AniFX is a free software to convert GIF to ANI. You can simply import an animated GIF and while doing so, you can choose type as animated cursor, color depth, and size. After that, it lets you edit each frame of animation using tools like crop, text, pencil, opacity, line, brighten/darken, blur/sharpen, rotate, dimension, etc. You can also import another animated GIF as layer and merge multiple animations into an animated cursor. After that, you can set cursor hotspot and properties including frame display rate, animation name, and animation author. It provides a Cursor Test option to let you test animated cursor before you convert it. Finally, convert GIF to ANI using save as option.

It provides another option to convert GIF to ANI which is Batch Process option. You can access this feature from Tools menu. Using this option, you can batch convert GIF to ANI. Just select Create cursor from Images option, add animated GIF files, choose image format (32 bit), set cursor hotspot, give output directory path and set output format as ANI, and hit the OK button.

Overall, it is the best software to convert animated GIF to animated cursor.

RealWorld Cursor Editor

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a dedicated free cursor maker software for Windows. In it, you can create both static and animated cursor. It also lets you create cursors from images. You can convert an animated GIF to ANI and create an animated cursor. It also provides some sample animated cursors which you can customize such as animated clock, animated dots, animated spinning wheel, animated fire, etc. Let’s see how you can create an animated cursor from animated GIF.

How to convert GIF to ANI to create animated cursor:

  • After opening the software, click on Create > Cursor from image and then Create option and import an animated GIF. The frames of GIF will be viewed in a new editing window. Also, preview of animated cursor, tools properties, frame properties, cursor test area, layer, editing, etc. windows are available.
  • Now, from the Cursor menu, you can insert frames, delete frames, change color depth, change animation speed, or reverse frame order. It provides a Layers menu to import images as layers, change layer style, etc. You can also edit or annotate frames using editing and drawing tools like effects, transformation, pen, text, etc.
  • You can now set frame properties including cursor hotspot and frame speed. You can set different speeds of individual frames too. It provides a Test Area to test cursor hotspot.
  • Finally, you can save animated cursor using File > Save as option.

Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is another free alternative to convert GIF to ANI. It is basically a set of tools for image processing which include image viewer, image editor, and image converter. Using its Chasys Draw IES Artist application, you can convert GIF to animated cursor. If you want, you can also create static and animated cursors from scratch.

To convert animated GIF to animated cursor, create a new Animated Cursor project. It will show a default animated cursor which can be edited. You can delete its frames and open an animated GIF as a layer using Layers > Import From File option. In this way, you can open multiple animated GIF as layers and convert them into an animated cursor. You can resize animated cursor to 32×32 size by going to Image > Resize Entire Image option. Additionally, it lets you add drawings to individual frames of cursor using tools like Pencil, Brush, Eraser, Custom Shape, Smudge, Snip, Razor, Opaquer, Effect Brush, Pattern Brush, Spray Gun, Texture Mapper, Text Art, etc. You can add cursor hotspot using Mark-up tool from the Toolbox. Furthermore, you can set frame properties like frame order, frame speed, etc. Finally, use save as option to convert GIF to ANI.

This is a complete image editor which lets you create drawings, animations, icons, etc.


AniTuner is another animated cursor maker software which can be used to convert GIF to ANI. It provides direct option to open an existing animated GIF and convert it to animated cursor. Before conversion, you can crop it to animated cursor size (32×32) and select a background color. You can view each frame of animation too. Also, it lets you set cursor properties (metadata, hotspot, etc.) and see cursor preview too.

It also lets you create new animated cursors and browse animated cursors from your computer. You can also convert animations from one format to another. These formats include ANI, AVI, GIF, and Bitmap Strip.

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