List Of Best Free File Explorers

Here is a list of best free file explorers. TheseĀ file explorers let you browse for files or folders easily. All theseĀ file explorers are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. TheseĀ file explorer software offer various features, like: quick preview of various types of files, search for files or folders, browse two or more folders in one window, creating new documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, create new folder, run DOS commands, split or merge files, file renamer, uncompress ZIP or CAB archives and more. So, go through this list of freeĀ file explorers and see which ones you like the most.

Xplorer2 Lite

Xplorer2 Lite is a free file manager. It has a tabbed dual-pane. It can be used as a Windows Explorer replacement. It has very easy interface. It has an integrated quick previewer. Its toolbars and information windows can be moved easily. You can browse two or more folders in one window by using program tabs and different panes. You can save settings for later use.

File Explorer

File Explorer is a free file manager. You can use it as a Windows Explorer replacement. It has very simple interface. It has various functions on its main screen like for creating new documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats and new folder. You can rename and delete files. You can move up one folder by clicking up icon. You can change some of its settings easily.

2xExplorer Z1

2xExplorer Z1 is a free dual-pane file manager. It is very small in size and doesnā€™t require installation. It is suitable for advanced users as well as novice users. It has thumbnails feature for previewing images, HTML, and Microsoft Office documents. It has the ability to run commands (even DOS) from its address bar. It has various toolbars with various useful commands.


UltraExplorer is a free file manager for Windows. It has customizable user interface. It has many toolbars with various commands. You can add various tabs for folders and can easily navigate between them. It has an address bar and you can use it for browsing your computer. It also has drop stack window, favorites window, command line window, filter window, folders window, history window and list view window.


ExplorerXP is a free file manager. It is small, fast, compact and innovative Windows Explorer replacement. It displays the total size of each folder. It has a tabbed interface and all the open folder(s) windows appear in a single window. You can copy, move, rename and/or delete files and folders easily. It remembers history of browsed folders. It supports drag & drop feature.


NexusFile is a free file manager. It is light and easy to use. It can be use as a replacement of Windows Explorer. It has various helpful buttons across the top, allowing users to quickly access their desktop or documents, or view all audio, video, or image file in a given location. It also comes as a ZIP file and needs no installation. It is skinnable and has three preloaded skins. Its interface is divided into two panes and you can navigate to any location of your computer in either pane. It supports drag & drop feature. It uses different colors for files and folders and also different color for different file types. It also has a file splitting and joining feature.


Explorer++ is a free multi-tab file manager for Windows. It has toolbar with various common commands. It has its own search feature with various attributes. It has tabbed browsing feature for easy management of multiple folders. It has keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation. You can split and merge files. You can save the preference in registry or in a configuration file.

Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a free file manager. It has a multi-tabbed interface and can be use as an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the dual-panel layout. It has all main commands of a standard file manager like copy, move, rename, view etc. It also has some special features like auto-unpacking, auto-sorting, browse inside archives, scripting, searching etc.


XPlorer is a free file manager and has a multi-tabbed feature. You can use it as a Windows Explorer replacement. You can open various locations simultaneously in its multi-tabbed window and manage them in an easy and efficient manner. It can be run from USB device. It has a quick startup time. You can access its almost every command using keyboard.

CubicExplorer Portable

CubicExplorer is a free file manager and can replace Windows Explorer. It is a multi-tab file manager with various supports like sessions, bookmarks, multiple themes, and multiple languages. It has its own find feature. You can create bookmarks by dragging and dropping the files or folders to bookmark tab. You can change its interface by using various preinstalled themes. It also has a built-in text editor.


FileOrganiser is a free file manager. It is small, simple, easy-to-use application and helps you to manage your files easily. It has bookmarks feature and it uses two panes. You can copy, move, rename and delete files or folders easily using its panes. It supports drag & drop feature also. It has various commands in its toolbars.

Tablacus Explorer

Tablacus Explorer is a free tabbed file manager. It has various predefined layouts and you can choose anyone of them. You can load or save the configuration to XML files. It has favorites menu and you can add any folder to it to make it easy to access. It comes as a zip file and no installation is required. It can be run from USB drive too. You can also open some system folders through its help menu.


FileCommander is a free and very powerful file explorer. It has two directory windows and can be expanded up to four directory windows. It has various commands in its toolbar or in menus. It has its own advance search feature. You can see running processes, installed software, split files and can compress files. It has inbuilt burner and you can burn CDs/DVDs through it.


Saladin is a dual-pane file manager. It has very easy to use interface. It has full Windows shell integration for icons, contextual menus, drag and drop and file operations. It has integrated file viewer which can display text files using any encoding. It supports ZIP archives and these archives can be browsed like regular directories. It also has a basic FTP support.

Master Commander

Master Commander is a free file manager. You can use it as a replacement of Windows Explorer. It has a dual-pane interface which lets you do simple file operations easily. It has various features like built in archive handling, text editor with syntax highlighting, binary hex editor, simple command line, built in FTP client and many others. It also can download files from the internet.


WExplorer is a free and small alternative to Windows Explorer. It has various features like get file-size, last write time, file-extension, and file-attributes, copy, move, rename or delete files and folders, drag and drop between WExplorer and Windows Explorer etc. It has command window here feature. You can also create new folder or new file.txt in current directory.


RaimaExplorer is a free multi-tabbed file manager. You can work with as many open folders as you want in this application. You can use it as an alternate to Windows Explorer. It has tabbed interface. It has various shortcuts to system folders and users can create their own shortcuts. It has a preview pane. It also remembers the history of browsed folders.

Advanced Explorer

Advanced Explorer is a free file manager. It is based upon java. It has built-in text editor. It has a text and image browser. It has a zip archive manager allowing users to view text inside archives. It comes as a zip archive and doesnā€™t require installation and to use it, just extract it to any folder and run the jar file. It is very simple file manager and has a search feature.

File Smile

File Smile is a free file manager for Windows. It has some nice features. You can view the content of up to 5 folders at the same time. It has file color coding and bookmarking feature, you can bookmark any file or folder easily. It has folder contents comparison tool, and you can filter files and folders by extension. You can change its skin colors and layout. You can export file listing to CSV file also.

WazTree III

Waztree III is a free file manager. It has various features which Windows Explorer does not provide. Some of its features are: built-in web browser, file viewer for viewing as text or binary-hex, text editor, image viewer, movie viewer, zip file viewer, FTP and audio player, built in zip, unzip feature and zip to exe. It has file tools such as convert between BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF & TIF files. Also can e-mail files from file manager or text from text editor and other various features.

Gekko Manager

Gekko Manager is a free file manager and FTP client for Windows. It has various common commands in its toolbar like edit, copy, move, rename, delete, new folder and connects to FTP. It also has some shortcuts to access the system commands. You can run command prompt also via commands. You can pack/unpack ZIP files easily. It has a nice and easy interface.


SurF is a free and lightweight tabbed Windows file manager. It has useful commands in its toolbar. You can browse between multiple folders. You can run command prompt from its run menu. You can create new files of various file types. It has real time highlighting for just created or modified files. It remembers the history of browsed folders. You can save and load settings too.


SE-Explorer is a free file manager for Windows. It has a tabbed interface. It has various built-in viewers. It has picture viewer with slideshow option, media player with playlist support, text and hex editors with syntax highlighting, documents files viewer (various formats supported). You can uncompress ZIP and CAB archives also. You can compare files and folders. It has its own file search tab with that you can search files according to your criteria.

Risingware File Manager

Risingware File Manager is a free dual-panel and tabbed Windows Explorer replacement. You can browse through zip files and view the contents easily. You can compress files to zip and can extract files from rar/zip formats. It has various hotkeys to do the work fast and easy. You can split and merge files too. It has file renamer option also.

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