List Of Best Free Scientific Calculators

Here is a list of best free scientific calculator software. These scientific calculator software let you do basic as well as complex calculations easily. All these scientific calculator software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These scientific calculator software offer various features, like: performs normal calculations, log and trigonometric calculations, scientific, financial, and conversion calculations, has wide range of equations and function buttons, comment your calculations and save them for later use, annotate, and edit calculations and more. So, go through this list of free scientific calculators software and see which ones you like the most.

Smart Math Calculator

Smart Math Calculator is a free scientific calculator for Windows. The main purpose of this calculator is to perform complex mathematical equations. You can use various common mathematical functions with it. It has a simple interface and easy to use. It has wide range of equations and function buttons. You can use both mouse and keyboard to operate it.


CalcTape (SFR Calculator) is a free calculator for Windows. It can do extensive calculations. You can comment on your calculations and save them for later use. It lets you save, annotate, and edit calculations. You can open your calculations and change some of the numbers; it will calculate the results again. It uses an Office-style ribbon toolbar.

Calculator -

Calculator – is a free Windows scientific calculator. It has basic looks but various features. It can perform complex calculations. Its menu function allows you to switch between various calculators like scientific, financial, and conversion. You can input fractions, square roots and more very easily. It also has a history screen; you can view previous calculations easily.


Calculatormatik is a free tool to perform different types of calculations and conversions. It comes in a ZIP format, and doesn’t require installation. It performs various types of calculations and conversions. Some examples are: acceleration converter, angle converter, area calculator, area converter, base 64 to string, body mass index calculator, date calculator, density converter, electrical calculators, equation solver, volume calculator, temperature converter etc.

Mini Calculator

Mini Calculator is a simple Windows calculator. It has two views: basic and extended. You can do basic calculations like add, subtract, multiply, divide, percentage etc. easily. You can do log and trigonometric calculations with it also. It has Dec, Hex, Oct, Bin integers. It has various other buttons for various types of calculations.

Tinger Calc

Tinger Calc is a free scientific calculator. It can do the general calculations like add, subtract, divide, multiply etc. as well as complex trigonometric and other calculations. You can use mathematical constants such as pi and e. You can also use exponential functions. It supports system functions such as exit, print, and quit.


RedCrab is a free scientific calculator with full screen editor. It lets the users type any mathematical expression in a full screen editor. You can input mathematical symbols like fraction and roots etc easily. It can display the results under or next to the expression. You can enter the complex algebraic equations, exponents, square roots or other equations easily.


Kalkules is a free scientific calculator. It lets users perform calculation in a simple, fast, and easy way. It can evaluate whole expressions, calculate in four number systems i.e. binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal, can calculate fractions, polynomials, can draw function graphs. It is useful for high school students and university students.

Tibi’s Mathematics Suite

The Tibi’s Mathematics Suite contains various mathematical applications. These include: a scientific calculator, a graphing calculator, a matrix calculator, and a numeric factorization. Its scientific calculator can do scientific calculations such as trigonometric, log, exponential etc. With graphic calculator you can plot a graph of given equation. It has an easy to use interface and anyone can use it easily.


SpeedCrunch is a free scientific calculator and it can perform from basic to advance calculations. You can do trigonometric calculations, algebraic, exponential, logical and fractional calculations. It provides users a whole list of preset functions. It can do complex calculations in a few seconds. It is small in size and also comes as portable software.


fxCalc is a fee and easy to use software to perform scientific calculations. It can perform instant calculations of complex functions and can create graphic representations of the results. It provides users a database of functions and constants. It allows users to create 2D and 3D function plots. It also can do pi complex calculations.

Solid Geometry

Solid Geometry is a free, fast, and accurate software for calculating volume, area, and mass for various geometric bodies. Supported shapes are cube, cone, cylinder, block, sphere, pyramid, prism, truncated cone, truncated pyramid, cylindrical tank, spherical frustum etc. For example you can calculate the volume of a sphere by selecting it from menu and input the desired values, and it will calculate the volume for you.


WiseCalc is a free calculator for Windows. It has a multi line text editor like interface. It has more than 450 unit conversions, and hundreds of functions built in. You can evaluate user defined functions too. You can save and open calculated pages. It has various buttons to operate. It also has a built in object browser.


GeoCalcul is a free software to calculate volume and area of more than fifty geometric shapes. It is good software for teachers, students, architects, civil engineers. It also includes a scientific calculator, a unit converter and a polynomial or linear equation solver. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use.


EasyCalc is a scientific calculator written in Java. It has a simple graphical user interface. It has a multiple line display. You can perform various scientific calculations containing trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic functions. You can also calculate hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary values. It is very small in size and comes as an executable JAR file.


Calcuverter is a calculator and a unit converter. You can enter your queries in plain English and it will calculate answers for you. It uses Google calculator as its engine, so it can do complex calculations and unit conversions. It can do mathematical calculations, currency conversion, unit conversion, plain English query, syntax checking etc. It can store query history, and has a clipboard support.


Multi-Convert is a free, simple, and easy to use program for converting units of measurement. It has a user friendly interface. It supports adding of new conversions to the program. It has various commonly used conversions in various categories. You can backup and restore your database easily. It comes in ZIP format, you can download and extract it and run from the extracted folder.

VBTheory Calculator

VBTheory Calculator is a free calculator for Windows. You can use it to do general calculations like additions, subtraction, multiplications, and divisions etc. You can do complex scientific calculations like trigonometric calculations. You can find square and square root, log functions and many other functions. It also has a unit converter.


CalcTrek is a free and simple calculator. It has a blackboard feature which help users to keep track of previous calculations. You can use the Standard Mode for simple calculations or the Scientific Mode for more complex calculations. You can tap the results on the blackboard to use them again.


Calcooler is a powerful and fast programmer’s tool which combines notepad and calculator in one application. You can do simple to complex calculations easily. It can convert values between DEC, HEX, OCT, and BIN formats. It also has a scientific mode where you can perform trigonometric, arithmetic, and statistics calculations.

Xmart Calculator

Xmart Calculator is a free and smart calculator. It can calculate whole expression inputted by user. It saves the calculation history. You can save the calculation history in a text file. It can do the scientific calculations also. Multi functional calculations are also possible. You can define your own functions. Step by step traceability is also possible.


CalcForce is a scientific calculator for Windows. It is a programmable calculator that evaluates expressions as you type. It can solve various types of problems. You can calculate budgets and can analyze loans etc. It has various features, options, and various commands. It can be used at work, school or home. You can also save your calculations so they can be reused at any time.


Softmica Calc is a free on screen calculator for Windows. It has various features. It can convert liters to cubic inches and cubic inches to liters. It can save and recall an unlimited number of memory sets and you can rename any saved memory set. You can do the basic calculations as well as complex ones with this calculator.

Precise Calculator

Precise Calculator is a free programmable scientific calculator for Windows. It has more than 150 mathematical functions and all of them return digits. You can calculate real numbers, vectors, fractions, matrices, complex numbers etc. You can also create scripts by using commands like: if, goto, return, and print. You can use advanced functions like statics, prime numbers, integral etc.


pmaCalc is a combination of a scientific calculator, binary arithmetic calculator for programmers, and unit converter. It can do general calculations like add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It has many scientific functions, binary arithmetic calculations, expression calculator, 465 unit conversions, 150 nature units, can convert between Bin, Hex, ASCII, and Oct.


AllerCalc is an advanced calculator which allows you to perform complex scientific calculations. It can store your last calculations and results. It supports more than forty functions including algebraic, trigonometrical, hyperbolic, transcendental, and financial. It also lets you choose the sources, formats like general or scientific and select the number of decimals to visualize your calculations.


Excalibur is a free calculator with more than 300 functions. It can perform general arithmetic calculations as well as complex calculations such as scientific, business, conversion, physics, computer science, geometry, complex numbers, vectors etc. It has international support for different comma and decimal point formats. It is programmable, can record macros, custom button banks, etc.

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