List Of Best Free On-Screen Keyboards For Windows

Here is a list of best free on-screen keyboards. These on-screen keyboards let you type with mouse clicks on the shown keyboard on your monitor. All these on-screen keyboards are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These on-screen keyboard software offer various features, like: typing without any hardware keyboard (for e.g. in case of keyboard failure these virtual keyboard software are very helpful), click and type using mouse, some lets you set size and transparency of keyboard, some of them has various color schemes, some lets you record keyboard macros, start at logon screen or at Windows startup, some does not require installation and are portable programs, all these on-screen keyboards functions like original hardware keyboard, these on-screen keyboards also protect you from hardware keyloggers, and more.

So, go through this list of free on-screen keyboards and see which ones you like the most.

Free Virtual Keyboard

Free Virtual Keyboard is a simple program that provides an on-screen keyboard. It comes handy when your hardware keyboard not works. The program is small in size (just 195 KB). It comes as a single executable file in and doesn’t require installation; thus can be used as a portable application. You can change the keyboard size, color, transparency etc. by clicking on its top left icon of title bar with single click at any time. You can re-size it to any size of your choice by dragging. It has seven different color schemes. Also its saves the layout and other settings in .INI file in the same folder where the application is.

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a free on-screen keyboard. You can use it with your mouse. It is also accessible at the logon screen. You can use function keys from its menu. You can use it at any time or when your hardware keyboard not works. You can either make it floating or fix at bottom of your screen. It can be restored to/from a screen icon. This program is free for personal use.


Click-N-Type is an on-screen virtual keyboard. It has various options to apply including starting it at user logon time. It is highly customizable and you choose from various supplied keyboard layouts or can design your own keyboard. You can resize it to according to your choice. It is fully configurable and includes macros. By using its macros you can type words, phrases, or multiple lines of text (255 character limit) with few mouse clicks. Recorded macros can be recalled by clicking on the Alt + . It has a word prediction, word completion facility also.

Free Virtual Keyboard

Here is one more with the same name as above is Free Virtual Keyboard which is a simple and easy to use application. It provides you the capabilities of an on-screen keyboard. You can use it with your mouse. You can apply various themes to this keyboard. It has a numeric pad too and you can enable or disable it from options menu. You can set the transparency of this on-screen keyboard by moving the slider to the desired position. It also works on Tablet PC or mobile PCs with touch screen facility.


Wosk is a small and simple on-screen keyboard. It is mainly targeted at touch screen users. It can be used as an alternate of your hardware keyboard or when your hardware keyboard stops working. You can use this keyboard with your mouse clicks. It has all function keys, special keys as well as number keys on its interface. You can hide it by clicking Hide button on this virtual keyboard. It doesn’t require installation and you can use it as a portable application.

On-Screen Keyboard Portable

On-Screen Keyboard Portable is another way to accessing Windows’ built-in on-screen keyboard. This virtual keyboard works on almost any system. It can remember your settings that how you select items; for e.g. click or hover to select. It remains always on top so is easy to use. As it is a portable app, you can take it with you wherever required.

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