List Of Best Free Video Chat Software

Today we are covering list of best free video chat software. These video chat software let you video chat easily. All these video chat software can be downloaded to Windows PC completely free. These video chat software offer various features, like: make audio-video calls, text chat with friends, you can send or receive files, communicate with friends privately and securely, support for MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Facebook, Skype, AIM etc., group chats, message history, avatars, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, can apply various live computer generated special effects and graphics to your video and more. So, go through this list of free video chat software and see which ones you like the most.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz is a free messenger that lets you chat, make voice calls, and make video calls with friends easily. You can make unlimited video calls. Its audio/video quality is very good. Nimbuzz is available for various platforms. You can also share files with friends easily. You must have a Nimbuzz account to use this application and account can be created for free. You can import the list of your friends from Gtalk and from other chat accounts.


Trillian is one of the most popular standalone Instant Messenger. It works so well with so many different chat apps and social networks like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, AIM, ICQ etc. It lets you do audio and video chat. It also supports file transfers, group chats, message history, avatars, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, and encrypted messaging.


ICQ is a free chat client. It lets you send messages, make free calls, talk, video chat, and send files to your friends. You can chat with Facebook friends by adding them to your contact list. You can share images, share favorite links through the ICQ status box. Your text chat histories are automatically saved.

inSpeak - the Voice Chat communicator

InSpeak – The Voice Chat Communicator is the free software for voice and video chatting. You can chat with friends and family using voice and video. You can communicate with friends privately and securely. You can create your own chat rooms also. You can transfer files too. You can make new friends in various chat rooms.

Camfrog Video Chat

Camfrog Video Chat is a free video chatting software. It lets you join streaming video chat rooms where you can chat with many people at a time. By joining any chat room, you can see and hear people on their webcams. It is one of the most popular live webcam chat community and has millions of registered users.

QQ International

QQ International is a free instant messenger. It also offers lots of useful applications such as news feeds, language tools, games and videos and more. You can video chat with others. It is available in various languages including: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese etc. It also has a chat translation feature so you can instantly translate the chat in your language. It is one of the best known chat apps.


Manycam is a free voice and video chatting software. It lets you use your webcam with multiple programs at the same time. You can broadcast your web cam video simultaneously on some popular messengers like MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, AIM etc. You can add various live computer generated special effects and graphics to your video. You can add text or graphics to your video window.


VoxOx is a VOIP communication tool. It has all the communication and networking tools that people use in the modern day. It has services like text messaging and video calls. Also supports social networking online services like Facebook and Twitter. It supports telephony service with call encryption facility, mobile-to-mobile calls.


Tango is a free communication software that lets you make voice calls, video calls from your PC to PC, PC to Mobile etc. You can video chat with your friends who have Tango on their computers, phones, or tablets for free. It uses your mobile number to communicate with friends. You can invite anyone by text message or by email. Tango works on various mobile devices.

IM2 Instant Messenger

IM2 is a free instant messaging tool. You can access your Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL, and IRC accounts from one interface. You have to sign in different accounts with your username and password, and all of your contacts will appear in the main window. You can add emoticons, or attach files to your messages. Video and audio chat options are also available, but they only work with users who also have IM2 installed on their machines.


iCall is a free video and audio call software. It lets you to make free PC-to-phone and PC-to-PC calls and do video chat with friends and others. The video calls are of high quality (720p). You can use its free conference facility for up to 10 peoples. It also supports Instant Messaging, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger.

iSpQ VideoChat

iSpQ VideoChat is a video communication software. You can use your webcam to video chat with other people around the world. It is fully compatible with wireless connections and Internet sharing devices. It has a high resolution videos and high quality voice. You can connect to public directories or private chat rooms.


iVisit is a free audio and video chatting software. You can video chat with friends or with family from anywhere using your PC for free. It has integrated chat and instant messaging facility which makes communication easy. If someone in unavailable, you can leave an audio or video message for them and they will receive it when they get online.

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk is a free messenger. It lets you text chat, audio chat and video chat easily. With Paltalk you can access thousands of live video chat rooms. Various room categories include music, sports, politics, religion and many more. You can do group video calls with up to 10 friends. It has interoperability feature with Yahoo, Facebook, AIM, GTalk and ICQ.

Beyluxe Messenger

Beyluxe Messenger is a free messenger. It lets you do text, voice, and video chat with friends. It lets users access thousands of video chat rooms and permits free video calls with up to 10 people. You can create your own chat rooms also. You can transfer files and send emoticons through your messages.


Indoona is a free chat application. It lets you make voice calls, video calls and send text messages to other Indoona users. It can be used on a PC or a smart phone. You can make video calls with your friends wherever you are. It has a smart address book and all the contacts in your smart phone and PC are synchronized in the Indoona address book.

Giggitus IM Video chat

Giggitus is a video chat and Instant Messenger. You can make free video calls with friends, send them private messages, SMS and many more. It supports friends list. You can share videos and photos with friends. You can search for other members also. You can do personal chat, random chat, private chat cam chat and others. It has a feature of auto translation from 50 languages.


ooVoo is a free chatting software. It lets you do high quality audio and video chat. It has multi-user capabilities that allows up to six people to talk face to face at the same time with each other. It also offers video messaging to other ooVoo account or to an email, text messaging, file sharing etc.

Camcolada Video Chat

Camcolada is a free chat messenger. It has superior audio/video quality. You can broadcast your video in three sizes; small, medium, or large size. You can view many videos on your screen. You can set your profile picture so that people can see who is calling. It has a nice interface and is easy to use.

Imvite Messenger

Imvite Messenger is a free instant messenger application. It lets you audio chat, video chat, text chat with friends easily. It supports various platforms like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ and more. You can video chat with friends. Messages are secured with 128 bit encryption with IMVITE to IMVITE chat. You can join various video chat rooms.


Wempey is a free and user friendly chat software. It lets you do video chat, voice chat, text chat with friends. It lets you connect various online video chat room communities. There are many chat rooms available and it also gives you the possibility to create your own chat rooms.

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