11 Best Free Barcode Generator Software For Windows

Here are 11 of the best free barcode generator software for Windows.

Barcodes can be defined as codes represented in form of images. They generally contains numeric or alphanumeric text when they are decoded (scanned). There are some specific scanning machines and software which are used to scan these barcode images. But, generating or creating them is a different thing to do.

You can use all these 11 software to generate many different types of barcodes easily. They all are very small and can generate  barcode with image preview feature. Some of the popular barcode categories they supports are: 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, industry standards, etc.

Lets have a view at each of these software with some of their handy features.

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ByteScout BarCode Generator

ByteScout BarCode Generator can generate multiple and different barcode images in various image output formats. These formats are: PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF. You can create more than 50 types of barcodes using this software with some useful features, such as: resizing image, customizing image color, add text on image, etc. It is also a light weight software.

Zint Barcode Studio

Zint Barcode Studio can generate many types of barcodes and it can also change image color. It also provides image resizing feature for some of the popular barcode types, like: Aztec code, Code 128, QR Code, etc. You can save the generated image in PNG, SVG and EPS file formats using this software. Apart from Windows, it is also available for Linux and other OS.

Free Barcode Generator

Using Free Barcode Generator, many different types of barcodes can be generated and can be saved into image. It can create them from three different categories, such as: Numeric-only, Alpha-numeric and Industry Standards. It also lets you rotate image, resize image and insert text on image in different font styles and sizes. It is lightweight tool and its setup file size is just above 1 MB.

Dataware Barcode Software

Dataware Barcode Software can generate different types of barcode with option to insert barcode text and types in the barcode image. It also provides image preview with image rotate and resizing features. It is a user-friendly, small, stand-alone and portable application. Its executable file size is less than 600 KB.

SDR Free Barcode Generator

You can generate barcode using SDR Free Barcode Generator with some very simple steps. Steps includes: selecting barcode type, then entering barcode text and then saving the image. It can generate upto 15 different type of barcodes with image preview feature. This very simple tool is also very light weight and it setup file size is less than a MB.


BarGen is a Java-based barcode generator software, it can generate more than 20 types of barcodes. Some of the popular barcodes it can create are: code 128, Postnet, PDF417, Interleaved 2 of 5 and UPC. It can save generated image in PNG, SVG, JPG, EPS and GIF file formats. It also provides image resizing feature.

Barillo Barcode Software

Barillo Barcode Software is EAN-8, EAN, UPC-E and UPC-A barcode generator. It generates barcode in a nice image quality and can save image in 6 different image file formats. These formats are: PICX, TIFF, TGA, PNG, BMP and GIF. This simple software is also very small in size and its setup file size is around 200 KB.

BluePOS Barcode Creator

You can create 10 different types of barcodes using BluePOS Barcode Creator and save them into BMP image file format. It has animated user-interface and you can create some famous barcodes like: UPC-A, Code 128, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5, etc with image preview feature using this tool. It is available in portable version and it is also small software with downloadable zip file size less than 1 MB.

Barcode Designer

Creating Barcodes using Barcode Designer is easy and quick. It lets you create barcodes from more than 20 different types and save image file in BMP image file format. It also lets you customize the image height and provides option to include text in it. It is a standalone and small tool, its executable file size is less than 200 KB.

EZ Barcode Generator

EZ Barcode Generator can generate 8 different types of barcodes. These barcodes are: EAN-13, UPC-A, JAN-13, Code 39, ISBN, Interleaved, Codebar and Code 128. It saves the barcode images in BMP file format. It also lets you add label on some of the barcode in different font’s style and also provide help feature which provides details about all these barcodes. It is a standalone tool which is also available in portable version.

Aeromium Barcode Software

Aeromium Barcode Software is I2of5 (Interleaved 2 of 5) and code 39 barcode generator. It can encode both these barcodes very quickly and can save generated barcode image in 6 different images file formats, such as: WMF, EMF, PNG, BMP, JPG and GIF. It also lets you customize the image dimension using it. It is also a light weight tool and its setup file size is around 300 KB.

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