9 Best Free Beat Maker Software For Windows

Here are 9 best free beat maker/music maker software for Windows. These beat maker software let you create your own music easily. These music maker programs are available free to download on your Windows PC. These have various features, like: create the beats right from scratch, can save the created music in their own native formats as well as in standard audio formats like WAV, OGG, MID (midi) etc., some are small in size and also some use system resources like RAM, Processor, Disk Space etc. very low, and more.

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Here are the Best Free Beat Maker Software for Windows:

HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead Rhythm Station is a free, simple, and easy to use drum program that lets you make your own beats. You can easily create music loops by using it. You can save the tracks to its native .HH format. If you want to saves the audio in WAV or RAW format; you can do this by clicking “Stream to Disk” from File menu. You can activate up to 6 channels for creating loops. This free beat maker software has various built-in drum sounds and you can mix them to create different beats. The program is less than 1.5MB in size and is easy to install.


Hotstepper is a free and easy to use drum sequencer with 12 channels. You can create music beats with different sound samples. You can use up to 12 different sounds simultaneously. After finishing your track you can export it to WAV file to the desired location. You can set the tempo of tracks by moving the BPM slider in the desired direction. It has various predefined samples with .HPA extension and they can help you when creating new ones. This beat maker program has wave stretching option which lets you stretch sounds to the length of the beat. It has delay control also and you can define the delay amount and adjust the value of feedback.

Easy Music Composer Free

Easy Music Composer Free is a free music composing software for Windows. This music maker lets you create your own music by inputting notes or by using sample music chords. Just select the sample chords and click “Compose” button to compose your music. You can compose a song of 8 bars maximum in this free version. You can save the music in MID (midi) format. You can preview or listen your composed music before saving. You can save your created music sheets in BMP format.

Musink Lite

Musink Lite is a free music maker software for Windows for creating your own music. You can compose your music with the help of mouse clicks. Composing music with it is as easy as editing text documents. You can zoom-in or zoom-out the music sheet for better precision. The program can be controlled via various keyboard shortcuts. You can create and export drum loops also. If you are very new to composing music; you can take help from its Help menu. You can export the project to MID (midi) file after finishing.


MuseScore is a free and easy to use software that lets you compose your own music. This easy music maker is a simple WYSIWYG music notation application. You can use your mouse or keyboard to write notes. You can save the created or edited scores to various standard audio formats including WAV, FLAC, MID, OGG etc. You can save the sheets to PDF format also. If you do mistakes; it has various undo and redo options for you. You can take print out of these beautiful sheets on your printer.


LMMS is a free alternate to FruityLoops. You can create your own melodies and beats easily by using this free music maker. It is an open source program. It has various sample projects and you can listen to them and get inspired to write your own. You can add any preset to your project from the left pane. You can preview or listen the preset sound by clicking on it. It has variety of instruments in its base. You can save the project in its default MMPZ or in MMP format. If you want to export the project to audio format; you can also do this by clicking Export button from the Project menu and selecting WAV or OGG as output format. You can take Online help also from Help menu if required.


Ordrumbox is a simple and easy to use open source drum machine software. You can create your own beats by using this free beat maker software. It has various tools for creating beats including pattern sequencer, step sequencer, synthesizer etc. It is a cross platform application and is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC. It has various default patterns (beat base) and you can listen to them with one click. You can change tempo, compressor, and can also change style for drumkit as per your choice. You can export the work to standard WAV or MID format. It is a java based application and Java Run Time (JRE) must be installed on your PC to use this program.


DrumFlow is a free and easy to use beat maker software. You can listen to sample DFA file by opening it from File menu. You can also create your own drum sequences by using it. You can listen the sequence in a loop mode also. This beat maker has various features. Some of its features includes: adjustable drum parameters, various MIDI settings (for e.g. pitch, reverb, chorus etc.), various MIDI drum banks etc. You can use drag and drop feature when adding drums to your sheet. You can add beats at different volume levels. The program is very small in size (just 470 KB).


Hydrogen is an easy to use advanced drum machine software for creating music. It has various tools and is a pattern-based programming tool. You can easily create music sounds with few clicks. You don’t need to be a skilled drummer to use it. It has sound library with various drumkits and you can add the sound to your pattern by drag and drop from the selected library. It has Song Editor, Pattern Editor, and Mixer window also. You can change the tempo value by changing BPM and the range of BPM is in between 30-500 BPM. It uses less system resources like RAM, Processor etc. The program is very easy and useful for beginners as well as professionals.

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