32 Best Free C++ IDE Software

Here is the list of best free C++ IDE software for Microsoft Windows.

C++ IDE means  interactive or any programming environment for C++ programming used by C++ programmers for building a variety of tools and applications in C++ programming language. An IDE eases the task of code writing for programmers and developers. Generally, an C++ IDE comes with a debugger, build automation tools, and an source code editor. The main feature of an IDE is inbuilt code completion tool. Just go through this article and share your opinion with us.

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NewbieIDE is a free C++ IDE for MS Windows. NewbieIDE lets you test, build and write applications in C++. NewbieIDE is a lightweight and simple application. This freeware is build using VB.Net and it also includes MinGW GCC compiler. NewbieIDE provides programmers and developers an ideal development environment to do write advance applications in C++.

Code Blocks

Code Blocks is another nice IDE for C++ programming in this list. With the help of this freeware you can easily write advanced applications using C++. Code Blocks lets you build, test and write programs in C++. Its main features are: class browser, tabbed interface, code completion and syntax highlighting etc.


ConTEXT is another useful programming environment for C++ in this list. This freeware is useful for software developers and programmers. Its main features are: replace/search with regular expressions, uncommenting or commenting code, tabbed interface, file compare, syntax highlighting etc. You can tryout this freeware if you want to do coding and build applications using C++.


CodeLite is a cross platform programming environment for C++ programmers for developing applications in C++/C. This freeware has full support for ASP, HTML, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Diff files, Lua, Makefile, XML, Perl, Java, C and C++. Its main features are auto complete, syntax highlighting, and excellent debugging tool. It has an attractive and smooth user interface. 


Here we are discussing about Dev- C++. Dev-C++ is a free C compiler and IDE for Microsoft Windows. This freeware supports OpenGL, DLL, Programming, Windows Programming, C and C++. Dev-C++ uses GDB for debugging and GCC for compiling programs. This freeware has various types of templates to build OpenGL, DLL, Console and Windows applications. 


Eclipse is a text editor for C++ to create applications in C and C++. This freeware lets you provide an integrated development environment for building internet applications in a wide variety of internet technologies e.g. SQL, C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, and many more. Its main features are: code previewing, syntax checker, code formatting, code checking and auto complete.

Ynote Classic

Ynote Classic lets you edit or write source code or plain text files easily. This freeware lets you offer a integrated development environment to write code or text files in various programming languages e.g. Python, C++/C, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP and many more. Its main features are extensible plug-in support, replace or find with regular expressions, multi-view and tabbed interface, auto indent, code folding, and syntax highlighting etc.


Devpad is another IDE for C++ programming in this list. With the help of this freeware you can edit and make source files in a wide variety of programming languages e.g. XML, SQL, Python, plain text, Ruby, Perl, Lua, PHP, HTML, INI, CSS, C#, C++, Boo, ASM, VB.NET, ASP.Net, Java and JavaScript etc. Devpad is a lightweight application.


Notepad++ supports a wide variety of programming languages e.g. Fortran, Unix Shell Script, Python, Perl, Pascal, CSS, SQL, VBS/VB, ASP, batch file, INI file, NFO, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, C#, Java, C++ and C. It’s key features are: regular expression search, syntax folding, syntax highlighting, drag and drop support, Unicode support etc.

Crimson Editor

Next text editor for C++ in this list is Crimson Editor. With the help of this freeware, you can create applications using C++, and also it lets you test and edit those applications. Crimson Editor is a lightweight application. It supports Java, Pearl, C and C++. Its main features are spell checker, macros, and Syntax highlighting etc.


Now we are gonna be discussing about Textplorer. Textplorer lets you do coding in C++, debug, run and create programs in C++ easily. Textplorer is a lightweight application. This freeware supports various types of languages e.g. Pascal, JavaScript, HTML, C++ and C. Textplorer can also let you do coloring of data field in C++.

Qt Creator IDE

Qt Creator IDE is another free and cross platform integrated development environment for C++ programmers on MS Windows platform in this list. With the help of this freeware, programmers and developers can write code, test and compile programs in C++. The main features of this freeware are: rapid code navigation tools, visual debugger, context sensitive help system, build and project management tools, forms designer and GUI layout, and advance C++ code editor etc.

Ultimate++ IDE

Ultimate++ IDE is a useful and quality text editor for C++ on MS Windows platform. This freeware offers you an integrated development environment for building, modifying and testing C++ application. Ultimate++ IDE is a cross-platform product and it is useful IDE for C++ developers and programmers. Its main aim is to increase the productivity of the programmers and developers.


Next application in this list is SkyIDE. SkyIDE is a quality IDE for C++ programmers and developers. You can compile multiple files at a time as multiple compilers are a feature of this software. Apart from this it also has the feature of supporting multiple projects. The software also supports macro recording and HTML code export.

Falcon C++

Falcon C++ is a useful and nice programming environment for C++ programming. By using this freeware, programmers and developers can build C++ programs easily. Its main features are: definition header, insert datetime, int to hex, hext to int, standard tools, advanced project property, drag and drop files, tree structured projects, and debug support etc.

PSPad Editor

PSPad editor is any development environment for C++ programmers. This freeware supports programming languages e.g. Python, ASP, PHP, SQL, C++, VB. The key features of PSPad editor are code explorer, auto-completion, spell checker, macros, various templates, text differences, CP conversion, and a HEX editor etc. PSPad editor also gives you the option to modify its syntax settings.  


WxDev-C++ is a useful text editor for building advanced applications using C++. This freeware lets you easily build DLLs, static libraries, console programs, and Windows. The key features of WxDev-C++ are : to-do list, automatic assembly highlighting, customizable syntax highlighting, project profiles, project management, code completion, class browser and many more.


c.vim is another IDE for writing, modifying and testing programs in C++. This freeware lets you do coding in C++ and also helps you to code faster. It gives you the option to arrange and use your own code snippets in this application. c.vim is a lightweight and useful IDE for C++.


Quincy comes with a GUI toolkit, a debugger, a compiler, and an editor. It provides a nice integrated development environment for Windows using C and C++ for building various types of applications. You can also practice C++ or C programming with the help of Quincy. It has inbuilt support for Fluid GUI builder and Fltk. 


Next we are gonna be talking about Relo. Relo provides you a integrated programming environment for developing applications using C and C++. This freeware uses Borland C++ and Min gW32 compilers for compiling your programs. It has a user friendly user interface. You can use this freeware to develop Windows based applications.  


Let’s talk about cIDEE. It is an ANSI C and C++ development environment especially build for students of engineering and computer science courses and is also very useful for them. This freeware lets them learn and practice C or C++ easily. It also includes Notepad++ and MinGW compiler for Windows.

NetBeans IDE

Now we are talking about NetBeans IDE. It is a free IDE for C++ programming. By using this IDE you can easily create various types of applications in C++. It also has support for C, Grails, Groovy, Ajax, JavaScript, and PHP. It has a easy to use user interface. NetBeans IDE lets you create programs for  mobile, desktop, enterprise and web  platforms.

Bonfire Studio

Bonfire Studio is a free IDE for programming in C++. It supports internet standards e.g. HTML, XSL and XML. This freeware lets you manage, modify and build internet based solutions, and also decreases the time to finish your projects. Its main features are : drag and drop support, merging of multiple folders and files into a single project file, supports highlighting syntax for C++, HTML, XSL, XML, project manager window, an error message window, docking toolbars, and a multiple-document interface. 

Enhanced Multilingual Programming Utility

Enhanced Multilingual Programming Utility is an integrated programming environment for C++ programming. Its main features are: build customization, execution of code, code compilation, zooming, brace matching, smart indentation, long line and column indicators, auto-completion, line numbering, spell checking, syntax highlighting, support and parsing compiler errors and many more etc. 


Next topic in this list is Geany. Geany is a free IDE for C++ programmers. It is a lightweight and tiny application. To run this freeware you need GTK2 libraries on your computer. It is a very useful IDE for coding in C++. Geany lets you test, compile and build applications using C++ easily. 


Simpedit is a useful and free source code editor application for MS Windows. It is also a replacement for Notepad. This freeware supports a wide variety of programming languages e.g. XML resource file, Tex, TCL, SQL, Python, PHP, Perl, Delphi/Pascal, NSIS, INNO, JavaScript, Java, INI, HTML, CSS, C#, C++ etc. It offers a reliable integrated programming environment for C++ programming.


HTML Kit is a useful text editor for MS Windows. With the help of this freeware you can do programming in C++. This freeware supports many types of programming languages e .g. Conf/INI, SQL, Lisp, Delphi/Pascal, Visual Basic, C++, C, Python, Perl, Java, ASP, PHP, VBScript, JavaScript, XSLT, CSS, XML etc. 


NoteMaster is a nice IDE for C++ programming. It is a reliable application for editing of source code of your C++ programmes. NoteMaster has inbuilt support for various types of programming languages e.g. Latex, PHP, Python, Perl, NSIS, Visual Basic, C++, Java, C#, and XML etc. NoteMaster is a lightweight application. 


Next software in this list is AEdiX. It is a professional source code editing tool for MS Windows. Its main features are: support for scripting and code highlighting. This freeware has inbuilt support for a wide variety of languages e.g. Spherescript, ASM, SQL, VBScript, Perl, JavaScript, Java, Pascal, C++, C, PHP and HTML etc.  


Sally is a simple and easy to use C++ IDE for MS Windows. Sally is written in a programming language named “C#”. To run this freeware on your computer, you need .net framework 1.1 on your computer. It lets you test, compile and build applications in C++. Sally is a lightweight application. 


ZinjaI is a crossplatform programming environment for C++ Programming. It is used by C++ programmers and developers to create advance applications using C++. ZinjaI is a simple and lightweight C++ IDE for programmers. You can use this freeware to test, build and compile C++ programs. Code auto-completion is its key feature.


ChSciTE is a useful and reliable C++ IDE for MS Windows. With the help of ChSciTE you can run, compile and edit C++ programs easily. This freeware is used in embedded scripting, 3D/2D plotting numerical computing, shell programming, and many more. 

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