14 Best Free Delete Empty Folders Software For Windows

Here are 14 best free delete empty folders software. These software let you remove or delete empty folders from your PC easily. All these are available free to download for your Windows PC. These software have various features, like: can scan and let you delete empty folders from your computer (hard disk) or in specified folder/location, select found empty folders by default automatically, can delete these empty folders permanently, some can search for zero byte files also, some does not require installation (portable software), some can check for empty folders through Windows Explorers Context menu, and more. You can try these free delete empty folders software and find which suits you better.

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Empty Folder Cleaner

Empty Folder Cleaner is a free software that lets you scan your system for empty folders. You can scan the entire system or specific folders for empty directories. It has an option to add the specific types of files as junk (by default it considers *.tmp, desktop.ini, and thumbs.db as junk files). You can ignore the specific directories also and it by default ignores various system directories including Recycled. It deletes the parent empty folder also. The program is available in both installation and portable mode.

Advanced Win Utilities Free

Advanced Win Utilities Free is a multi-purpose software for Windows. It has various useful utilities including “Empty Folder Removal” tool. You can use it to scan any drive or folder for empty directories/folders. After completing the scanning you can delete the empty folders easily with one click. You can change its settings also for including or ignoring file types etc. You can integrate EmptyFolderRemoval into the Windows Explorer context menu too. It can scan for empty files also (0 byte files).

Fast Empty Folder Finder

Fast Empty Folder Finder is small and easy to use software to find empty folders on your system. You can select any drive or folder to search for empty folders by using it. After completing scanning it shows you the list of empty directories and you can select them easily and delete them to Recycle Bin or Permanently. It is a lightweight application.

Empty Folder Nuker

Empty Folder Nuker lets you scan for empty folders or directories in the selected folder or drive. After selecting folder to scan and clicking Find button it gives you a list of empty folders. You can delete them to Recycle Bin. It is small in size and does not require installation. And you can use it as a portable application also.


JoseDelEmpty is a very tiny utility to delete empty folders. It can remove all folders that do not contain any file(s). Just select the root folder by browsing and click Proceed button. It display a dialog box for confirming to delete empty folders. If you click yes; it will delete all the empty folders without showing you results. It deletes empty parent folders also.

Puran Delete Empty Folders

Puran Delete Empty Folders is a free and easy to use software for Windows to find empty folders. It lets you find empty folders in your PC in any location or drive easily. You can exclude the specific folders also. After scanning select the empty folders and delete them by clicking “Delete Selected” button.


Bitser is a multipurpose software for Windows. It can find and delete empty folders also. You can use it from any folder context menu. You can right click on any folder and click “Delete Empty Subfolders” from the Bitser menu. You can create and manage archives, use password manager and other various tools of this free software.

Fast Empty Folder Finder

Fast Empty Folder Finder by ListeningPC is another free file management software that lets you find and delete empty folders. You can browse for folder from its interface and click “Search Now!” button to start the search for empty folders within the selected folder. It shows you the list of empty folders after finishing search. Now you can select the folders and can delete them permanently by clicking “Delete Checked Folder(s)” button easily.

Vanity Remover

Vanity Remover is a very tiny (just 33 kb) free software for finding and removing empty folders in a specified location. You can run this tiny tool and browse for drive or folder to start search process. After clicking the green arrow button it will give you the option to click OK or Cancel button and if you click OK button, it will delete all the empty folders found.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a versatile and easy to use set of system utilities which lets you maintain your PC easily. It also has a remove empty folder utility in “Advanced Tools” tab. You can use it from context menu of any folder (right click) also. The program has simple and user friendly interface and is easy to understand.


DelEmpty is a simple and easy to use empty folder remover tool. You can search for empty folders by browsing for the root folder. Then it will search for empty folders within this folder. It gives the output result within seconds and by default it selects all the empty directories and you have to click on Delete button on its interface. This is a single executable file and it does not require installation and you can use it as a portable app also.

Anvide Disk Cleaner

Anvide Disk Cleaner is a multipurpose disk cleaning utility. It has various disk cleaning options and searching and removing of empty folders is one of them. You can click on “Search of empty folder” and then click “Check” button to start the search in your system for empty folders (complete PC scan). After searching you can click “Remove” button to delete permanently found empty folders.


Baku is a freeware for maintaining your PC from junk files. You can use it for finding and removing empty folders also. To use it to find and remove empty folders automatically click “Search for unneeded files” and now click Next button. By default its settings for detect and remove empty folders is true. Clicking on Next 2 times you can select the drive(s) to search for. And now when you click Next button, it will start searching for empty folders and other unneeded files.

Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner

Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner is a free utility to find and remove various types of junk and temporary files. It can also let you find and remove unused empty folders. You can select the drive you want to scan for empty folders by selecting it from “Empty Folders” tab of Settings menu. You can click “Start Scanning” button to start the process. After successful scanning it shows the results and you can fix them easily.

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