6 Best Free Firewall Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free firewall software for Windows. Firewall is a computer program that keeps track and control of all incoming and outgoing network traffic according to some defined set of rules. These software also let you manage various aspects of network access manually. For example, let some software access the internet while blocking others.

In these software, you can find various useful features like protect you from intruders and hackers, block harmful websites from browsing, monitors the system processes continuously for malicious and dangerous programs, monitor network activity, etc. In many of these, you can create your own rules (blacklist, whitelist, etc.), scans and blocks unused ports, and more. So, go through this list of free firewall software to find the most suitable one for you.

My Favorite Free Firewall Software For Windows:

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is my favorite software because it not only tracks and blocks all suspicious incoming and outgoing network activities, but it can also restore data in case of an accidental data loss. Plus, its Public Network Protection, Wireless Network Protection, and Real-Time Security Updates features also ensure protection from hackers and intruders.

You can also check out lists of best free Anti-HackingOffline Antivirus, and Anti-Keylogger software for Windows.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a free firewall software for Windows. This software monitors both the incoming and outgoing internet traffic and blocks all unwanted traffic coming from unknown sources. It also makes your system invisible from hackers to protect all your personal data. Online backup is also provided in it that helps you restore back all your data in case of data loss and accidental deletion.

Along with all the standard firewall security features, it also contains three additional security layers namely Public Network Protection, Wireless Network Protection, and Real-Time Security Updates. Overall, it is a lightweight yet powerful firewall software that anyone can use with ease.

Note: In this free version of ZoneAlarm Firewall, some advanced features like Anti-Phishing, Anti-Keylogger, Real-Time Cloud Security, etc., are not available. To get all features, you need to buy the paid version of this software.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a free antivirus software that also works as a computer firewall. In it, you get a dedicated firewall section named as Firewall Tasks using which you can track incoming and outgoing traffic and perform various tasks through six available firewall settings menus.

Let’s take a look at all six firewall settings menus:

  • Allow Application: This menu allows you to manually select system applications to connect to the internet.
  • Block Applications: Using it, you can manually select those system applications which you don’t want to connect with the internet.
  • Stealth Ports: It lets you change the visibility of your system by blocking all incoming connections or by providing you alerts of incoming connections. It lets you decide whether you want to block incoming connection or not.
  • Manage Networks: Using it, you can allow or block connection from other computers in dedicated networks.
  • Stop network Activity: It provides a one-click option to block all network activity to/from your PC.
  • View Connections: It is used to track all applications which are connected to the internet.

Along with various Firewall protection features, it also keeps your system safe from various types of malware and viruses. Overall, it is another handy firewall software for Windows.


Privatefirewall is another free firewall software for Windows. It provides a proactive and multi-layered defense system to protect your system from both intruders and viruses. Plus, it also makes the task of monitoring and blocking incoming and outgoing internet traffic really easy. To detect and block unauthorized traffic, it uses advanced proprietary packet inspection technology that makes it one of the best free firewall software.

In this software, you can also manually adjust security levels to establish different degrees of the internet and local network access. A handy Stealth Mode is also available through which you can make your system invisible from all possible intruders. Apart from all these main Firewall features, it also offers Malware Protection, Anti-Keylogger Module, Email Anomaly Detection, Port Tracking, etc. features.


PeerBlock is the next free firewall software for Windows. It works slightly different than other firewall software because it blocks a whole list of IP Addresses instead of blocking programs like other firewall software. It comes with a large list of unsafe IP address list that it blocks immediately to protect your system from hackers and intruders. It also provides options to block all IP address related to a specific field like Education, Business, Ads, Spyware, etc. In it, you can also manually add IP addresses which you don’t want your system to access. In general, it is simple and straightforward firewall software that anyone can use without much hassle.


TinyWall is another completely free firewall software for Windows. It is also a lightweight software that tracks all incoming and outgoing traffic in a non-intrusive way. It does not show unnecessary popups so that you can work without any distraction. According to the level of security that you want, you can increase and decrease the network monitoring and blocking from its Change Modes. In case this software blocks or interferes in opening of multiple websites, then you can use its Unblock All feature. In the highest level of firewall protection, this software restricts internet access of almost all system applications. To tackle this problem, it provides a Whitelist feature, in which you can specify certain applications which will be able to access the internet even on the highest firewall protection mode.

A standard connection mode is also present in it that you can use to keep track of all applications which use the internet. From the connection mode, you can immediately terminate the internet connection for any application in just one click. This software is also capable of blocking all known locations which are known to harbor viruses and worms.

Anti NetCut

Anti NetCut is one more free firewall software for Windows. This software protects your system from intruders who are trying to cut off your system from the internet. In case it detects an intruder, it immediately shows a warning message and starts using its anti spoofing technique to protect your internet connection and online privacy. It also helps in maintaining constant and stable internet speeds. Before using this software, you just need to setup simple configurations, after which this software will be ready to protect your system from intruders.

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