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Fonts come in different formats, some are supported by different operating systems and some are cross platform compatible. TrueType font contains both screen and print-friendly versions of the typeface in one single file. TrueType can be enlarged or reduced to any size and can be printed with any printing resolution without facing any kind of distortion.

WOFF font format was initially developed by Mozilla in collaboration alongside Type Supply, LettError, and other organizations. Web Open Font Format type is web friendly type of font format which is used in web pages. WOFF helps in loading the web pages fast as their font data is compressed and uses less bandwidth.

EOT is Embedded OpenType font format which is condensed form of OpenType font to be used in web pages as embedded fonts by Microsoft. These types of fonts are small in size. It is easy to convert TrueType font to Embedded OpenType font with the help of free TTF to EOT Converter.

If you have been looking to convert any specific font format into some other compatible font format then your search is over as we compiled a list of best free font converters. The software listed below is easy to install and use, they don’t have big file size thus not taking much space on your desktop.

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Here Are The Best Free Font Converter Software For Windows:


Free TTF Converter

Converting Truetype font format to some other font format has never been easy but now it is. The free TTF converter is bundled to convert TTF font format to other font formats. The software can convert the TTF font file to WOFF, EOT, and SVG without any problems. The user-interface of the software is simple and easy to understand by anyone. Adding and removing fonts for conversion can be done without facing any problems. The software is easy to work with. It has no complex menus, no other complicated settings to be provided. The users only have to provide the output folder or directory and the output format of the desired converted font. Free TTF converter does the job of converting fonts to the likable font format perfectly. Though till now it only supports WOFF, EOT and SVG formats as output formats, but these are widely accepted font formats. Free TTF Converter software doesn’t give any options to edit or change glyph of the font for the output.

How to convert TTF font to WOFF, EOT or SVG with Free TTF Converter?

  • Open the Free TTF Converter software.
    Click on Add TTF(s), browse to the folder where the TTF font files are placed.
  • After adding the TTF font file(s), click on Open.
    The font(s) will add to the list on the software, checkmark the font(s) you wish to convert.
  • Define the output directory for the converted font.
  • Choose the output font format of the font; it can be EOT, WOFF or SVG.
  • Click on Convert.

The conversion procedure will start, after the process has completed. The status tab will change to Converted.


Fontforge is a freeware to convert from one font format to another font format. The software can easily be accessed and font conversion doesn’t take much time. The process of conversion completes within fractions of seconds. With the help of FontForge you can not only convert font formats but also create and make your own fonts. The supported font formats for conversion by Fontforge include PS Type 1, PS Type 3, PS Type 0, CFF (Bare), Type42, Type11, TrueType, TrueType (Symbol), TrueType (MacBin), TrueType (Mac dfont), OpenType (CFF), OpenType (Mac dfont), SVG font, Unified Font Object, Web Open Font, No Outline Font, etc. Fonts can be converted by using Generate font from the File menu. Glyph supported by FontForge includes Adobe Glyph List, AGL for New Fonts, AGL without afii, AGL with PUA, Greek small caps, Tex Names and AMS Names.

How to convert TTF font to WOFF, EOT or SVG with FontForge?

  • Open Fontforge. At the startup, it will ask you to browse the font to open it.
  • Open the desired font in Fontforge.
    After the font has been added, go to File menu, click on Generate Fonts.
  • A dialogue box will open asking the details about the font to be converted.
  • Put in the name for the new font if you don’t want it to be named after the original font.
  • Then choose the font format from the drop down menu you want it to be converted to.
  • Click on Generate. The new font will be generated.
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