4 Best Free Instagram Client Software For Windows

Instagram is a free online photo sharing service and it lets you to share your photos online. To use this free service you need to create a free account using Instagram app from your mobile phone. This app is available for Android and iOS based mobiles. If you wants to use Instagram from your Windows PC; you need to install any Instagram Client for PC.

Here are 4 best free Instagram client software for Windows. These let you manage your Instagram account easily on PC. All these are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These Instagram client software offer various features, like: view and manage your Instagram account, can access and view Instagram photos on your PC, view new notifications, liked photos, can view your profile, others profile, can search for users for photos, liked photos, can download your favorite and liked photos, follow other users, and more.

You can also check out Instagram downloader software and Pinterest client software.

Here are the Best Free Instagram Client Software for Windows:


Pixsta is an Instagram desktop client available free. You can access and view Instagram photos on your PC easily by using it. It comes as a part of Pokki app suite and also as a Google Chrome app.

To use it as a part of Pokki app, you have to install Pokki on your PC and then install Pixsta. You can login to your Instagram account through it. You can view new notifications, liked photos and can view profiles easily. You can view Feed, Popular, or Nearby photos or videos shared by other users. You can search for photos too.

As a Google Chrome app you can view photos, followers, and following peoples and their profiles. You can like, comment, and share the pictures you like. It has other buttons too, like Feed, Popular, Nearby, Notifications etc. on its interface. You can use its Search button also to search for any specific photo. By using its back button you can go back to previous view easily. You can view the image online in your default web browser by clicking “View Online” button at the bottom of the image. You can also download the image by clicking “Download Image” button at the bottom to download it to your PC in the desired folder.

Similarly you can do the same process to view or download the video of your choice. On clicking any photo or video you will find “Like” and “+Share” button. And you can click the Like button for liking the image or video OR click Share button to share on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an easy to use Instagram client for Windows. The program is free and open source. It lets you download or backup Instagram photos easily. You can download your own uploaded photos or photos uploaded by other Instagram users.

It is an easy program to access your Instagram account photos from your desktop. It can automatically download images for a username that you enter in its text box. You can view larger view of photos when you clicked on photos and they will open with your default image viewer.

It creates a different folder for each username you supply and there is a thumbnail folder also within each username’s folder. The program has no other functions and can only be used as for viewing or backing up Instagram photos to your PC. This program is available in both installable and portable version.


Netstagram is a Google Chrome app for managing your Instagram account from any PC, Tablet or Phone. You can use it as an Instagram PC client. It is easy to use. You need to login to your Instagram account through its interface.

You can view the pictures of the people you follow, their profiles and other information. Find new people, search for photos, videos posted by you or other users. It gives you the power of browsing and searching millions of images or users on Instagram.

Instagram for Chrome

Instagram for Chrome is an easy to use Google Chrome extension that lets you view millions of images available online on Instagram. The Home button and Refresh button lets you easily and quickly access the corresponding commands. The third button on its interface has various other commands including profile view, search & popular, notifications, news feed, friend requests, log out and other various commands. It has a “Popout View” option also for detaching its window from Chrome browser.

By clicking Search & Popular command you can search for specific users and hash tags and also shows you the popular images and hash tags on its interface. It also has a back button but it appears only when you browsed more than two items.

Overall it is a nice Google Chrome extension that lets you view the images on big screen of your PC as compared to mobile phone.

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