120 Best Free Web Browsers For Windows

Here is a list of best free web browsers. The browsers in this list let you explore the web easily. A web browser is an application which enables you to interact with all data and information on World Wide Web. This article contains list of such browsers with descriptions of all unique and advance features which let you browse internet easily and efficiently. Some of them are very popular, some are very simple, some are used for specific purpose, some are specially dedicated to kids, etc. Here you will learn how to search on internet and learn to use these browsers.

All these internet browsers are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These free internet browsers offer various features, like: download manager, tabbed browsing, import bookmarks, display browsing history, remove browsing history, safe and secure browsing, HTML5 support, support for flash, pop-up blocker, Ads blocker, CSS5 support, address bar, anonymous web browsing, support for plug-ins and extensions, customization of browsers, embedded video downloading, and more. So, go through this browser list and choose one according to your relevance.

My Favorite Web Browser For Windows:

I like Google Chrome most, out of the list of these web browsers. Its awesome features forced me to make it default browser on my PC. This is a popular and user friendly web browser. It supports lots of extensions and plugins, so you can enhance its features as well. Incognito window mode lets you use internet securely, so that no one can trace you. You will enjoy its browsing speed. It also lets you open as many tabs as you want. If these tabs are accidentally closed while working, then you can restore the last session.

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Google Chrome

Firefox is a free internet browser. It loads webpages faster and provides you a safe and secure web browsing experience. It offers you many features such as pop-up blocker, download manager, spell check, smart search, tabbed browsing, various themes, RSS reader, pinned tabs, offline browsing, bookmarks, tags, etc. Various add-ons are available for you to enhance your browsing experience.

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Internet Explorer

Opera is one of the best browsers which lets you work with a safe, secure and ad free browsing environment. It is a fast browser since it can compress pages for faster browsing. About more than 1000 extensions are available. It can protect you from malware and viruses during web surfing. It can also block unwanted ads without any add-on. Bookmark lets you save important links. You can easily view videos in it on a floating movable window.

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Chromium is a free and fast internet browser. This open source browser lets you browse the web in a stable, faster, and safer way. Google Chrome is also based on the source code of Chromium. Therefore, some of the features of Chromium can be found in Chrome,such as incognito browsing window, task manager, omnibar, etc.

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Baidu Browser

Comodo IceDragon is the secure and fast version of Firefox. It is compatible with Firefox Plugins.

It uses SiteInstpector malware Scanning Technology to secure web searching. You can scan by right click or SiteInspector button on the top of the page. It will scan and find viruses or malwares before opening the page.

Pocket option lets you save and read any page, article or video from Firefox. You just have to signup through Firefox or your Gmail account. You can read those saved pages any time from the pocket on any device.

You can use Comodo’s Domain Name System (DNS) servers which is free and has several advantages like it makes web page loading faster and safer.

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Avant Browser is a fast and free internet browser. It uses very low memory as compared to other web browsers. It’s main features are inbuilt download accelerator, a multi-document interface, video sniffer, split view, and RSS Reader. It keeps your browsing history and bookmarks safe.

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Vivaldi Browser is another free internet browser. It has some unique features which make your internet browsing experience pleasant and easy. Here you can create and save notes and link them to related websites. You can easily add and use bookmarks from the side floating bookmark panel. It lets you customize your own speed dial list which are easily accessible. You can also save a list of sites which can be used next time whenever you restart your PC.

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The World Browser

CLIQZ Browser is a cross platform freeware for internet surfing. It lets you use internet in secure mode. It also shows you who is tracking you while surfing on net. Anti-tracking option contains list of trackers. Cliqz option lets you customize this web browser. You can change search engine, settings for anti-tracking, etc. It also lets you use multiple tabs for multiple websites.

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Tungsten is one of the free best browsers for net surfing. It is based on chromium and Internet explorer rendering engines. You can switch between these two rendering engines. It has some interesting advanced options other than bookmark, history favorite, multiple tabbed browsing, etc. You will find a Tungsten icon on the top of the browser. It navigates you to Tungsten homepage. You can change this icon and target site also. You can view and use favorite from this icon and local apps of your PC as well.

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Iridium Browser

Project Maelstrom is a free internet browser. You can search any websites, open torrent, and play online games here. It lets you open multiple websites on separate tabs. You can view history, save any websites to bookmark, use incognito window, with other basic settings for browsing.

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U Light

Brave Browser is a cross platform, free, secure, and fast internet browser. It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. It has simple interface with very few options. It supports multiple tab browsing. Its interface contains a search bar, option to open new tabs, a drop down list for other basic settings. It also lets you bookmarks websites. It is a simple browser but secures your PC from malware while surfing internet. It automatically blocks adware, trackers and makes your net surfing faster.

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Liri Browser

Avira Scout is another free security focused web browser. It uses Avira’s database to find suspicious elements from webpages. It lets you know that you are visiting a malicious site or if someone is tracking you. It also block unwanted scripts from running and clears cookies of the website which is tracking you.

It contains all basic options for internet surfing with a Privacy Badger. This option blocks harmful sites and lets you know that someone is tracking you. It also shows you the list of suspicious sites and lets you change settings for them. You can also deactivate the Privacy Badger for certain websites that it blocks, but you want to visit.

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Expedition.NET is a free and fast internet browser. There is a sidebar in its main user interface, which shows folders, your browsing history, and favorites. This browser is based upon the engine of Internet Explorer. It offers tabbed and private browsing. It also includes a pop-up blocker. Expedition.NET is a very lightweight browser.

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Bluto 7

Slim Browser, as the name suggests is a lite and fast internet browser. It works faster and loads web pages quickly. It protects your private and confidential information when you surf the web. It includes a download manager, which increases your download speed automatically. It also lets you manage your download history. This free browser includes pop-up blocker, intelligent form filler, and form spell checker. It also safely erases all traces.

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Green Browser

QtWeb internet browser is secure, lightweight, and free web browser. It is based on Apple’s WebKit and Nokia’s Qt Framework. It works on both Windows and Linux. The main feature is its detachable side menu bar which can also be placed on the top of the interface. It doesn’t offer extra features in comparison to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. It doesn’t have so many extensions or plugins like Chrome. It mainly fulfills requirements for those who want a lightweight and simple browser.

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Visual Explorer

Netscape Navigator is a fast and free browser. Netscape Navigator is also capable of instant messaging. It has many useful features, such as: quick launch, search address bar with one click, click to search, file transfer, buddy alerts, and tabbed browsing. It also lets you import your bookmarks from internet explorer. Netscape Navigator also helps users in migrating to Firefox and Flock. It lets users to visit many web pages in a single window.

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Acoo Browser is a free and powerful web browser. It is based upon the engine of Internet Explorer. It’s main features are customizable toolbar, dockable group panels, multi-tabbed document windows, Mouse Gestures, Web page analyzer, calculator, RSS Reader, Popup blocker, Ads filter, ActiveX Filter, Cleaner, Zooming of web pages, skinned window frame, etc. It provides a comfortable, safe, and secure browsing experience, and lets you surf many websites in single window.

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Advanced Browser

Ace Explorer is a free and useful web browser. It provides you a safer and comfortable browsing experience. It has many useful features, such as pop-up blocker, form filler, site groups, quick search, auto-login, online translation, URL aliases, scripting and inbuilt commands, hidden sites, script-error suppression, whitelist/blacklist filtering, email, web page editing, zooming, font changes, and web browsing through proxy server.

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Marx GeoSearch Browser

Smart Bro is a free internet browser. It is similar to Internet Explorer. It has many useful features such as Integrated popup killer, Flash filter, Integrated form filler, RSS reader, and Tabbed browsing etc. It loads webpages faster. You can minimize it to system tray. It also offers you many exciting games to play.

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Slick Internet Browser

Adrain Browser is a very simple internet browser. It lets you browse any websites with few options of Go, Refresh, stop, forward, and backward. It lets you surf internet on almost full screen, giving minimum space to tools. It has inbuilt Google search engine.

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Xombrero Browser

Runecats Explorer is a fast and free internet browser. It loads webpages faster and provides you a secure, safe, and comfortable web browsing experience. It includes a text size changer, so you can see enlarged text. It offers many useful features such as faster engine, skins for customization, center button, Search Drawer, Rune text extension, finding tool, and a visually appealing graphical interface.

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BlackHawk Web Browser

Celensoft Super Web is a free and modern internet browser. It is also fast, fluid, and supports HTML 5. You can customize it with various themes and skins available on Super Web store. You need to register this application to access its advanced features. It offers you a new rendering engine and 256 bit encryption. It has many useful features such as incognito mode and inbuilt translator. It also lets you collaborate easily on social networking sites.

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Free Browser

Dragonfly is another one of the simple, free, and lightweight web browsers. It provides you a simple interface with few buttons of backward, forward, stop, refresh, home, files, and favorite. It is based on Internet Explorer. It also has inbuilt Pop-up blocker.

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Michaelsoft Browser

Browse Secure is a free and secure Internet Browser. The administrator settings in Browse Secure gives you the option to block certain websites or provides access to user defined URLs. Browse Secure also has a “request utility” option, which gives information to the administrators about new requests from other users.

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Arora is based upon webkit rendering engine of Google Chrome. It has many useful features such as tabbed browsing, session restoration, address bar, bookmarks bar, download manager, and private browsing etc. It does not support plugins. Arora browser also lacks some advanced features and it is still in a development phase.

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Lunascape is a free web browser. It is based upon three popular rendering engines (Webkit, Gecko, and Trident). It provides you many useful features such as engine auto-switch, support for Gecko add-ons, quick search, tab lock, shift lock, cascade view, versatile tab menu, full screen mode, large screen mode, Luna ID coordination, mouse gestures, advanced search engines, skins, ticker, URL blocker, etc.

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Epic Browser

Alienforce is a free internet browser. It is based upon Firefox. Alienforce browser loads webpages faster. It is compatible with various Firefox extensions. The homepage of Alienforce displays recently closed websites, frequently visited sites, and favorites. It features tabbed browsing. It provides shortcuts to popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

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SRWare Iron

OhHai Browser is a free internet browser. It is based upon Internet Explorer. OhHai Browser provides you some useful and cool features for example it locks the screen of the browser and provides password protection to it. OhHai Browser includes inbuilt web editor, which lets you edit and preview HTML in this internet browser. OhHai Browser offers you tabbed browsing. It is a lightweight software.

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Yandex Browser

YRC Weblink is a simple web browser. It lets you work in a safe environment. It also offer you to secure the browser with password. It supports WebGL technology, so you can enjoy 2D and 3D graphic rendering without any plugins.

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Usejump Browser is a free and secure internet browser. It is based on Webkit. It has its own search engine which can be enabled and disabled. It offers you multiple tabbed browsing. You will find separate drop down list for History, Bookmark, Tools, Window settings, Help menu, etc. So you can easily customize bookmarks, view history, and many more. It also lets you browse many social sites and popular websites in single click.

Although it contains all basic options with many advanced options, most of the time it shows script error.

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Polarity is one if the best web browsers to browse internet on your PC. It is based on dual engine browsing i.e. Chromium and Trident render engines. It has user friendly interface which lets you browse multiple webpages at a time. It supports lots of extensions, adds-on, apps, and themes which can be explored from web store.

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Crazy Browser

Deepnet Explorer is a free internet browser. You will find all basic options like on another web browser. It also supports multiple tab browsing but you cannot see any icon or option for this. You have to type a URL in search engines, it will open the webpage in new tab. It has many options which makes your net surfing easy such as bookmark, favorite, home, refresh, backward, forward, stop, advert killers, phishing alarm, content filter, etc.

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Browse3D is a free internet browser. It provides quick access to numerous Web pages visually. It lets you display multiple pages in a single window. The main features of Browse3D are following:

  1. Visual representation
  2. Advanced pop up blocking
  3. Advanced search
  4. Browse ahead

It automatically loads the top search hits from Google.

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Pale Moon

360 Browser is a free, lightweight, secure, and fast browser. It is based on WebKit rendering engine. It also supports chrome store. Its main features is to protect your PC by filtering malicious links, sites, and data. It helps you to use internet in a secure environment. You don’t have to add Ad block plugins to this IE browser, it is inbuilt.

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Epsilon Browser

Surebo Browselorer is a free internet browser. The main featuers of Surebo Browselorer are following:

  • HTML5 support based on Gecko.
  • In-built flash.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Availability of stars (bookmarks, favorites) from toolbar or menu.
  • 9 different themes for customization.
  • Task reminder.
  • Address bar.
  • Blocks undesirable keywords and sites.

You also have the option to lock this browser with a password. This provides security to your history, bookmarks, and other stuff.

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Hacker Browser

UltraBrowser is one of the best browsers. It is compatible with Internet Explorer with some extra features. It has more attractive interface than IE but it doesn’t support multiple browsing at a time. You have to use multiple windows instead of multiple tabs. It secures your favorites and bookmarks with password. You can easily search popular sites for musics, social networks, videos, news, etc. All these options are available on Homepage and can be navigated with a single click.

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Fizzik Browser

Pink Browser is a free IE browser specially made for girls. The main features of Pink Browser are following:

  1. Mouse Gestures
  2. Popup blocker
  3. Automatic cleaning of History
  4. Automatically save websites
  5. You can easily minimize it to System tray and password protect it
  6. RSS reader
  7. Automatic form filler
  8. Corner for Girls
  9. Community for Girls
  10. Tabbed Girly interface.
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Otter Browser

DustyNet is a free internet browser. It is a portable application and runs easily from a USB flash drive. On its main toolbar, you can see a standard menu with various options such as save and open webpages, Print and Print Preview, etc. It offers you tabbed browsing for a cool web browsing experience. DustyNet browser also provides quick links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. There are also various buttons on its main interface such as Back, Forward, Home, and Refresh. DustyNet browser also has integrated Google search function and an address bar.

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Net Search Web Browser is a free IE browser which supports multiple tabs browsing. It requires .Net Framework to be installed on your PC.

It has almost the same features as other web browsers. It has a customizable homepage with favorite list, bookmarks, history, etc. options. Parental control option lets you block inappropriate web contents using password. The default browser of parent control is net search, which can be changed. Open New Tab Page opens new tab. You can also open and close a tab by right click. It contains shortcut icons on homepage for some websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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Veetle Browser is a simple free web browser. It offers you to watch and stream videos of good quality. It has a list of movies, animated movies, musics, games, TV channels, etc, on right side. You just have to choose any one of them and enjoy. It lets you work on multiple webpages in separate tabs.

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SportsBrowser is a free web browser specially designed for sports lover. You can easily access your favorite sports news websites such as ESPN, Fox Sports, The Sporting News, NBC Sports, Yahoo Sports, etc. It automatically finds related sports news of the website you are searching. You can specify your favorite webpages to access them easily in future.

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Basketball Browser

Baseball Browser is a free internet browser which is specially designed for Baseball game lover. Here baseball game lover can find baseball related news in different websites such as ESPN-MLB, FOX Sports-MLB, Yahoo! Sports-MLB, etc. It will automatically gather baseball news related to webpage you are searching. You can easily open your favorite sites by setting them in favorite list.

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PlayFree Browser is a freeware use to browse websites. It is specially based for playing games for free of cost. You can search games and it also notifies you about new games. Although it is best for gaming, it can be used to browse websites just like another browser. You can work on multiple tabs. It lets you manage bookmark, history, favorite webpages, etc. You can also share webpages with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Globus VPN Browser is a free VPN browser. It keeps you safe from IP tracing while searching on internet. It enables you to access blocked sites and hide your identification. It take care for safety of your private data.

Note: Please carefully use this browser it might be dangerous. It might be possible that it fails to protect while searching.

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Tor Browser

Orca Browser is a simple and fast browser. It lets you browse webpages in a secure and user friendly interface. You can work on multiple webpages in separate tabs. To open new tab you have to type a URL and choose Open in a new window option from drop down list available in Go Icon. It has almost all features like other web browser. You can bookmark any webpages, include in favorite list, view history, etc. It has in-built Ad Blocker, auto form filler, Flash Blocker, spell checker, online profile storage, outlook-style RSS, etc.

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Lataza Browser

Speed Browser is a freeware used for net surfing. It has a simple interface with all basic necessary options. You can browse a webpages in search bar, use home, backward, forward, favorite, refresh buttons, and many more. It has almost all options like all popular web browser but it has some cons. It will shows script error message for some webpages and also sometimes it will freeze.

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Slimjet Browser

WebSpirit Internet Browser is a free, light weight, and fast web browser. It is based on Gecko Layout Engine. It is customizable and has some advanced features like Form Filler, Highlighter, Undo close, etc. It has inbuilt ad blocker and can protect your PC from malware and virus. You can use extensions, plugins, and adds-on here.

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SlimBoat Browser

MySpace Browser is a free web browser. It is specially designed for Myspace users. You can easily login and use your MySpace account. Navigate to homepage, login page, messages, etc. by the options available in Task bar. It also opens other sites but you will find some problems in webpages. It cannot open them properly. Although it is specially designed for MySpace, it didn’t work well during testing. It was unable to open whole webpages properly.

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IQ Browser

Basic Browser is a free and simple browser. It is really a basic browser having few basic options. It has only a Address search bar with File, Tools, and Help options. You can only work on a single webpage at a time. Multiple websites surfing is not supported on this internet browser.

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Make Your Own Browser

SjoSpeed Browser is a free browser. It is a simple browser with some basic options. You can manage bookmark, set any websites as favorite, check for update, visit back pages, go to forward webpages, etc. It doesn’t let you search many websites at a time, as multiple tabs are not supported.

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Nubonyx Browser

Blackbird Web Browser is a free internet browser. It has an attractive interface and is based on Firefox. You can read news easily as news feed is available on the top of the interface which can be disabled. It contains many options, such as bookmark, favorite, highly recommended, most visited, social network icons, etc. It can open many websites together in separate tabs. You have to enable multiple tabs through open All in tabs option. You will find this option when you right click your mouse just below the search bar.

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Lumia Browser

QupZilla Browser is a free, light weight, and cross platform web browser. It is available for many platforms such as, Windows, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Chakra, Debian, etc. It is built on QTWebkit browser engine. It offers you to work on various themes, use bookmarks, use favorite list, manage history, use RSS reader, and use add blocker. You can also add Speed Dial as extension.

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Conqueror Browser

Empire Browser is a free, simple, secure, fast, and light weight internet browser. It supports English, Spanish, and French languages. It is built on Trident Layout Engine and Bing is its default search engine. It doesn’t offer you tabbed browsing.

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Internet- The Browser

SevenTh Browser is a free and light weight internet browser. It contains almost all necessary options for web browsing. You can use bookmark, favorite, history, home, backward, forward, and many other basic options. You can work on multiple tabs. It navigates you to various social sites with a click on their available icons.

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Free Browser SPX is a web browser lets you surf internet in an easy interface. It contains some bold options and some drop down list. You can easily search in search bar, use back, forward, home, go, and stop buttons. You can add any webpages in favorite list, change text size, text format, and many other basic options.

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GuavaahLyte Browser

WebSurf Browser is a free and simple internet browser. It lets you browse webpages in clean and multiple interface. It doesn’t support multiple tabs. There is a Plus sign icon available which opens new window instead of new tab. Setting option lets you manage homepage, bookmark, and history. You can set a default search engine out of  these four: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube video search.

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SunDance Web Browser

Exercise Browser is a free web browser. It is specially designed for exercise of pictures, questions and answers, etc, but can be used as a normal browser. It has almost all basic features of a web browser such as you can add a webpage to favorite, user home buttons, back and forward buttons, etc.

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Cent Browser

Speedy Browser is a free, simple and fast browser. It contains only few buttons such as back, forward, refresh, home, new tab, remove tab, internet settings, and themes. You just have to put URL of a website in search bar and Go button navigates you to the website. New tab option lets you browse multiple websites on different tabs simultaneously.

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Weltweitimnetz Browser

Duck Web Browser is a freeware to browse internet in a simple interface. It is based on Visual basic. It is also available for Mac in Real basic.

Here you can surf on internet in multiple tabs. You can open a number of tabs as per your wish through New Tab option and close a tab with Remove Tab option. Apart from these you can add and remove bookmarks, change themes, change languages, and set a default homepage.

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Infinity Browser

HanExoft Browser is a free browser with simple, friendly but unique interface. Here you will find all necessary options available on the right side panel. It lets you open maximum 10 tabs at a time. You don’t need to open new tab, all tabs are available on right side. You just have to select one of them and put URL to browse a website. All options are represented in icons. You can view icons description in help menu.

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GX Browser

Portable Browser is a free, simple, and light weight internet browser. It contains few options such as Back, refresh, Stop, Help, search bar, and setting. It navigates you from one to another webpages with more speed. It doesn’t support multi-tabbed browsing. So, it is a simple and basic web browser.

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