10 Best Free Online Fax Services To Send Fax Free

Here are some of the best free online fax services which let you send free fax from PC to various countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, and many more. You can send different files like: PDF, JPG, DOC, TXT, etc. using these free fax services. In this article, 10 best free online fax services are listed which you can use to send free fax all over the world.

Faxing has become easy due to these online fax services. Instead of using a fax machine, printer, and scanner, you can use these services to send fax online.

My Favorite Fax Service:

FaxNgo: It lets you use your free account to send and receive faxes online. It provides you a dedicated fax number after registration, which can be used to receive faxes. It also comes with MS Office integration.

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FaxNgo is an online fax service which helps you to send and receive faxes for free. You can send a fax to different countries including UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, etc. You can simply write text, or upload a PDF file to send a fax. You can sign up for free or paid account. It will provide you a free dedicated fax number that you can use to receive faxes for free. The dedicated fax number of free account can change over time, after informing you through email. The incoming faxes arrive as a PDF file in your inbox, and are stored in the cloud. It also supports Microsoft Office integration, using which you can directly send a fax from any Microsoft Office document. The service doesn’t imprint any branding or watermark on the pages. It doesn’t restrict the number of pages, but the fax file must be of 10MB or less. It comes with clients for Web, iOS and Android. It offers different plans:

Free Plan:

  • 5 faxes per month (incoming/outgoing combined).
  • Storage up to 100MB
  • No faxes backup.
  • Dedicated fax number (which can change over time).

Paid Plans:

  • 40-2000 faxes per month.
  • Add Signature and Company Stamp.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage.
  • Faxes Backup and so on.


Faxx.us is a free fax service which enables you to send free fax online. To start you off, it will provide you $1.00 as a credit. Using these credits, you can send up to 100 pages to UK, USA or Canada. You can send fax to other countries as well, but the rates vary for different countries. If you are using a free plan, then it will add an extra page as advertisement for every fax sent. The advertisement includes website details with a QR code attached with it. Other users can use the QR code to fax you back, if you are using incoming plan (paid). Save your document as a PDF file on your PC, and upload it to send using Faxx.us. You can also use your Dropbox account to attach a file. It has an option where you can enter any fax number, and check the price to send a fax. It has three plans (one free and two paid) and also allows unlimited online storage of faxes for all three plans. You can refer your friends to use Faxx.us with a link provided by the website. After they sign up and send their first fax, your account will be credited with $1.00. It offers three plans:

Free Plan:

  • Get 25 pages per month.
  • Extra page with advertisement of Faxx.us.
  • Unlimited storage.

Ad-Free Plan:

  • No advertisement.
  • Up to 1000 (Send/Receive) pages per year.
  • Fax Caller ID/Sender Name customization.

Incoming Plan:

  • No advertisement.
  • Fax Number for USA or UK.
  • Inbound Faxes.
  • Up to 2000 (Send/Receive) pages per year.
  • Use existing fax number and much more.


FaxFree is an online free fax service, sponsored by ClicktoFax as an advertisement. You can use it to send free fax from computer to anywhere in the United States. A fax can be sent by providing sender and recipient details. You can upload files of different formats: DOC, PDF, JPEG, etc. It doesn’t imprint any watermark of FaxFree on the pages. You can use this website to send a limited number of free faxes; but, there isn’t much information about  the limitation of pages/faxes on the website. You can either use this free service, or for additional features you can buy plans from ClicktoFax. It has three different plans:

Basic Plan:

  • 500 pages per month.
  • Free Local/TollFree Number.
  • Outlook Integration etc.

Lite Plan:

  • 1000 pages per month.
  • Free Local/TollFree Number.
  • Outlook Integration etc.

Pro Plan:

  • 2500 pages per month
  • Free Local/TollFree Number.
  • Outlook Integration etc.


faxZERO is a free fax online service for sending faxes. No registration is required and you can send faxes to anywhere in the United States, and Canada. Simply enter sender and recipient details to start faxing. It lets you add a cover page to your fax with a rich text editor. You can also attach 3 files of various formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PPT, etc. After sending fax, you will receive a confirmation email. You have to confirm the fax, and then it will provide a private fax status page, using which you can know your fax status. If you are an infrequent fax user then FaxZero is one of the best options. It has no option to receive fax online, and it doesn’t provide you a fax number. FaxZero has different versions of services:

Free Version:

  • Watermark on the cover page.
  • Maximum 3 pages + cover.
  • Maximum 5 free faxes per day.

Paid Version:

  • $1.99 per fax.
  • Maximum 25 pages + cover.
  • Priority Delivery.
  • No Watermark and much more.


GotFreeFax is an internet fax service to send faxes in the United States and Canada. It is a complete web-based service, where you just have to enter information of sender and receiver of the Fax. Provide your email address and the message or file that you want to send, then choose among the services, and send your fax. You can write in rich text format, or add files such as DOC, PDF, etc. It lets you upload up to 10 files per fax. You will get an email to confirm your email address. After confirming your email address, the fax will be forwarded to the provided number. You will also get an email for the fax delivery status. Unlike other fax services, it doesn’t add any branding or watermark on the cover page. You can resend the same fax within 5 days, using the confirmation email. It has different service plans:

Free Fax Service:

  • No Ads on cover page.
  • Maximum 3 pages/fax.
  • Maximum 2 faxes/day.

Premium Pay-Per-fax Service:

  • Up to 30 pages/fax.
  • Secured and Encrypted Connection.
  • Priority Delivery, etc.

Premium/Business Prepaid Fax service:

  • Download Fax Image.
  • Fax Broadcasting.
  • Encrypted Connection and much more.


HelloFax is another web-based fax service for sending faxes to over 70 countries including USA and Canada. It helps you to send free fax online. You can sign up or use your Google or Microsoft credentials to login. After sign up, you will get free fax pages, using which you can send 5 free fax pages. You can get additional pages by: sharing HelloFax on Facebook/Twitter, inviting friends, and importing contacts. You can upload files from your PC or various cloud services, like: Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. It has a unique option which lets you edit and sign the file. Any fax that you send will be stored in the cloud: Google Drive, etc. It lets you send images and different files like PDF and DOC. It has different versions:

Free Version:

  • No fax number
  • No Fax incoming.
  • No Watermark on cover page.

Paid Versions:

  • Personal Fax Number
  • $1.50 per fax.
  • Fax Incoming.
  • Multiple recipients and so on.


MyFax Free is a free edition of MyFax. It is a web-based application for sending faxes to over 40 countries including the United States. Simply provide “To” and “From” details, and send free fax online. You can attach a file with maximum 10 pages at once (where maximum size=10MB). It supports various file formats: PDF, XML, DOC, JPG, etc. After submitting your fax, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to authorize the delivery. It doesn’t add any branding or watermark of MyFax in your fax file. It comes with various fax service plans:

Free Service:

  • 2 faxes per day.
  • No Personal Fax Number.
  • No reception of faxes.

Personal and Small Business Fax:

  • Personal Local or TollFree Fax Number.
  • 300 fax pages per month.
  • Store faxes online and much more.

Corporate Fax:

  • Account Management.
  • Security and Scalability.
  • Store Faxes up to 1 year, etc.


TopFreeFax is another online fax service for sending faxes only in the United States and Canada. It lets you send free fax from computer. You can send 2 faxes per day with maximum 14 pages per fax. It lets you insert various files: PDF, TXT, TIF, JPG, GIF, and PNG. You simply have to enter your and recipient’s details to send a fax. It has cover page editor with rich text tools. No watermark will be imprinted on the cover page. You will receive an email with transmission status and a copy of the fax. It provides different services:

Free Services:

  • No fax Number.
  • No fax retrieval.
  • No Branding on cover page.

Paid Services:

  • Send/Receive 200 pages per month.
  • Local/TollFree Fax Number.
  • Online Storage and much more.


You can use BestFreeFax, a free online fax service to send faxes to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Hawaii. You can send 2 free faxes per day with maximum 14 pages per fax totally free. It is easy to use and very reliable. Enter sender’s and receiver’s details to start faxing. You will also receive a confirmation email. It exhibits all the features and limitations of TopFreeFax, because both are powered by SRFax as advertisement for selling fax numbers. It provides different services:

Free Services:

  • No fax Number.
  • No fax retrieval.
  • No Branding on cover page.

Paid Services:

  • Send/Receive 200 pages per month.
  • Local/TollFree Fax Number.
  • Online Storage and much more.


FreePopFax is a free online fax sending service. It is the free version of PopFax.com. You can simply send fax by entering receiver’s details. You also have to provide some of your information. You need to mention your phone number, as you will receive a verification code on your number when you send the Fax. You can add text or upload files of various formats including PNG, JPG, PDF, etc. You can select different destinations for faxing: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, etc. For other useful feature, you can buy paid plans.

Paid Plans Advantages:

  • Unlimited reception.
  • Free Local Fax Number and much more.
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