18 Best Free Online Property Management Websites

Here are some of the best free online property management websites for landlords, property owners, and tenants. No more paper works, no more worries about property, rent and lease management. Use these online property management software to manage your property. In this article, 18 best free online property management websites are listed which have a lot of management tools and options. You can use these software for rent payment and collection, advertisement of property units, and much more.

My Favorite Online Property Management Website:

TenantCloud: It is one of the best online property management software and is absolutely free. Tenants can create and share their profile with multiple landlords.

You can also take a look at the list of Online Poster Maker, Send Fax Online, and Receive Fax Online.

Here are the Best Free Property Management Websites:


TenantCloud is a free cloud service for property management online. A tenant can share his profile with landlords so that they can go through his information. It let landlords use property management tools with various features such as: 75 free units, marketing website, etc. It has an iPhone app which can be used by TenantCloud users on the go. It has 3 different portals for landlord, tenant, and service professionals. For example; if a tenant submits repair request, then landlord can either solve it himself or hire a professional to do so. The landlord can put a bid for the work, and now the service professionals come into account and accept that bid. All of the portals have different advantages:


  • Property and Portfolio Management.
  • Multiple Lease and Units management.
  • Online Rent Collection.
  • Advertise Rental Information, etc.
  • Communicate with Tenants, and much more.


  • Find a new home.
  • Manage maintenance requests.
  • Online Rent Payment.
  • Communicate with Landlords.
  • Online Support, etc.


  • Showcase and Grow Business.
  • Find Customers.
  • Bid for different Services.
  • Ratings and Reviews.
  • Email Notifications, and much more.
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TrueRent is one of the best free online property management application for landlords and property managers. The tenant portal can be used by tenant to submit repair requests, rents payment, etc. The property owner can also use the tenant portal for making any announcements, send alerts to tenants, etc. The owner portal provides a medium for communication between property owners and managers. You can use the owner portal for communication, regarding transactions and other property information’s. The reporting system provides you a real-time dashboard of transactions such as rents, expenses, cash flow, etc. which ensures accurate accounting. You can also generate report of all transaction by selecting property and date range. It has all the essential features required for property management:

  • It keeps your properties organized, prevents irrelevant deductions, reduce tenant interactions, secure data, and much more.
  • It captures and analyzes the financial performance of your property portfolio.
  • It has some excellent features like: Alert System, Online Tenant Application, Transaction Recording, Online Rent Collection, Detailed Report, etc.
  • It automatically alerts you when lease is about to expire, rents are due, or which tenant is late for rent.
  • It also has an option for processing rental application of multiple applicants online.

TrueRent is free up to 50 units, and all the additional units will cost $1 per unit. The property owner or manager can use ACH Quick Pay system to receive rents from tenants. In order to do so, there will be different charges levied such as one-time setup fee, etc.

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PendoRent is another free online rental and property management solution. The owners can use PendoRent to keep track of tenants and financial database. It is absolutely free and unlimited numbers of units can be added. Each unit includes: tenant information, alerts and reminders, transactions, notes, etc. The owner can advertise details of available rental units and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It lets property owners easily manage their properties with a live dashboard. The dashboard provides different functions such as financial transaction statistics, tenant issues, document storage, address book, etc. It has a “Cashboard” tab that displays all off the financial statistics of landlords portfolio. The landlords can set alerts and reminders for rents, lease expiry/renewal, repair and maintenance, tax payment, etc. The owners can record multiple tenants’ information under one unit or account, which displays: tenant’s personal information, lease terms, alerts and payment records. Now the landlords can manage their properties from their iPhone with a PendoRent app.

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SmartPropertyManager is a free web-based property management application to let landlords manage their properties. It lets landlords keep track of all the properties and tenancies with several functions:

  • The home dashboard displays portfolio performance with other functions such as: appointments, rent dues, etc.
  • It also lets you create multiple portfolios, property units and sub-units, which can be used to track your property values and statistics.
  • Track multiple tenancies regarding rent charges, and other issues.
  • It lets you track rent income and expenses against each property.
  • Calculate tax against all properties and create a record sheet.
  • It lets you export rent paid, and due data to excel.
  • Generate rental documents and forms in PDF and DOC format.
  • The “Organizer” and “Admin” tabs can be used to manage overall tenants’ information and other property events.

The personal edition is free, and allows maximum 1 user, 10 property units and 3 landlords. These limitations can be overcome with other paid editions.

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UnitConnect is another property management software for commercial and residential landlords and property managers. It lets you add unlimited number of users to manage your property. You can upload unlimited numbers of documents, as it provides unlimited data storage. It also has option for data migration and data protection. The landlords or property managers can get 24/7 customer support through email or phone call. The tenants can manage their own account if the land lord allows doing so. You can also access it from your iPad or Smartphone. The landlords can calculate income and expenses for each property and generate full reports. The free edition lets you add up to 5 tenants per property. UnitConnect also offers many paid editions which can be used for additional features such as:

  • SMS or phone call reminder.
  • 15-200 number of tenants, etc
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Cozy is a free end-to-end online property management software for tenants and landlords. It exhibits excellent features for both landlords and tenants to manage their information. Cozy lets landlords and tenants manage payments online, rental application and approval, etc. The landlord can add unlimited number of tenants and roommates, and can approve or reject any number of applications. The renters can create a free profile with all the information and share it with different landlords. Cozy provides both renters and landlords with essential tools:
For Tenants:

  • Easily pay rent online including roommate.
  • Create profile for sharing with landlords.
  • Reusable application, etc.

For Landlords:

  • Screening tool.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Can use multiple accounts for rent collection, and much more.
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123Landlord.com is a web-based and well featured property management software for landlords. You can very easily manage all of your properties and tenants information. It provides a free basic edition with 1 user, 2 tenants, 2 properties, and unlimited buildings. It provides you access to various options, such as: tenant & property accounting, work order, form and letters modules, etc. It supports multiple owners, so you can keep different portfolios and report separately. You can add unlimited number of owners with different tenants, financials, etc. The landlords can get full reports of building, property, and tenant database. It lets you export final report to DOC, PDF or XML file formats. You will get technical support by phone call or email absolutely free. The free edition has other features like:

  • Track rent due and lease expiry.
  • Collect income and expense report.
  • Alert systems.
  • Vacancy tracking, and much more.

To overcome some of the limitations of free edition like number of tenants/properties, etc. you can buy different paid editions also.

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RentecDirect is another online property management application for property owners. It comes with three different editions: Rentec Basic, Rentec Pro, and Rentec PM. The landlords and property managers can use Rentec Basic edition absolutely free. It allows adding 10 tenants, 10 properties, and keeping data storage up to 100MB. You can track income and expenses for each property with ease and accuracy. The navigation is tab-based to switch between property and tenant management. It helps landlords for real-time tenant screening like financial background check or criminal background check. The Rentec Basic has some other features like:

  • Automatic Recurring Transactions.
  • Automatically Remind Tenant for rent due, etc.
  • Detailed Reports.
  • Online Documents Storage, etc.

You can upgrade to Rentec Pro or Rentec PM, to use some additional features such as online rental application, email/ sms notification, etc.

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RentTracker Cloud

RentTracker Cloud is a web-based property management software for landlords/property managers to manage small or mid-level properties. It allows landlord to organize property and tenant information, enter rent payments, enter property expenses, and export or view financial reports. Landlords can directly track tenants rent due, lease expiry, etc. Android and iOS apps are also available to use RentTracker Cloud service. The free version lets you add up to 3 tenant records per property. In order to overcome this limitation, landlords can buy single or bulk tenant records. It also has option for alerting tenant regarding rent due, maintenance, lease expiry, etc. The landlords can manage and keep their own trusted vendors listed for repairing and maintenance. Ultimately, it has all the essential features required by landlords and property managers:

  • Alert and Reminder System.
  • Contact Management.
  • Lease and Agreements Management.
  • Maintenance and Vendor Management, etc.
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Simplifyem is another free and easy-to-use property management online application. The landlords or property managers can use Simplifyem, to manage their properties and keep detailed information about tenant, and agreements. It comes with multiple management and accounting tools such as data backup, property mapping, profit and loss report, vendor management, and much more. It also helps tenant screening, insurance monitoring, invoice making, send notice, etc. The free version let you manage one unit and its entities:

  • Income and Expenses Tracking.
  • Generate Detailed Report.
  • Lease and Tenant Information Management.
  • Manage Vendors, etc.

You can also upgrade to paid plans and use additional features like:

  • Export Transaction to Excel.
  • Phone Support.
  • Banking & Tenant Billing.
  • 10-500 units, etc.
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SmartHousing is a free cloud-based property management software. It provides options such as tenant screening, rent collection, tenancy application, income and expense accounting. It automatically performs tasks of property managers, like vacancy advertisement, late fee and other charges, tenant background checks, etc. The landlord can alert tenants of their lease expiry or rent due with ease. The tenants can send online application to the landlords directly with e-signature. All of the tenant and property documents are stored in the cloud for quick access. The landlords can easily set reminder for rent collection, repairing and maintenance, etc. It also comes with other features like online tenant file management, tax and insurance management, etc. The landlords or property managers can also create their own property website with various templates available at a cost of $99 per month.

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AIMS is another online property management application for landlords, apartment owners, and property managers. It provides a dashboard which displays rent due, expenses, lease expiry, vacant units, maintenance, etc. You can add separate bank accounts for different properties or owners, track tenant issues, add vendors, and much more. Generate detailed reports of every unit, properties or tenant payments and export them. The landlords can keep and manage database of tenant, vendor and property information. You can use free version to add up to 10 units, 1 user, 10 properties/buildings, 81 reports, and unlimited number of owners. The free and paid versions differs in features:
AIMS Free:

  • Track income and expenses.
  • Export detailed reports.
  • Track leases and agreements.
  • Allow pets and vehicles management, etc.

AIMS Paid:

  • Separate portal for owner and tenant.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Online rent and application collection.
  • Marketing sources and rent survey, and much more.
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Network4Rentals is a free online property management software for landlords, property managers, and tenants. A landlord can manage tenant service requests, communicate with tenants, advertise rental units, etc. It enhances communications between landlords, property managers, and tenants. It provides a free web page to the landlord, which displays available rental units. Tenants can submit service requests for repairing or maintenance, by attaching a photo of the problem. Network4Rental is a complete cloud-based software and is easy to use. It provides various tools for both landlord and tenant:
For Landlord:

  • Contact tenant at any time.
  • Free advertisement of units.
  • Approve or reject service requests.
  • Detailed record keeping, and much more.

For Tenant:

  • Ability to submit service request with photo.
  • Better communication with landlord.
  • Confirmation of receipt from landlord.
  • Accountability, etc.
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Tenansee is another online property management software, which lets you group multiple properties in one place by creating a portfolio. It provides instant notifications for each transaction to landlord and tenant. Landlord can give access to advisers for collaboration in property issues. It also lets landlord track tenant information regarding rent due, lease expiry, etc. It sends automatic notifications to tenants in order to avoid rent arrears, work order, etc. Tenansee comes with different versions with different features:
Free Version:

  • Track property and landlord details.
  • Provides loan calculator.
  • Detailed property reporting, etc.

Paid Version:

  • Get live bank feeds.
  • Income and expense report.
  • Online rent collection.
  • Loan and lease tracking, and much more.
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Rentbook is a cloud-based property management software for landlords, property managers, and tenants. It is a complete online solution to manage residential or rental properties. Landlords can track the rent payments, generate income and expense report, and much more. Property managers, landlords and tenants can connect to their own account to view rental details. It also allows landlords and tenants to send messages regarding maintenance issues. It comes with a free edition and five other paid editions:
Free Editions:

  • 1 free property portal.
  • 1 lease and 1 rent change, etc.

Paid Editions:

  • 1-20 properties.
  • Unlimited leases and rent changes.
  • Upload/Attach files, etc.
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PocketRent is another efficient online property management software for landlords and tenants. It has an option for automatic rent reconciliation, which means it will alert landlord and tenant if a rent has been due or missed. The landlord receives instant alert when rent is paid, whereas the landlords can also send receipt notification of payment to tenants. It also provides automatic invoicing and comprehensive reporting systems making rental management easier for both landlords and tenants. PocketRent offers different versions:
Free Version:

  • 1 free property with multiple units.
  • Alert system, etc.

Paid Versions:

  • 5-50+ properties.
  • Track income and expense, and much more.
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Rentalutions is an online property management tool for landlords. Landlord can find tenants online from different online portals, and collect rents online. It has an option for signing leases or agreements online. It lets you create unlimited listings with photos and details. Tenants can submit multiple service requests and share with landlords. It provides 24/7 free customer supports to landlords. The free version lets you add 1 unit per property. It also offers different plans:
Free Plan:

  • Tenant Screening.
  • Allows digital leases.
  • Online rent collection.
  • Track maintenance and property statistics, etc.

Paid Plans:

  • Add 5-30 units.
  • Syndicated listings.
  • State-specific leases, and much more.
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PropertyVista is another free property management software for property owners. It provides an up-to-date communication platform between property owners and tenants. It has a real-time dashboard which displays income and expense statistics for each property. Landlords can track rent due, lease expiry, etc. and alert the tenant instantly. Advertise property rent vacancies with marketing web page. Landlord can keep track of tenant information like rent paid/due, service request, etc. It has different editions for landlord:
Free Edition:

  • Real-time reporting.
  • Online rent payments.
  • Renters insurance.
  • Lease management, and much more.

Paid Editions:

  • Online lease signing.
  • Automated approvals of renters request.
  • Property websites.
  • In-App messaging, etc.
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