4 Best Free Fax Online Services To Receive Fax Free

Here are some of the best free fax online services to receive fax via email, or directly to your fax account. As we know there are many online free fax services to send fax, but there are only few fax services which lets you receive fax for free. In this article, 4 best free online fax services are listed which you can use to receive free fax from all over the world.

Now receiving fax is not a difficult task anymore because of these online fax services. Receive your fax via email or directly download it from the website for free, instead of using a fax machine.

My Favorite Free Fax Service:

eFax: You can use your free account to receive faxes for free. It provides you a free fax number (for different countries like: USA, Canada, France, India, Germany, etc.) after registration, which can be used to receive faxes for free. It archives all the faxes online, and you can also download fax as PDF file.

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eFax is one of the best online fax by email services, which you can use to receive and send online fax. It provides you a free version to receive faxes for free. The sign up procedure includes: selecting your country, and a free fax number of your own choice from the provided list. The free fax number lets you receive faxes by email for free. You can choose different countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, France, etc. The free fax number can be of any area code, as you will not be able to choose an area code in free account. Any incoming fax to this free fax number will be delivered to your registered email address. You can also download the fax as a PDF file, or forward it to any email address. It archives all of your faxes (incoming and outgoing) online. The free account doesn’t have option to send fax, and the incoming faxes are stored online for a month only. It also provides you 30 days free trial of paid plans. The free trial allows you to send free fax up to 50 pages, and receive fax up to 130 pages. If you use online fax service only to receive faxes, then you can use eFax totally free. It comes with clients for Web, iOS, and Android. It offers free and paid plans:
Free Account:

  • Receive 10 Fax Pages per month.
  • Free fax number
  • No Send Option.
  • No Digital Signature.
  • No Mobile Apps.
  • No Customer Service.

Paid Plans:

  • Supports International faxing.
  • Digital Signature.
  • Encryption.
  • No ads.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Send 150-200 faxes per month.
  • Receive 150-200 faxes per month and much more.


FaxBetter is a free online fax service which lets you receive faxes by email. It provides you a dedicated toll free fax number, using which you will receive all the faxes. The incoming faxes are stored online and can be accessed from the inbox. It offers both free and paid versions with different features and limitations. The free account toll free fax number lets you receive up to 50 pages per month. To keep the free fax number, you need to receive at least 1 fax every 7 days in free account. It stores up to 1000 pages on the website, which can be access later. FaxBetter can be used to send and receive fax, but the free account is limited to receive faxes only. You will not be able to send fax using the free account. The incoming fax is received as a PDF file. Whenever a fax is received, you will get an email notification with a copy of fax. If you want to use additional benefits, then get your account upgraded to premium, where you will be able to send fax to different countries. It will let you send or receive up to 500 pages per month on an upgraded account. It offers two types of account:

Free Account:

  • Dedicated free fax number (receive at least 1 fax every 7 days to keep it).
  • Storage up to 1000 pages.
  • Instant Customer Service.
  • No Activation Fee, etc.

Upgraded Account:

  • Dedicated toll free fax number with no expiry.
  • Send Fax Option.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Toll free Customer Support and much more.


FaxNgo is an online free fax service, using which you can send and receive faxes for free. You can register to free, or paid account. FaxNgo assign you a dedicated free fax number (local or international) for inbound faxes. The free fax number can change over time, and you will be notified through email before that. All inbound faxes are received as PDF files, and also can be downloaded from the website. The incoming faxes are stored online in a cloud location provided by the website for free. The inbound fax is also delivered to your email as PDF attachment. It doesn’t imprint any watermark when it delivers PDF attachment to your registered email. It also allows you to send fax for free to different countries like USA, Canada, UK, etc. It is quite impressive online fax service which lets you send and receive fax for free. It comes with clients for Web, iOS, and Android. The different plans are:

Free Plans:

  • 5 faxes per month (incoming/outgoing combined).
  • Storage up to 100MB
  • No faxes backup.

Paid Plans:

  • 40-2000 faxes per month.
  • Add Signature and Company Stamp.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage.
  • Faxes Backup and so on.


K7.net is an online free inbound fax service which lets you receive fax for free. It assigns you a private free fax number after registration, which you can use to receive faxes. It doesn’t allow you to choose your own area code for the free fax number. When someone sends you a fax to your free fax number, K7 sends that fax as an attachment to your email. All the incoming fax is stored online for 7 days in your mailbox, and also can be downloaded as TIF file. It has a unique feature that lets you receive voicemail for free on your same free fax number. The K7 account and your free fax number will be deactivated if the number doesn’t receives any fax for 30 consecutive days. Your free account mailbox shows details like: number of faxes, fax title, date and time of incoming fax, and size of the fax file. It doesn’t imprint any watermark on the fax pages when delivered to the email. It is a completely free online fax service, and doesn’t offer any paid plans. It also doesn’t have option for sending fax online.

Some advantages of K7.net:

  • Free Account with Private Free Fax Number.
  • Provides Fax by Email Service.
  • No Watermark, or Branding.
  • Choose between email, K7 website or both to receive fax, etc.
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