17 Best Free Registry Backup Software

Here is a list of 17 best free registry backup software. You can easily create a backup of your computer’s registry entries with the help of these software. You can download these software to your Windows PC for free to backup your registry. Some of these software can even handle tasks other than registry backup such as: restoring registry from a backup, registry cleaning, registry repair, de-fragmentation of registry, and much more. Check out this list of best free registry backup software.

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Registry editor

Windows Microsoft has its own tool to create a backup of computer’s registry and it is known as Registry Editor. You can search for it in the start menu. Search for “regedit.exe” in the start menu, or go to Start > type “run”, open the app > type “regedit”, hit OK. The registry editor opens up. Simply go to File tab, and select “Export” to create a backup of Registry on your computer. Select a desired location, and you are good to go, with a .REG backup file.


RegBak is a free Registry backup and restore software. The sole purpose of the software is to create a backup of Registry, and restore it whenever required. When you click on the back-up option, it lets you choose a destination folder to save the backup. It also lets you to view the details of the registry. This Registry backup software is very light, and really easy to use.

RegKey Backup

RegKey is another free tool, which helps you to create a backup of registry. You can also select a specific registry folder to be backed up. There’s also an option to restore the registry. This software provides a shortcut, which directly opens Windows Registry editor.

Registrar registry manager

Registrar Registry Manager is a free software which helps you to manage your computer registry. You can backup your computer’s registry easily with the help of this software. The backup and restore options are available under the File tab. Select a registry folder, and create a backup in a designated folder. There are other registry options available as well, such as defragmentation, comparison, sharing, etc.


Erunt is exclusive software to create registry backup on a desired folder. It has the simplest user interface. You can also select the type of registry you want to create backup of. After selecting the folder, and registry, simply hit Ok, and your backup will be created. The installation comes packaged with other tool, which can help you with restoring the registry.

Mz Registry Backup

Mz Registry Backup is a simple tool, which helps you to manage your computer registry. You can either create a complete backup, or a custom backup of your computer’s registry. Select a destination folder to store the backup and create backup. You can also schedule registry backups like schedule backup for every day, week, month, or for just once. The registry restore option lets you manage and restore the backups that you have created. This software is completely free to use.

Fix Registry

Fix Registry is basically a tool to fix your computer’s registry. Before you start fixing your registry, this software scans the registry and creates a backup of it, in a designated folder. You can change the backup location via settings. If there’s any error you can go ahead the fix the errors. In case anything goes wrong; with the help of restore tool you can restore registry from the backup folder. It is really easy to use and it works every time.

Tweaking.com reg bkup

Tweaking.com Registry Backup is exclusive software to backup registry. Create your computer’s registry backup at any location. You can also use this software to restore from the backup file. Schedule registry backup, and you can also use it to delete old backup file automatically. This is easy to use software and is available for free.

AML Registry Tool

AML Registry Tool is a Registry Manager software, which can handle many registry related operations. One of those options is to create a registry backup, and restoration. You can easily create a backup, and manage it. You can also delete the previous one if you are creating a new back-up, or you can keep a series of backups. Restore your computer’s registry to any available backup-point.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a tool to clean junk Registry files from your computer. It is also capable of creating a full registry backup, or a restore point. The backup option is on the top of the window, and is barely visible, unless you look carefully. Next to the backup option you can see the option to restore from the registry backup. Other tools available on this software are cleaner, system tune-up, and registry defragmentation.

Abexo free Registry Cleaner

Abexo free Registry Cleaner is a simple registry tool available for free. You can create registry backup, cleanup, and undo cleanups (restore). The interface is very neat and easy to understand. Select Registry backup option, to run a backup. After the backup is created you can perform a registry clean up. You can always restore the cleanup if some error occurs.

Eusing Free registry cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a free Registry clean-up tool. You can use this software to scan your computer’s registry, and fix the errors. This software can also be used to create a full registry backup. Go to the File tab and select the option to create full registry backup. Select a destination folder to save the backup. Other options include registry restoration, windows backup, and startup manager.


RegScrub is a free registry cleaner software. It has a dedicated tool to manage registry backup as well. Click on the backup tab, to open a new window with options to create, restore, and manage registry backups. This software scans for registry errors, and automatically creates a registry backup if you are fixing any error.

O&O RegEditor

O&O RegEditor is a free Registry editor for Windows operating system. It carries the same features as Windows’ Registry Editor. You can easily manage your computer’s registry with the help of this software. To create a backup of registry, click export option under File tab. You can save the .REG backup file in any folder. With the help of this software you can also import, and restore your registry backup.


RegMagik is a free software which helps you to access Windows registry. You can navigate through the registry with some advanced tools and options. It also lets you to export your computer’s registry and create a backup as .REG file. You can easily save the registry backup in any desired folder. This software has some advanced search options, to locate difficult to find registry files.

Free Registry Editor

Free Registry Editor is a freeware which lets you manage your computer’s registry. There’s an option to export your computer’s registry as .REG file. This software also lets you import .REG files so that you can restore your computer registry. You can browse through the registry, and also add new key(s), string, or binary values to it. It has a simple layout, and is very easy to use.

Registry Backup Utility

Registry Backup Utility is the simplest backup tool for Windows operating system. It is standalone software, which requires no installation. Just run the program and it automatically starts creating a registry backup, and saves it on the Desktop. Every time you have to create a backup, just run the software, and a backup of your registry will be created. To restore the backup, simply run the .REG file.

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