10 Best Free Task Scheduler Software For Windows

Here are 10 best free task scheduler software. All these task scheduling software let you schedule tasks easily. These job scheduling software are available to be downloaded free for your Windows PC. These system scheduler software have various features, like: run any program/open file/open shortcut etc. at the time you set, can give you alert message before executing the job, can set time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months etc., add multiple tasks to its list, run from system tray, can start with Windows, can shut down your computer at the specified time, and more. You can try these free system scheduler software and find which one you like better.

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System Scheduler

System Scheduler is a free software that lets you schedule you tasks. In other words you can say: you can run any program or open any file at any particular time you set. It helps you to automate your particular actions. You can add events to its list like run application, popup reminder, and window watcher as per your needs. It works from the system tray. It is very lightweight and easy to use application.

Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn is a free and easy to use task scheduling software. It lets you schedule programs, files, and shortcuts to execute at particular time or period. You can add multiple tasks to its list and can set the time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or others according to your need. It minimizes to system tray and runs in the background. You can use it by extracting it to any particular folder. It does not require installation.

Freebyte Task Scheduler

Freebyte Task Scheduler is a free and simple task scheduler software. It lets you schedule programs (run them) for specified time. You can add multiple programs to its list. You can add, delete, or modify tasks according to your needs. It also has an option to execute the tasks prematurely. To use it, you have to minimize it to your taskbar. It does not require installation and can be used as a portable software.


Z-Cron is a free task scheduler software (free for personal use). It lets you do various types of tasks to schedule at particular time (minimum 5 minutes interval for e.g. 12:30, 12:35 etc.). You can open any particular file, a program, or a shortcut at a chosen time. You can also choose from various predefined tasks from Tools. It has various settings for periods. It runs in the background and to stop it you have to use Windows Task Manager to end its process.

Solway's Task Scheduler

Solway’s Task Scheduler is a tiny and easy to use software for task scheduling. It lets you schedule your tasks on your PC easily. You can open programs, files, play music files, run batch files etc. at the time you set. You can add multiple tasks to its list. You can check the option of running it at Windows startup. It minimizes on system tray. You can do other various tasks too by using it.


SwizzTool is a free task scheduling software for Windows. It lets you schedule tasks at particular times. It has reminders also. To use it as a task scheduler you have to first add a new task from its icon in system tray by right clicking on it. You can add files or programs to open. Now in the second part you have to create or set a new alarm with Run Task enabled. Select the task as you added previously in first step and it will execute the specific task at the time you set the alarm.

Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager is a very simple and easy to use task scheduler software. It lets you add, delete, or edit tasks easily. You can choose from various default action types to occur at specified time or you can set your own. You can set the occurrence of the task as per your requirement (for e.g. minutes, hours, days, weekly, once etc.). You can run programs, open files etc. by configuring its tasks.


Process-Timer is a small and simple to use process scheduling software. It lets you add a program or file to its list to execute at the specified time. It can also shut down your computer at the time you set. You can browse for a program or any document file to open at particular time by adding it to its list. It shows the message in the system tray before executing the task. You can set only one task at a time to it.

TimeComX Basic

TimeComX Basic is simple time scheduling software. It lets you schedule tasks like run/open file or application at a particular time. You can create a profile in it so it can be used later. It is good for launching single event for the specified time. To use it for multiple tasks you have to create multiple profiles in its list. You can set the execution time in minutes, hours, days etc. It has various other functions too.

Kana Reminder

Kana Reminder is a simple and easy to use task scheduling software. It lets you schedule run programs or files at the specified time. It has a password option to set for a reminder list. You can add multiple items to its list. It can display a message also at the set time. It sits in the system tray and is easy to configure.

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