14 Best Free VPN Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free VPN Software for Windows. These VPN Software let you browse using free VPN services easily. All these VPN or Virtual Private Network Software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. Some programs can be installed using their installer while others are extensions of Google Chrome and Firefox. All these help you to maintain your privacy against hackers, hide your public IP, unblock websites which are blocked in your country or region, and many more.

My favorite free VPN Software are:

As per my testing “CyberGhost” and “GOMVPN” are the best free VPN Software, as these are lightweight and easy to install. Both are easy to use and understand.

You can also try these best free Internet Booster Software, Remote Access Software, and FTP Software.

Here are the Best Free VPN Software:


CyberGhost is a free VPN service to surf the internet anonymously and privately. You can download and use this software mainly for anonymous browsing. In free mode, it takes time to let you connect to free VPN servers. While using Cyberghost, you can let it choose server of any country, or you can also choose a country of your liking. This VPN software let you choose various countries for browsing, like, Norway, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Ireland, USA, UK, Germany, Romania etc. There are many more countries available, but they are in paid option. Similarly, you can also simulate IP address. In its General Settings, you can check “Automatically start during system startup” button to automatically start the program with Windows. It also has Privacy control setting for controlling Anti Fingerprinting and Content Blocker to keep you anonymous and secure. You can save these settings to a .C5S file for future use.


GOMVPN is a Google Chrome extension which acts as a VPN when browsing websites using Google Chrome web browser. After installing this extension, just click once on its icon near Address Bar for starting it. You can create a free account with it or just use it without logging in on trial basis. It lets you browse restricted or blocked websites without fail. It basically bypasses and unblocks restricted websites in your area.

Apart from being a free VPN extension, there are some other innovative things that GOM provides:

  • VPN software are notorious for slowing down the browsing speed. That’s not the case with GOM. On the contrary, it actually speeds up browsing by using technologies like SPDY and QUIC.
  • GOM encrypt all the traffic, even from the sites that do not support HTTPS. This provides inherent security, and safer browsing experience.
  • GOM also comes with a huge Add Ons library to block or unblock specific websites, or class of websites (like, block Porn).

All in all, GOM is one of the simplest VPN service I tried.


JAP is a Java based free VPN software and is available for almost every operating system. You can surf the internet anonymously by using this free Virtual Private Network software. To use it, first you have to enable Proxy for the web browser you use, and insert the “” in the Proxy and “4001” in the Port field. Now when you run this JAR file, you can choose any VPN service from the list and click Anonymity button in On position to start browsing the internet anonymously. It shows the encrypted data transferred in KByte and Activity on its main interface. This program has various configuration settings and you can modify these settings by clicking Config button at Top Right corner. Some of the settings that you can modify are: User Interface (Language, Font size, Look & Feel, etc.), Network, Anonymity Filter etc. You can even change the above said Port number from the Network configuration. It has servers from Germany, United States, Luxemburg, Canada, Bulgaria, and various other countries to use with this free service.


proXPN is a user account based VPN client. It is based upon Freemium model. First you have to create a free basic account with them. Then after downloading and installation, you can enter your credential details to start the program. The connection time and data transfer is also unlimited in this free basic account but with a speed of 300kbps and one location in the United States. It sits in the system tray and can be made visible by double clicking on its icon. You can use its basic free account for anonymous and encrypted web browsing. It provides anonymous IP addresses to your system.


HIDE.me VPN is a free VPN client for PC. You have to create and activate your free account with them. You can use this VPN software for anonymous web browsing and for bypassing country specific restrictions for watching global TV services like Hulu, BBC, Netflix etc. After running the program, you can type your credential data in it and choose from the desired server from the available server list and click Connect button. The program has various settings like Launch at startup, Remember selected location, VPN protocol and others. It also keeps the connection log.

SoftEther VPN Client

SoftEther VPN client is an easy to use free VPN software. It lets you connect to various free VPN servers for free. You don’t need to create any account for using this free application. After installation, it creates a Virtual Network Adapter in your PC. The program has various settings to use and you can apply the required one as per your need. You can add multiple virtual adapters to the list. Various countries available to connect to VPN servers are: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, France, Poland, India and many more. Overall the program is easy to understand and use.

TOR Browser

Tor Browser helps you in protecting your privacy as well as security. You can surf the internet anonymously and without the country limit. For e.g. you can watch shows over the internet which are blocked in your country or region. It also prevents the websites to get your physical location, like VPN does. It automatically creates a suitable route for you to access the content of region based websites. The program is lightweight and is easy to understand.

ZPN Connect

ZPN Connect is very simple and easy to use VPN Client for Windows. You have to create a free account with them to use this free service. After successful login, you can connect to a limited number of servers in different countries in its free version mode. Your PC will be assigned a new IP for the country you choose. Now you can browse even blocked websites in your area. You can easily maintain your online privacy and anonymity with the help of this free VPN software. The maximum data transfer limit is 10 GB. Various types of general as well as connection related settings can be applied or changed by clicking Settings icon on its interface.

Globus VPN Browser

Globus VPN Browser is a Chromium based web browser which combines the functionality of web browser and VPN in one. After installation, run the program and choose the country for VPN connection and start browsing anonymously. You can watch global TV in this browser even if it is blocked in your country. The program has various useful settings for privacy, like: Block third party sites from setting cookies, Send do not track me requests, Disable offering to save passwords, disable spell check service and many more.

DotVPN — better than VPN

DotVPN-better than VPN is an easy to use Google Chrome extension which lets you browse websites blocked in your country or region. The extension is easy to install and configure. After installing this Chrome extension, you can create a free account from its interface. After logging in, it lets you choose the server from different locations. It has various useful settings like: Bandwidth Saver, AdBlock, Tracking Protection, Block Analytics, Firewall, Crash Reporting and many more. If you want it to start automatically, you can enable “Connect on Start” option from settings. Overall the extension is pretty easy to use and understand.

Unlimited Free VPN - betternet

Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet is a free VPN extension for Google Chrome. It lets you access websites safely and also protect your privacy against hackers. It can unblock any website which is not available in your country or region. The extension is easy to install and use. With just one click you can start it and no user credentials are required to use this free Google Chrome VPN extension.

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is a simple and easy to use VPN client which lets you browse internet anonymously from any location. You can create a free account with it and after successful login you can start browsing the internet. The program sits in the system tray and can be started with Windows. It gives you 500 MB data limit in the free account mode. You can change the region by clicking “Settings” icon. There are various pre-defined countries given in the list and you can choose any of these. Some of the free VPN Servers countries are: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Singapore etc. You don’t need any further setting for your web browser. After starting the service you can watch and surf websites which are country specific, from any location.

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a free VPN software for Windows. It is also available for various other operating systems and devices. You can protect your online identity by using this program. You have to register a free account with them and after verifying your account you can use up to 500 MB of data transfer. Now after downloading and installation, login to the program. Now you can choose from different servers from the drop down list and click Connect to start using it. Also if you need to use this software on iPhone/iPad, Android, Linux, and other OpenVPN compatible clients, you must download a user profile to use on those clients. It has a bookmark feature and you can add more bookmarks to it. If you want to change your account password, then you can use Settings tab.


TunnelBear is simple and easy to use VPN software. You can use this secure AES-256 encrypted service for browsing the internet safely and anonymously. First create a free 500 MB account with them and download the installer. After installation and login to your account, you can surf the internet securely and anonymously. You can try the different servers from the drop down list on its interface. Now you can visit those websites also which are county specific.

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