11 Best Free Satellite Tracking Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free satellite tracking software for Windows. Using these software, you can track desired satellite with respect to a selected ground location in real or non-real time. In many of these software, you can track the Moon and the Sun also. In order to provide easy access to satellites, satellites are divided into many categories. Some of these categories are weather, communication, amateur, navigation, Geo-sync, scientific, etc. These software use TLE file data for satellite tracking and orbit prediction.

They come with attractive map view, and also provide options to customize map as per you choice. Also, many of these software show satellite path and coverage area in 2D and 3D modes. They also let you center the map on observer’s location, Equator Prime Meridian, or on the satellite. Thus, you can analyze the satellite from different viewing angles.

By using any of these software, you can grab information about various satellite parameters. These software help to collect data about satellite’s general information, derived parameters, osculating elements, and orbital parameters. Some parameters are longitude, latitude, altitude, range, azimuth and elevation angle, AOS and LOS, Doppler shift, etc.

In addition to satellite tracking, these software also perform satellite pass prediction and iridium flare prediction. Also, they let you generate these prediction reports and save them in JPG, PNG, BMP, TXT, etc. file formats.

My Favorite Satellite Tracking Software for Windows:

Previsat is my favorite satellite tracker software. It is one of the best free, open source, and cross platform satellite locating software. It provides information about satellite’s orbital elements, osculating elements, and many other parameters. Also, it performs prediction about satellite next pass and iridium flares, and generates report regarding the same.

GPredict is also in my favorite list. Apart from tracking and providing information about satellite, it supports various viewing modes for path visualization from different orientations.

You can also checkout lists of best free Hurricane Tracking Software and Planetarium Software for Windows. Also, you can click here to check out Android app to track international space station and iridium flares.


PreviSat is a cross platform, open source satellite tracking software available for Windows, Linux, and MACOS X. Using this satellite tracker software, you can track satellites in real time, or in manual time mode. This software helps to track a number of satellites mentioned in the list. Some of the satellites that it can track are GLONASS- K 1 and 2, many GPS BIIF and GPS BIIR series satellites, GSAT, INSAT 3D, etc. Also, using its ‘Satellite Information’ menu, you can have some basic information about satellite’s NORAD number, inclination angle, Argument of perigee, RA of ascending node, launch date, orbital category, launching country/organization, etc.

As you specify a reference location and a satellite to track, you can easily visualize the satellite and its path on the world map. It supports world map and sky map view to visualize satellite movement and location.

Using the ‘Main’ menu of this software, you can easily analyze various real time data (as per selected location) related to the selected satellite, such as its latitude, longitude, altitude, range, azimuth and elevation angle, direction of satellite movement i.e. ascending or descending, etc. It also shows the coordinates of Sun and Moon.

Apart from providing position information, it even lets you analyze various Osculating elements based on Keplerian, circular, equatorial, or circular-equatorial parameters. As per selected parameter, it will show information related to apogee, perigee, semi-major axis, eccentricity, inclination, Doppler shift at 100 MHz, free space loss, etc.

You can also perform prediction about orbital events, passes, etc., and generate report for these predictions. Furthermore, you can save these reports in TXT files. It also supports ISS live view, using which you can generate Iridium flare prediction report, and save it in JPG, BMP, or PNG format.


GPREDICT is another free real time satellite tracking software in this list. It lets you track a number of satellites. By using this satellite tracking tool, you can easily access information about longitude, latitude, azimuth and elevation angle, slant range and range rate, satellite footprint, velocity, Doppler shift at 100 MHz, visibility, signal loss and signal delay, orbit number and phase, and many other satellite parameters.

To use this software for satellite tracking purpose, you need to create a module. To do so, you can add the ground station location by easily browsing through continent or country > city. After providing the ground station location, you can specify multiple satellites to track them with reference to that location.

For ease of access, satellites are categorized in various groups, such as GPS Operational, Military, Radar Calibration, Weather Satellite, Geostationary, Engineering, etc. You can choose satellites from these groups, or search satellites by typing their names in ‘Search’ box.

To visualize satellite tracking process, you get many layouts to select from. You can choose world map, table, single satellite, Polar and single satellite, or various combination of these layouts to have desired visual representation. Also, you can specify which parameter you want to see in the selected layout.

It uses TLE file in order to provide prediction about location of earth orbiting satellites. It provides option to update these TLE data either from local files or internet.

In addition to aforementioned features, it even lets you track current and next and future passes of the satellite, and generates detailed report in tabular or graphical (Polar plot and Azimuth vs Elevation angle plot) form. You can also save these reports in TXT format.


HomePlanet is another free satellite tracking software for Windows. It is one of the easiest to use software as you can easily access Satellite related options in separate category. You can easily set observer’s exact location by searching the location from the list of cities.

The satellite tracking option is available in a menu named ‘Satellite’. As you click on it, you get ‘Track Satellite’ option. This software also contains a list of satellites, thus, provides easy access to the desired one. As you choose a satellite from this list, you will be able to see related information. You will have information about satellite launch year and number, latitude, longitude, altitude, orbit number, eccentricity, inclination of orbit, etc. Using this software, you can analyze each satellite individually. Also, it displays the selected satellite on the world map; whose light area denotes day, while the darker area represents night. You get options to choose map image either as NASA visible earth or NOAA-MGG topographic map.

Furthermore, you can have an animation of sun, moon, and satellite movement in free space. Also, it lets you check out information about sun/moon position, position of other planets, orrery, etc. Apart from that, you will also get multiple viewing options to view earth from sun (day side), moon, night side, above observatory, etc.


WXtrack is next in this list of best free satellite tracking software for PC. Using this software, you can track satellites in real time or manual time mode.

To use this satellite tracker freeware, first of all, you need to complete required setup. This setup process includes specifying satellites to track them from the list of active satellites, setting up location details and map meridian, etc. Once you are done with these settings, you can switch to ‘World Map’ menu. Now, you can see all satellites in the world map, which were selected during setup process. To get details about an individual satellite, you can select it from the list available at the bottom of the interface.

Similar to other listed software, it also shows you basic satellite information, such as azimuth angle, latitude, longitude, range of the satellite, altitude, signal loss, Doppler shift, etc. Also, you can visualize the entire coverage range of the satellite in the map.

In addition to satellite tracking, this software also performs satellite orbit and pass prediction. You can also generate images for these predictions, and save these images in JPG or BMP format.

There are various viewing options available in this software. These options help to get Radar plot, analyze Kepler data for selected satellite, rise and set time for Moon and Sun, etc. That’s all about some interesting features of this free satellite locator software.


GorbTrack is another free satellite tracker software for PC. Like other listed software, it also gives information about selected satellite in the world map view. It can perform satellite tracking in both real time and manual time modes.

You don’t need to bother about how to use it. As you open this software, you will find a list of satellites at the left side of the interface. It provides an ease of access to satellite selection. You can choose single satellite at a time, and the relative data will be shown on the interface. It provides satellite related information in four categories: General satellite information, Dynamic data, Observed data, and Reported data. Under these categories, you will have information about latitude, longitude, altitude, azimuth angle, inclination angle, NORAD number, range, polarization, and a lot more satellite related information.

It comes with a default location setup to start satellite tracking with respect to that location. It also provides option to add more locations using the internet, but the link it provides to download files to add more locations didn’t work during testing.

Apart from satellite tracking, you can also use this software for analysis of Clark Belt, Sundial, HA (Hour Angle) map, Elev (elevation) map, etc.


jSatTrak is also a free satellite tracking software. It lets you have simulation of satellite movement in free space in real time, and also in non-real time too.

This software lists out a number of satellites in various categories, such as communication, navigation, scientific, miscellaneous, weather and earth research, etc. You can choose a satellite from these categories to have its simulation, and track it.

From the ‘Utilities’ menu, you can access ‘Tracking tools’ option, using which you can add ground station from all across the world. Now, it will show information about azimuth, elevation angle, and range of the selected satellite as per specified ground station. Additionally, you can generate polar plot, and have pass prediction with respect to the ground station.

In order to provide better simulation, it uses world map and traces satellite’s path on the map along with its coverage area. Also, you can one by one choose multiple satellites to track them and have real or non-real time simulation of their paths.


SatPC32ISS is another one of free satellite locating software. Using this software, you can easily access information about a number of satellites in real or non-real time. To provide easy access to satellites, they are categorized in various classes, such as Amateur, NASA, GEO, Weather, etc. Once you have chosen a satellite from any of these classes, it will show information related to that particular satellite. From the bottom of the interface, you can have information about various satellite parameters, such as azimuth and elevation angle, height, range, orbit, AOS, LOS, etc. You can also check out satellite’s uplink and downlink frequencies.

It also has three Doppler correction modes to perform Doppler correction on Downlink, Uplink, or Downlink+Uplink.

The demo version of this software is free of cost, but with only limitation that user’s QTH coordinates can’t be stored in the main program. So, you need to enter these coordinates each time at the starting of the program.


SATBUSTER is also an alternative to real time satellite tracking software for Windows. This software comes with preloaded TLE files of various satellites groups, such as globster, intelset, iridium, monaliya, etc. These TLE files are helpful in providing approximate satellite position.

As in other aforementioned software, it also provides basic information about satellite’s latitude, longitude, elevation and azimuth angle, height, range, apogee, perigee orbit number, etc.

It supports multiple viewing modes to provide better visualization of the satellite path. You can choose from rectangular map, orthographic map, shadow and grid mode, local sky mode, etc. modes.

It also consist of a satellite database, using which you can have information about satellite’s general information, it’s derived parameters, orbital parameters, and TLE set.

Beside tracking satellites, it also lets you have satellite pass prediction for selected time and satellite.

DESA Satellite Tracker

DESA Satellite Tracker is another good free satellite location finder software. It is one of the easiest to use satellite tracker software in this list. You just need to select satellite(s) from the list, and add it to the tracking list. Now, satellites will be visible on the world map along with trace of their paths.

You can one by one select a satellite from the list of currently tracking satellites to checkout information about it. This software provides a handful information about the selected satellite, such as latitude, longitude, altitude, etc. Along with the satellite’s basic information, it also provides external link to get detailed information about desired satellite. Apart from that, it facilitates you with the lookup information for chosen monitoring station.

In order to use this software, you need to update the satellite data using respective option.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking is a free app for Windows 10 to track satellites. In this app, satellites are categorized in amateur, brightest, communication, geo-sync, navigation, scientific, etc. classes. Thus, you can easily find a satellite to track by looking for it in these categories. As you select a satellite, it will be displayed in free space over the globe, along with the graphical representation of its coverage range and orbit.

From the top of the interface, you can grab some important information about the satellite, such as its current location, azimuth angle, elevation angle, next rise, etc.

It supports multiple viewing styles in 2D and 3D modes, such as road, aerial, terrain, etc. Also, you can center the map on Satellite, Equator Prime Meridian, or User to get view from desired direction. You can also customize the map view by selecting/deselecting items such as Sun Footprint, Date line, Equator, Geosynchronous satellites, etc. to appear in the map.

Satellite Explorer

Satellite Explorer is another free Windows 10 app for real time satellite tracking. The interface of this app is quite intuitive that you can easily understand how to initiate satellite tracking.

In this app, satellites are categorized in four satellite groups. These groups are Amateur, Stations, Cubesat, and Resource. As you specify the group, you can select a particular satellite from that category, using Set name option. Now, the real time satellite tracking data is displayed on its interface. You get information about Azimuth and Elevation angle, range, AOS wait, latitude, longitude, altitude, etc.

As the satellite tracking takes place with respect to a location on the earth, so you need to specify a particular location for reference. To do so, it provides you three options, namely, AutoLocate, Use Latitude-Longitude, and Use Grid.

You can add the satellite in your favorite list to keep track of your favorite satellite. Also, it lets you create Waitlist for satellites, which helps to monitor wait time until next visible pass and length and maximum elevation of the pass.

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