7 Best Free Portable Calendar Software for Windows

Here is a list of the best free portable calendar software for Windows. If you are looking for portable calendar software then this list can help. It covers 7 free calendar applications offering various features.

All these applications are small in size and can be run from a USB drive without installation. The list ranges from a bare simple calendar software to a multi-purpose calendar offering daily notes, events, reminders, contacts, etc. These applications show all your data in the calendar view. Some of them also let you customize the calendar view at your convenience. In some cases, you can also pick the data format in which these programs save your calendar data. I covered a brief introduction of these portable calendar programs with main highlights. You can check them out yourself and pick one that fulfills your needs.

My Favorite Portable Calendar Software

qOrganizer is my favorite portable calendar software on this list. This calendar program packs lots of features into a small portable package and can run in the background. It supports notes, daily journals, events, and to-do lists. You can set up the calendar view to see your notes, events, and to-do lists. Since it can run in the background, it can deliver reminders for upcoming and scheduled events. Additionally, it offers timetable sheets and attendance booklets. And, you can pick the format in which you want this program to save the data.

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qOrganizer is a free portable calendar software for Windows. This is a multi-purpose calendar that packs lots of features in a small size. It is basically a general organizer with the calendar, reminders, schedules, notes, journal, and to-do list. Users can create entries of all these items for any specific data and time.  With the search option, it allows searching through every entry in the journal and in the schedules. This calendar also has a timetable feature that can be useful for students. It also offers a booklet that can be used for marks and attendance.


  • Multi-purpose Calendar
  • Create Schedules and Reminders
  • To-do Lists
  • Text Journal
  • Timetable and Booklets for Attendance
  • Support 14 Languages
  • Store Data in TXT, SQL Lite, or MySQL format

UK's Calendar

UK’s Calendar is a free portable calendar software for Windows. This is a nice program to organize dates and tasks with reminders of upcoming events. It offers several views to show dates, appointments, etc. on a calendar sheet. The program can run in the background and shows reminders of events. It also features event templates. With templates, users can easily create different types of events and track them all in the calendar view.


  • Simple Calendar
  • Event Management with Templates
  • Task Management
  • Create Reminder for Events
  • Export to XML and HTML

Ultimate Calendar

Ultimate Calendar is another free portable calendar software for Windows. This is a multi-language calendar supporting holidays from dozens of countries. It comes with built-in event management and notes. It can also create reminders for events. The calendar supports multiple views. This program also has plugins that add additional functionality such as Sun and Moon Display, Julian Dates, etc.


  • Calendar View
  • Events Management
  • Notes
  • Plugins Support with Sun and Moon Displays, Julian Dates
  • Multi-language Support
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and formats BMP, RTF, TXT


Sunbird is another free portable calendar software for Windows. This portable calendar is used to be maintained by Mozilla. It is built on the same technology as the Firefox web browser. It is a simple calendar to keep events and tasks up to date. This application has a big calendar view and shows events on top. Side to that, it shows months and dates along with tasks. With that, it can easily manage calendar events and tasks.


  • Simple Calendar
  • Events Management
  • Tasks Management

Portable Calendar3

Portable Calendar3 is a free portable calendar software for Windows. This portable program allows users to track personal notes in a simple calendar. Users can create notes for specific dates and this program shows them in the calendar view. It also supports tasks. Users can add and schedule tasks for specific dates and get a reminder for the same.


  • Calendar View
  • Add Notes
  • Tasks Scheduler with Reminders

CSC Calendar

CSC Calendar is a free portable calendar software for Windows. This is a simple calendar application. It is written in Java language. This calendar offers a minimal interface with a proper calendar view. It supports appointments and contacts. Users can add and manage their appointments along with contacts.


  • Simple Calendar
  • Add and Manage Appointments
  • Add Contacts

My Calendar Diary

My Calendar Diary is yet another free portable calendar software for Windows. This program is a diary with a calendar. For each date, it allows users to add notes. This can also be used as a daily journal. It shows the calendar view on the left and keeps the most screen area for the note. The calendar view highlights the dates with notes. This is a decent calendar program for daily notes and journals.


  • Simple Calendar
  • Add Daily Notes
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