4 Best Free ART File Viewer Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free ART File Viewer Software for Windows. ART is an embroidery file format mainly used by BERNINA machines to create and save embroidery designs and patterns. Using these free software, you can view and analyze embroidery designs stored in ART file format. Other than ART files, you can also view other embroidery files including ARX, .PES, PEC, EMD, HUS, SHV, SEW, GNC, VIP, XXX, EXP, DST, and more.

You can find all important viewing tools in these ART file viewers. The most common viewing features that you can find in these are Zoom, Rotate, Pan, Mirror, and Measure. In these, you can also find tools to customize embroidery view, like view needle points, view stitches, show grid, show rulers & guides, show hoops, customize thread colors, view design properties, etc. A handy Slow Redraw feature is also offered by these software which plays stitch drawing process as an animation at customized speed. Additionally, you can also export ART file to other supported file formats in some of these.

All in all, these are feature rich ART file viewers which come with essential plus some advanced embroidery related utility tools that you can use as per your requirement. Go through the list to know more about these software.

My Favorite Free ART File Viewer Software for Windows:

BERNINA ARTLink is my favorite software as it is a powerful embroidery file viewer which provides a variety of design visualization tools.

You can also try OESD .ARTsizer which is a simple and user friendly embroidery software that lets you view and convert ART files.

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BERNINA ARTLink is a free ART file viewer software for Windows. It is primarily designed to view and edit embroidery designs. For this purpose, it supports a wide number of embroidery file formats. Apart from ART, it lets you view embroidery designs present in file formats including PES, ARX, PEC, EMD, GNC, SHV, VIP, SEW, XXX, DST, etc. You can find all standard plus some advanced viewing tools to visualize ART files in it. Let’s checkout its main features.

Key Features:

  • It provides Artistic View and other view modes to visualize ART embroidery.
  • In it, you can find all basic but essential visualization tools to view ART file, e.g., zoom, rotate, pan, previous view, show grid, show rulers & guides, show needle points, show hoops, etc.
  • It also offers a measuring tool that helps you measure length and angle in imported ART embroidery file.
  • Apart from main embroidery design, you can also view properties of designs such as design name, embroidery summary (author, title, comment, etc.), fabric type, fabric name, stitches, colors, required stabilizer, number of threads, thread colors, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a very useful tool called Slow Redraw that basically plays the animation of step by step process of whole embroidery design and stitching. While doing so, you can adjust various parameters of animation and use options such as stitch range and animation speed, reverse animation, auto scroll, etc.
  • It also lets you you read or write designs from/ to various embroidery machines.
  • You can also export ART file to other supported output file formats.


It is one of the best free ART file viewer in which you can find various handy tools to visualize embroidery designs in multiple embroidery file formats.

Wilcom TrueSizer

Wilcom TrueSizer is another free ART file viewer for Windows. It is a nice embroidery software that lets you view, edit, and convert various embroidery files. It supports ART and a lot more other major embroidery file formats. Some of its supported embroidery file formats include PES, EMX, EMB, INPPEC, EXPPCS, DST, DSN, etc. You can look forward to nice view tools in it. Lets check them out.

Key Features:

  • It provides various modes to visualize ART embroidery in a customized view, such as TrueView (view original design), Show Stitches (view only stitch points), Needle Point (view only needle points), and a few more.
  • It lets you rotate, skew, mirror, pan, or zoom embroidery design to analyze it from different angle and directions.
  • You can also view outlines, starting point, ending point, and needle points of the ART embroidery pattern.
  • Besides the primary design, you can also view information of imported ART file, e.g., number of stitches, color of threads, design area, total thread in length, design height, design width, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a Stitch Player that shows the pattern which will be used by machine to stitch the embroidery design. You can customize animation speed to do so.
  • You also get some basic embroidery modification features in it, such as thread color customization, resize embroidery design, etc.
  • It also lets you convert ART file to other supported embroidery formats using its save as function.


There are some features that are not provided in this free version. You can enjoy more advanced embroidery related tools in its pro version that you can buy from its official website.


It is a nice free embroidery viewer, editor, and converter that you can use to visualize embroidery designs in ART and various other file formats.

OESD .ARTsizer

OESD .ARTsizer is one more free ART file viewer for Windows. It is a dedicated software that lets you view, convert, and manage your embroidery files. Apart from ART, it supports a good number of embroidery files, such as ARX, .PES, PEC, EMD, HUS, SHV, SEW, EXP, DST, and more. It provides a lot of useful embroidery viewing tools. You can check them out below.

Main Features:

  • It lets you rotate, mirror, and resize embroidery design saved in source ART file.
  • It provides various handy Zoom features to magnify embroidery design such as Zoom Factor, Zoom In 2x, etc.
  • You can view only needle points in embroidery design as well as visualize embroidery in artistic view mode.
  • It lets you center current stitch in the embroidery.
  • You can also enable/ disable hoop and grid in embroidery.
  • It also provides a measure tool to measure length in embroidery pattern.
  • You can also view embroidery design properties including main information such as design name, version, stitches, colors, ART grade, thread colors, embroidery summary, etc.
  • You can also customize thread colors used in embroidery.

Additional Features:

  • You can find Redraw and Slow Redraw features which you can use to play animation of stitching process with customizable speed.
  • It provides save as feature that you can use to convert ART embroidery file to any other supported export format.
  • You can read and write embroidery designs from embroidery machines.


It is another nice and straightforward ART file viewer through which you can also convert ART file to other formats.


Embrilliance is yet another free ART file viewer for Windows and Mac. It lets you view embroidery designs saved in ART and various other files. It supports different versions of ART file including ART42, ART50, and ART60. Some other supported input file formats by this software include DST, DSZ, EMB, EMD, EXP, PES, HUS, JEF, PCS, PHB, SEW, SHV, and VIP. You can find all necessary tools in it that enables you view and analyze ART embroideries properly. Let’s checkout its main visualization tools.

Key Features:

  • It lets you view ART embroidery by customizing properties of thread and colors from Properties panel.
  • You can also browse through different objects that are used in imported ART embroidery file. For that, use its Objects panel.
  • It provides a handy 3D tool to visualize embroidery design in 3D view mode.
  • You can also zoom in/ out the embroidery design.
  • Some other view features of this software include metric grid, ghost mode, draw hoop, and more.

Additional Features:

It offers some additional features through which you can insert a lettering design and combine designs from its library.


In this free version of Embrilliance, you will face some feature restrictions like save function is disabled, etc. If you want to unlock all its features, purchase the pro version of this software.


It is a clean and intuitive ART file viewer using which you can view embroidery designs in various other file formats.

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