7 Best free Broken Image Checker Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free broken image checker software for Windows. These software are used to find out broken images and links present in a website. To do that, you only need to provide the URL link of a website. After getting the URL link, these software start analyzing each and every link present on a website and determine which links are working fine and which are not. After the analysis, these image link checkers show broken image links along with unbroken links on their interfaces. To differentiate between broken and unbroken links, most software mark broken links as red and unbroken links as green. A status is also attached with links that shows status of broken image such as Not Available, Not Found, BadGateway, etc.

In these software, you can also check individual links by entering and analyzing one image link at a time. The speed of analyzing and finding out broken images is pretty fast in all software. However, some image checkers have an upper limit on the number of links which they can analyze. The result of analysis provided by these freeware can be saved in HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV, etc. formats.

My Favorite Broken Image Checker Software For Windows:

Fast Link Checker Lite is my favorite software because it quickly finds out all broken images of an entire website. Plus, it marks broken and unbroken image links with different colors that help you quickly identify the broken image links. Besides this, it also has a dedicated Broken link tab from where you can view additional information related to broken images.

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Fast Link Checker Lite

Fast Link Checker Lite is a free broken image checker software for Windows. It is a simple and straightforward broken image and link checker software through which you can find out all broken images and links of a website. By submitting the URL link of the main page of a website, you can start the analyzing process. During the analysis, you can view broken and unbroken links on the Processing Sections of this software. Broken images and links are marked in red color and have a status like Gone, Not found, Not Allowed, etc. All unbroken links are marked in blue or green have a status like Ok, Move Permanently, etc. At the bottom part of its interface, you can view important statistics namely number of broken links, processed links, unique links, and the number of links found.

This software also has a dedicated Broken links tab that shows only broken images and links with information like Link Error, Parent Page URL, Line of the Error, etc. The Broken link result provided by this software can be exported as HTML file.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth is another free and portable broken image checker software for Windows. This software helps you identify broken links of images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, etc. In it, you can either enter a list of links as an HTML file or enter individual links for the analysis. After submitting the links, just press OK to start the analysis. After the analysis, it shows all links on its interface with not found status (for broken image links) and OK (for good links). Besides this, a complete link analysis report is also shown by this software in the default browser. In the complete result, you can view broken links ordered by links, ordered by pages, list of redirected URL’s, list of valid internal URL links, broken page local links, etc. The analysis result which is shown on its interface can be saved locally as XEN file and exported as TXT file.

This software also provides various handy features like Include/Exclude (it allows you to exclude or include certain predefined links from the analysis), Parallel Threads (this option lets you vary the number of threads to use during the analysis), Email (to automatically send email to its user when broken link gets detected), etc.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is yet another free broken image checker software for Windows. This software is mainly used as a website crawler in order to find out key onsite elements of a website. However, finding out broken links and images of a whole website is also pretty easy using it.

To find out broken images of a website, first, enter the URL link of a website in the URL field and press the Start button. After the analysis, it shows you a list of all broken and unbroken images in the Images section. Plus, broken links of images, image format (PNG, JPG, TIF, etc.), and Size of Image are also available on the image section. Along with broken images, you can also find out internal broken and unbroken links, external broken and unbroken links, link protocols, page titles, meta keyword, etc. from respective sections. Each of the available sections also lets you individually export the section wise result in CSV and XLS file formats.

This software also prepares various important reports like Canonical error report, Crawl overview report, Redirect chain report, etc. which you can also export. Plus, it can also integrate popular analytics API’s like Google Analytics, Majestic, Ahrefs, etc. to its interface.

Note: This free version of Screaming Frog SEO Spider can analyze up to 500 URL links of a website. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

Website Analyzer

Website Analyzer is another free and portable broken image checker software for Windows. Using this software, you can check both broken images and links of a whole website at once. To check broken images of a website, you just need to enter the URL link of a website in its Analyze field and need to press the Analyze button to start the analysis. The speed of analysis is quite fast in this software, hence you don’t need to wait for too long to get the result.

After the analysis, you can view a complete list of links present in your website. Along with each link, a Response field (OK, Bad Gateway, Not Found, etc.) is also attached that indicates whether a link is OK or broken. If the Response field shows OK or found, then it means the image link is not broken. However, if status shows not found or bad gateway, then that means image or link is broken. Along with the response field, it shows Type (to indicate whether the link is of image, text, or video) and Parent (it contains the parent URL links of analyzed links) fields. Apart from analyzing the whole website, you can also enter and analyze the individual image and page links.


LinkChecker is a free and open source broken image checker software for Windows. This software is used to find out all broken links and images of a website just by submitting the URL of the main page to this software. It uses advanced techniques like recursive and multithreaded checking that allow this software to quickly find out all the broken images and links of a website.

After the analysis, this freeware shows all the broken images and links on its interface along with errors that each broken image link possesses. Plus, a number of valid links and warnings are also provided by it on its interface. If you want to know more about each individual invalid link, then just select one link at a time to view information like Parent URL, Check Time, Size, etc. Besides this, you also get some additional features in it such as Proxy Support, Username/Password Authorization, Colored Output, Cookies Support, and more. The final result that this software provides can be saved as HTML, TXT, XML, CSV, and LCP files.

Broken Image Checker

Broken Image Checker is a free broken image checker plugin for WordPress. Using it, you can find out whether articles of your WordPress based website has broken featured image or not. Before using it, you need to first add this plugin to your WordPress account. You can also download WordPress desktop client to test this plugin before actually installing it to your WordPress account.

This plugin adds a Broken Image Checker tool to the left side toolbar of the WordPress. By accessing this tool, you can immediately view all the posts with broken featured images. Along with the Post Names, it also shows Post Status (Published, Draft, Pending, etc.), Post Date, Post Type, and Message (it shows broken image error). This plugin can only be used to check the broken featured images of WordPress based websites which is the main drawback of this plugin.


broken-link-checker is a free and open source command line based broken image checker software for Windows. In terms of its working, it is quite similar to its GUI based counterparts, which can find broken images and links of a whole website. However, it is comparatively harder to use due to the lack of interface.

To use this software, you need to have node.js installed in your system. Now, to install this software, open the command prompt and write npm install broken-link-checker -g command and press the enter button. After the installation, you can input URL links of websites or individual Image links to find out whether they are fine or broken. To input and check URL links, you need to write a command similar to this, blc https://www.abc.com -ro; just replace the https://www.abc.com with the URL link of your website and press Enter. As soon as you hit the enter button, it starts analyzing the entered link. After the analysis, you can view links start with either Green OK (it indicates unbroken image link) or Red Broken texts (it indicates image link is broken). With each broken image, an error message like HTTP_undefined, HTTP_404, ERRNO_ENOTFOUND, etc. is also attached to give an insight into the broken image.

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