10 Best Free CDG Player Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free CDG player software for Windows. CDG files contain karaoke graphics, lyrics, and audio. Some of the CDG files also come with an associated audio file for high-quality audio. The main problem with CDG files is that it cannot be played in common media players. Hence, I have created this list of CDG players through which you can play and enjoy karaoke music. In terms of working, these software are quite similar to standard media players through which you can play, jump to next or previous tracks, play/pause audio, control volume, etc. Plus, in some CDG players, you can also create and maintain playlists.

In these players, you also get various karaoke specific features like Synchronization (to synchronize and audio with lyrics), Pitch Changer, Tempo Controller, etc. Most of these CDG karaoke players can also play popular audio and video formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV, MP4, AVI, etc. Besides these, some handy features like online library of karaoke songs, dual screen mode, media streamer, etc. are also present. Go through the list to know more about these CDG players.

My Favorite CDG Player Software For Windows:

KaraFun Player is my favorite software because it contains all essential CDG player features like synchronize, tempo changer, etc. Plus, two advanced features namely online library of karaoke songs and dual screen support are also provided by it.

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KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is a free CDG player software for Windows. In it, you can play CDG karaoke file with karaoke graphics and lyrics. Not just locally stored CDG karaoke file but online karaoke files can also be played using its inbuilt media streaming service. Along with CDG, you can also play audio and video files of various formats such as MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, etc.

This CDG player also provides standard media player features like playlist maker, queue, seek bar, audio settings, etc. However, some specific features for CDG karaoke files such as Temo (to change the audio playback speed), Key (to adjust frames of graphics), Synchronize (to synchronize karaoke graphics with the audio), etc., are also present in it. This software also supports multiple screen systems and provides a dedicated dual screen feature to play CDG content on two screens at a time. Overall, it is a very good player to play CDG and popular media files.

KaraokeMedia Home

KaraokeMedia Home is another free CDG player software for Windows. In this software, you can play CDG files which are used to store karaoke lyrics, graphics, and audio. Not just playing CDG files, but it also lets you record your audio and video with the karaoke lyrics. While playing the CDG files, you can change the audio key tone and add audio effects like applause, laughter, booing, etc., using Key and Effects menus, respectively.

This freeware can also be used as a standard audio player, as it supports audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, MP2, etc. Additionally, it also offers essential audio player features including audio queue, playlist, and media controls (play/pause, next/previous track, etc.). It also offers an online music store from where you can quickly download and listen to karaoke songs.

Note: Some of the advanced features of this software like second monitor, download of premium content, etc., are locked. To unlock all of its features, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.


Walaoke is another free CDG player software for Windows. Using this software, you can convert your PC into a karaoke player as it lets you play CDG file with lyrics, audio, and background graphics. In addition to that, you can also add custom graphics or video as background without making any changes to the lyrics. If you want to make changes to the lyrics properties (font, size, and color of the lyrics), then use its Setup menu. Along with CDG, it supports WMA and MP3 audio and some popular video formats.

The user interface of this software is quite simple that provides an ideal environment to play karaoke. All essential options like Play, Pause, Next Track, Stop, etc., are available in it. A handy songs location feature is also present in it that allows you to centralize CDG and other media files contained in different folders. In general, it is another simple and easy to use CDG karaoke player.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a popular and open source media player software for Windows. It is known to play media files of almost any media format. The CDG format is no different as it can also play CDG files with ease. However, unlike other dedicated karaoke CDG players, it treats CDG and its associated audio file as separate. By dropping CDG and associated audio file one by one on its interface, you can play all three attributes of CDG file (graphics, lyrics, and audio) together.

As a media player, it also provides various handy features like support for playlists of various formats such as M3U, M3U8, HTML, and XSPF. Plus, some basic but essential tools to play media files including Play/Pause Buttons, Next and Previous songs buttons, Loop (to play one song or a list of songs continuously), and Random (to play songs in a random manner) are also present. A really handy 10 Band Audio Equalizer is also available through which you can easily adjust audio parameters. Plus, it also contains advanced features like Online Video Streamer, Sound Booster, Track Synchronizer, etc.

Karaoke Builder Player

Karaoke Builder Player is the next free CDG player software for Windows. It is a simple and straightforward CDG player in which you can quickly add and play CDG files. It works just like other CDG players which play audio, show graphics, and lyrics on its interface. It is basically a very simple virtual karaoke software in which you can play karaoke songs and sing with it. Some adjustments in audio parameters like pitch, balance, and speed of audio can also be made through this software. It is also quite similar to a standard audio player in which you can play common audio formats such as mp3, wav, wma, etc. Plus, it contains all standard audio player features like volume controller, seek bar, media controllers (stop, play, pause, etc.), etc. Apart from all the features, its straightforward nature and simple interface make it ideal for novice users.

Winlive Free Player

Winlive Free Player is the next free CDG player software for Windows. You can also refer to it as the karaoke player as it is specifically designed to play karaoke content. Plus, two karaoke specific features namely Karaoke Tempo Changer and Key Changer are also provided by it. It also offers CDG file management features in form of Database (to centralize all CDG files present in different folders in one place) and Playlists (to create and manage multiple playlists of CDG, mp3, and other supported files).

In this software, you can also get dedicated tools for MIDI files including guitar tuner, virtual piano, and mixer to make changes on MIDI audio. Along with importing and playing the CDG and other supported files, it also offers online music library from where you can stream as well as download songs.


OpenKJ is a free and open source CDG player software for Windows. This software is mainly used as a karaoke hosting software through which you can accept incoming requests and host karaoke songs for other users. It is also quite good to play and enjoy karaoke songs for personal use.

In order to play or host karaoke music, first, you need to add all CDG files containing directories to its database. The other method to add songs is its import feature that lets you import the whole playlist of the M3U format. After that, update the database from its Karaoke > Manage Karaoke DB section to view all the added songs to its interface. Now, to play the karaoke CDG files, drop files from the add added songs list to the playlist section present in the right bottom corner and double-click on it to play the song. In case the metadata of the added CDG song doesn’t have any singer name, then that song will not add to the playlist section. On its CDG player section, you get basic play/pause, stop, seek bar, etc., features. Plus, dedicated karaoke features namely tempo and key changer are also present in it.

In this CDG player, you can find more handy features like Playlist Exporter, Break Music (to cut or split the audio), Export Regulars (to export songs information as XML document), Equalizer, Sing Book Generator, and more.


KantoPlayer is yet another free karaoke player in which you can play media files of various formats like AVI, WMV, MPG, MKA, MKV, etc. including CDG. In it, you can also play MIDI files and use MIDI microphone to record voice. A full-fledged recording section is also provided by it that allows you to make changes on the recording parameters like input volume, echo, reverb, mic delay, etc. The main advantage of having the support for the external MIDI device is that you can record your voice with base karaoke music. You can use its Live Performance Section to record your voice with karaoke music.

As a karaoke player, you can play the original lyrics and audio of the CDG file, but it replaces the original graphics with its own background. However, options to manually change the background, lyrics, size, font, etc., are provided by it. Plus, standard Key Changer, Tempo Changer, and Playlist Manager are also available in it.

Note: In this free version of Kanto Player, you will face limitations like disabled dual screen mode, recording limit to 1 minute, limit of up to 5 songs per playlist, etc. In order to remove all the limitations, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

Karaoke 5 - Lite

Karaoke 5 – Lite is a free karaoke player that can play files of popular karaoke CDG format. It is capable of playing all three parts of cdg files (audio, lyrics, and graphics) together in a synchronous manner. In it, you don’t get many features, still, its ability to perform real-time management of playlists, mixing, and crossfading between tracks can come in handy for both professionals and novice users. In it, it is quite easy to add and play files as it supports drag and drop input method. Along with CDG, you can also easily add audio and video files of popular formats just by dropping them to its interface at a time. Overall, it is a simple karaoke player in which you can play CDG as well as common media files.


PyKaraoke is yet another free karaoke player that can play CDG files. It is one of the most basic CDG players that you can find. In it, you can only add, play, and create playlists of CDG files. Still, it plays all three elements of CDG file namely audio, graphics, and lyrics with ease. Along with CDG, it can also play files of KAR, MIDI, MPG, MPEG, and AVI formats.

To play CDG files through this software, first, you need to add CDG files to its database by going to Files > Add new songs to the database. After adding songs, go to its internal search bar and search for the name of an added song. After getting the desired song, just double-click on it to play CDG file. Once the file starts to play, you cannot pause it or move to forward or previous tracks as it does not have basic media control options. The only media controller features that you get in it are the volume controller and playlist starter. In general, it is not an ideal CDG player as it lacks various features including the basic media controls.

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