17 Best Free AMR Player Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free AMR player software for Windows. AMR or Adaptive Multi-Rate is an audio format which is used to compress and store voice recordings. It is much more efficient at storing speech and voices when compared to other common formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, etc. However, the is not supported by every audio or media player. Hence, I have compiled a list of software which support this format and can be used as AMR players.

These AMR players act just like a standard audio or media players where you can play audio and video files. In all of these software, you can play audio files of various formats like AMR, AAC, WMA, MP3, AIFF, MP3, and more. Some of these players can also play video files of many formats. All AMR players provide standard playback options such as Play/ Pause buttons, Next/Previous songs buttons, Seekbar, etc. Plus, in these software, you also get tools like Equalizer to modify audio parameters according to your liking. Overall, all of these software are simple and easy to use AMR player software.

My Favorite AMR Player Software For Windows:

VLC Player is my favorite software because it can play almost all audio and video formats including AMR. Plus, it has all essential features along with some audio enhancing tools (Equalizer, Compressor, etc.).

You can also check out lists of best free M3U PlayerAC3 Player, and Portable Video Player software for Windows.

VLC Player

VLC Player is a very popular and open source media player software for Windows. It can also be used as an AMR player software. This player can play AMR audio along with a lot of audio and video formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and more. Plus, audio and video streaming can also be done in this software. In it, you can add multiple AMR files in a queue and also save the whole queue as a playlist of various playlist formats like M3U, M3U8, HTML, and XSPF playlists.

This AMR player provides all the basic but essential tools to play AMR audio files including Play/Pause Buttons, Next and Previous songs buttons to switch songs, Loop (to play one song or a list of songs continuously), and Random (to play songs in a random manner). A really handy 10 Band Audio Equalizer is also available through which you easily adjust audio parameters.

In VLC player, you can also find some advanced features like Video Metadata Editor, Sound Booster, Track Synchronizer, etc.

GOM Player

GOM Player is another popular media player which can also be used as an AMR player. In it, you can easily add and play AMR audio files. You can also make a playlist of AMR files and save that playlist in ASX playlist format. Beside AMR format, it supports many other audio and video formats like mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .flac, .wav, .wma, .rma , .alac, .avi, .divx, .ogm, .mkv, .mp4, .k3g, .ifo, .ts, .asf, .wmv, etc.

Its player section is pretty simple which has all essential tools like Play/ Pause, Stop, Forward, Backward Buttons, Volume Controller, etc. A control panel menu is also present that contains tools like Audio Equalizer (to tweak the quality of audio), Video Settings (to adjust video parameters), Subtitle (to add subtitles to a video), Control (to change audio playback speed and to repeat a section of a audio).

Overall, it is another good audio player that can play AMR files without any problem.


KMPlayer is the next free AMR player software for Windows. In this player, you can play both audio and video files of many formats like AMR, WAV, MP2, MP3, AAC, MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc. In it, you can also play online audio and video files just by providing their URL’s. At a time, multiple AMR files can be added to this software. When you add multiple files to it, a playlist is automatically formed that you can export as ASX, KPL, M3U, and PLS playlist files.

This software provides all standard audio player features namely, Play/pause buttons, Previous/Forward audio buttons, and Stop button on the main interface. Plus, a settings menu with 10-band audio equalizer, Audio genre presets, Audio effects, etc. to tweak audio parameters are also available.

Real Player

RealPlayer is another free media player with AMR audio playing capability. This AMR player can easily play AMR audio files without much hassle. In it, you can also create a playlist of multiple audio files, but you cannot export it. Besides playlist, you can also manage Albums, Stories, Photos, and videos through it.

In order to play standard audio or AMR files, it provides a standard set of playback tools like Play/Pause button, Previous button, Next button along with a handy volume controller that can also boost audio. However, it does not provide any option to tweak audio parameters.

This player also offers many interesting features, namely: Web Video Browser, CD/DVD Burn Tool, Online Video Downloader, Cloud Support (to save Playlist, Library, etc. on the cloud), etc. Plus, its ability to play various media formats is also impressive like AMR, AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, FLV, MPEG, MOV, MP4, and more.


MPC-HC is a completely free AMR player software for Windows. Like many other AMR players, it can also play both audio and video files of multiple formats like AMR, MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. While playing an AMR or any other audio file, you can easily increase or decrease the audio speed, go to forward or previous songs, and stop or pause the song. Plus, you can also create playlists which you can later export in .mpcpl, .pls, .m3u, and .asx formats.

This software has one interesting feature named as After Playback using which you can set a task that will automatically execute immediately after the end of a song. Tasks that you can set after playback are, Play next file in the folder, Exit, Turn off monitor, Standby, Hibernate, Shutdown, Log off, and Lock. Now, if you go into its settings, then you can find a lot more configurable options (Audio Switcher, Audio Renderer, etc.).


BS.Player is yet another free AMR player software for Windows. This software is perfectly capable of playing AMR audio files. Besides AMR, it supports various popular Audio (MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, WMA, etc.), and Video Formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.). In it, you can play a single song or create a playlist by adding and playing multiple songs sequentially. You can also save or export the playlist as BSplayer playlist.

Its easy to use interface and presence of all common tools (Play, Pause, forward, previous, fast forward, etc.) on the main interface simplifies the overall song listening experience. Still, if you want to tweak some audio parameters to enhance audio output, then use its inbuilt audio equalizer.

This software also contains some handy features named as online radio (which lets you listen as well as download music through it), podcast (to listen to audio version of various shows and discussions), etc. Online TV is also available, but it didn’t work during testing.


FFMPEG is a free console based AMR player software for Windows. Along with playing the AMR audio, it can also be used to play audio and video files of almost any format. Plus, all types of video and audio related tasks like video conversion, audio conversion, audio editing, video editing, etc. can also be performed using it. However, you need to know about various FFMPEG commands to perform the desired task.

How to play AMR audio using FFMPEG:

In order to play an AMR audio, you need to first write the path of ffplay.exe. After that, put a space and enter -i and then submit the path of AMR audio file under double quotes and press the Enter button to play. Your command will look like this:

ffplay.exe -i "C:\Users\LISTOFFREEWARE_AUDIO.amr".

As soon as you submit the command, AMR file will open up in a separate window with very minimal visual (see full screenshot). Through this window, you can also jump between the songs by clicking on its interface.

Max Tray Player

Max Tray Player is a completely free AMR audio player software for Windows. According to its name, it is present on the taskbar and lets you listen to music while you work on other applications. Three important buttons are always present on its compact taskbar interface namely Play/Pause button, My media (to quickly access your media files), and Show Player (to open full interface of this software). From its full interface, you can play AMR files just like its compact version. But, its full version also lets you create a playlist that you can export to three playlist formats: M3U, M3U8, and PLS.

In this audio player, you can manually tweak audio parameters by using it’s 10-bands audio Equalizer and Crossfading features. You can also use predefined audio presets (Bass, Loudness, treble, etc.) if you do not want to fine tune audio manually. Overall, it is a small and simple AMR player which support various audio formats like FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP3, MPC, M4A, ALAC, APE, and more.


Audacious is a free and open source audio player software for Windows. This player can also be used as an AMR player. It also supports many other audio formats like MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, ALAC, WAVE, M3U, XML, PLS, etc. In it, you get a drag and drop functionality to quickly drop and play audio files. Plus, an internal search option to search for artists or albums from the entire music library along with the option to create a custom playlist are present as well.

It provides all essential song playback and navigation tools on its interface. Still, a dedicated Playback menu is also available that also has standard tools along with some handy tools like Shuffle, Repeat, Jump to time, jump to song, etc. Other menus provided by this software are Playlist (to manage, import, and export playlist), Effects (it provides equalizer and Audio Effect tools to tweak audio), and Services (to add more plugins and to directly play audio from CD or to add audio to CD).

3nity Media Player

3nity Media Player is another completely free AMR player software. In this software, you can play AMR files along with many other audio and video formats. Plus, options to connect and listen to Icecast Radio and play online audio and video songs are also present. This software comes with various inbuilt codecs like MPEG-2, H.264, DivX, MPEG-4, MKV, WebM, WMV, etc. Hence, you don’t need external codecs to play any type of audio or video file. Some of the common media formats that it can play are MP3, MP2, AAC, AIFF, WAV, WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.

The interface of this software is quite simple that has all common Play/Pause, Next, Previous buttons, Volume Controller, etc. options. Its interface also contains some handy options like Playlist (to create and save the playlist as M3U format), Equalizer (to change audio parameters according to your liking), and Settings (to adjust video parameters).

AVS Media Player

AVS Media Player is a free media player software that can also play AMR audio files. This software has a very minimalistic interface which has only standard Playback tools along with Playlist and Preferences menu. By using the Playlist menu, you can add songs to a playlist, create multiple playlists, and save the playlist in M3U and PLS formats. Through Preferences menu, you can enable/disable Playlist settings (Repeat Playlist, Shuffle Playlist, etc.), change speaker environment (1/0 mono, 2/0 stereo, 2/2 Quadro, 3/4 surround, etc.), change the number of supported audio and output format files, etc.

Overall, it is another easy to use, free AMR player that can play many audio and video formats such as AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, APE, AVI, 3GP, MP4, FLV, and more.

Full Player

Full Player is another free media player which can play AMR files along with various Audio and video formats. It can also be considered as a very powerful utility as it comes with 470 built-in media codecs. Hence, you do not need to worry about the media file before playing it in this software. Some of the media formats that it supports are AMR, AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4, 3GP, AVI, VOB, XVID, etc.

In this software, you can easily play, navigate, and stop AMR audio files. According to your liking, you can also modify audio parameters using the inbuilt Equalizer, Audio settings, and Channel Controller. Apart from audio settings, various video related features like Video Color Enhancer, Subtitle Downloader, Subtitle Matcher, 3D video Mode, etc. are also present.


JetAudio is a features rich AMR player software for Windows. This software cannot only play AMR files, but it can also be used to perform tasks like DVD Ripping, Audio Conversion, Audio Recording, DVD burning, Downloading online videos and audios, etc. It also lets you create playlists, watch videos, and listen to songs.

This software is divided into four parts namely Internet Content, Music Store, Playlist, and Internet Radio. Options such as volume, play, mute, next, previous, record, etc. are available at the bottom of the window. An audio equalizer with various presets (Jazz, Rock, heavy, Bass, etc.) is also available to enhance audio quality.

In this software, you can also play audio of many other formats like AC3MP3, OGG, WMA, and more.


Vizaudio is another free console based AMR player software for Windows. In this software, you can play audio of a lot of formats like AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, MP2, etc. including AMR. Apart from playing the audio files, it does not perform any other task.

To play the AMR audio, first, enter the path of vizaudio.exe file and then put a space and lastly, put the path of AMR file inside double quotes and press Enter button to play it. The actual command will look this: vizaudio.exe "C:\Users\listoffreeware_audio.amr". Along with the audio, a separate window will also open up which show you visualization in logarithmic frequency scale with musical notes. Three basic functions namely go to next song, Hide Console Window, and Quit can also be performed by pressing the Down Arrow key, H key, and Esc key respectively.

Command Line MP3 Player

Command Line MP3 Player is a free and open source MP3 player software for Windows. As its name implies, it is mainly used to play MP3 files but I was also able to play AMR, WAV, WMA audio files with this sofwtare. In this console based software, you need to enter the right command to play the audio. The command to play the AMR file is pretty straightforward.

  • First, enter the path of cmdmp3.exe, then put a space and enter the patch of AMR file under double quotes. After that, press the Enter Button to play the file.
  • The final command will look similar to this commandcmdmp3.exe "C:\User\LISTOFFREEWARE_AUDIO.amr".

Any kind of song navigation or other audio options are not available in it. Its sole task is to just play the AMR and other supported audio files.

AMR Player

AMR Player is a free AMR player software for Windows. Through this software, you can play AMR audio files of both AMR-NB and AMR-WB format. Some media conversion features are also present in it, using which you can convert AMR to MP3, AMR to WAV, MP3 to AMR, and WAV to AMR. Besides playing AMR audio and performing the audio conversion, it does not possess any other feature.

IQMango Player

IQMango Player is the next free AMR player software for Windows. This player guarantees a smooth playback of AMR and various other audio and video formats such as AAC, MP3, AIFFAVI, DivX, WMV, FLV, MPEG4, etc. In it, you don’t need to install any additional codecs to play media. However, lack of common features (playlist) and any kind of configurable settings like Audio Settings, Video Settings, etc. are major drawbacks of this software. The only features that you get in it are the basic Play/pause button, Next/ forward buttons, Shuffle Buttons, and Volume Controller.

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