6 Best Free Chord Finder Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free chord finder software for Windows. These freeware can be used by music learners in order to identify chords for a specific set of notes and chord types.

A chord (in music) is a combination of notes that are arranged in a harmony of sound. It is one of the key elements which is required to be understood to produce music.

These free chord identifier software let you find chords of different types, such as Major, Minor, 7th Chords, Augmented, Diminished, Dominant Chords, Inverted Chords, etc. Many of these let you identify chords by using a fretboard. You can also play chord progressions in a few of these freeware. Some of these software also display chord diagrams which can be saved. Other than that, these software provide a lot more tools to enhance music knowledge and skills. These tools like guitar tuner, metronome, scale builder, scale analyzer, find scale, find music key, chord builder, etc.

These software are useful for the ones who want to learn music theory. The beginners can understand and find chords which help them enhance music skills.

My Favorite Chord Finder Software for Windows:

Guitar and Bass is a nice software if you want a music theory software. Other than Chord Finder, it comes with a lot more tools enhance music skills. Chord Finder (by Thomas Furman) is also good as you can learn about various types of chords in it.

You may also like some best free Music Key Finder Software, BPM Calculator Software, and Music Theory Software for Windows.

Guitar and Bass

Guitar and Bass is a free software to learn instruments guitar, banjo, mandolin, etc. It can be used as a chord finder software as it provides a dedicated tool for that. You can access its Chord Finder feature from its Tools menu. Using this tool, you can find chords with respect to specified notes. Basically, it finds out the chords which are build using the notes you entered in the text box. It shows chord info and respective notes. Besides this, it comes with a Chord Builder tool as well. This tool helps you understand notes that build a chord on the fretboard. You can select the root and chord type as well as set fretboard to Banjo (4/5 string), Bass Guitar (4/5 string), Guitar (6/7 string), or Mandolin. It also lets you set interval to form new chords. You can play the chords and print the fretboard image.

Apart from above mentioned features, you get tools like Tuner, Metronome, Jam Band, Key Finder, Scale Builder, Scale Analyzer, etc. This software acts as a music theory software. You can find a lot of exercises in it which help you assess your music understanding.

All in all, it is a nice software for music learners to find chords and do a lot more. In case you are not able to understand a particular feature, you can open its help book and learn about that feature.

Chord Finder (by Thomas Furman)

Chord Finder (by Thomas Furman) is another free chord finder software for Windows. Using it, you can learn about various types of chords. It provides various options on the screen which are:

  • Chord Symbol: As you select a chord type (major, minor, suspended, augmented, diminished, etc.), it displays its symbol.
  • Major/Minor: This option takes you to the window where you can learn basic chords.
  • 7th Type Chords: From here, you can view and learn different kinds of 7th chords such as Major 7th, Minor 7th, Minor 7th (b5), etc.
  • Inversions: This option lets you find inverted chords of types like Major 6th, minor 6th, 7th, minor 7th (b5), etc.
  • Augmented and Diminished: As the name suggests, you can view augmented and diminished chords such as Dominant 7th (#5), Dominant 9th (#5), Dominant 7th (b9) (#5), Half Diminished, etc.
  • Suspended – Add Chords: You can view different suspended and add chords, such as Suspended 2nd, Suspended 4th, Add 9th, Major 6th Add 9th, etc.
  • Major/ Minor Extensions: It lets you find major and minor extensions of types like Major 9th, minor 9th, minor 9th (#7), etc.
  • Dominant Chords: Here, you can find dominant chords of various types like Dominant 7th, Dominant 9th, Dominant 11th, Dominant 13th, etc.
  • Chord Progression: This option lets you play chord progressions like ii–V–I, minor ii–V–I, I–IV–V, etc.

For each of above chords, you can select root note, chord type, and form and click on Strum Me button to display respective chord. You can print the displayed chord.

Before viewing chords, you can select Reading Chord Diagrams option to understand chord diagrams. It also contains a feature explaining how to make partial chords.

Note: It is a dated software designed for previous versions of Windows but still, it serves the purpose of identifying chords.

Guitar Chord Finder

Guitar Chord Finder, as the name suggests, is the next free chord finder software for Windows. It also calculates voicing for a chosen chord. The number of chord voicings calculated can be seen on the interface.

You can find chords based on various parameters. These parameters include root note, chord type, tones, melody note, bass, number of frets, on/off doubling tones, melody string, muting patterns, and interval filters. After specifying these parameters, you can click on the Find button to identify chord. It also shows a guitar chord representation on the screen.

This is another good software to identify chords. It is helpful for guitar players who are beginners or even experienced.

Nut Chords

Nut Chords is a free portable chord finder software for Windows. In this software, you can select root, basic tuning, and chord types to identify chord and its inversion. It builds a chord diagram too. You can even toggle between fretboard and keyboard views.

Other than finding chord, it can also be used to identify scale. For that, you have to switch mode by using the dedicated button. For finding scale, it lets you set root note, scale type, and basic tuning.

RA Chord Hunter

RA Chord Hunter is another free chord finder software on this list. It is a nice software for guitarists for learning chords. From its Chord tab, you can easily find chord by selecting chord root, chord type, and bass. As mentioned in this software, it contains 30 chord types with multiple variations of each. It displays chord diagram on the interface which can be copied to the clipboard. Other than that, it lets you play and listen to the chord.

It also comes with a guitar tuning feature and a key transposer.

Songo Free Chord Finder

Songo Free Chord Finder is a free chord finder app for Windows 10. It is basically used for finding chord progression which is done by classifying chords of the same key together. It contains 12 keys including D Major / B minor, Eb MAJOR / C Minor, E MAJOR / C# minor, etc., to play and which eventually help to create songs.

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