5 Best Free Music Key Finder Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free music key finder software for Windows. These software are useful for music enthusiasts and DJs to find song key which helps in understanding notes, melody, chord, and harmony of the song. Most of these software detect song key in real time using different algorithms. If a song track already contains key in its metadata, some software also show that. You can even write song key in the metadata information of a song in many of these software. To import songs, these software supports MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, WMA, etc.

Apart from finding music key, almost all of them detect song’s BPM too. Additionally, information like beat intensity, replay gain, artist, title, genre, etc., are also shown in these software. Many of these provide handy music tag editor feature to write or edit metadata information of a song.

My favorite Music Key Finder Software for Windows:

I liked KeyFinder the most as it is a dedicated software which can find song key as well as lets you write the fetched key information to the song. Rapid Evolution is another good software to find music key, BPM, replay gain, and beat intensity.

Also, you may like some best free BPM Calculator Software, Rap Beat Maker Software, and DJ Software for Windows.


KeyFinder is a free open source music key finder software for Windows and Mac. It is a dedicated software to find music key to understand the scale and harmony of a song.

How to find song key using this free software:

  • Firstly, drag and drop the audio/songs on its interface whose key you want to determine. As you do that, you will be able to see songs’ basic metadata like title, artist, album, comment, etc. If the song contains key information in its metadata field, it displays that in different tag column.
  • In order to find song key in real time, select all or some songs and hit the Run Batch Analysis button. You will then be able to view detected music key on the interface.
  • You can also perform detailed analysis with a graph by right-clicking on a song. The graph shows a piano keyboard along with mapping of the data to musical notes. You can select a chromagram color to view the graph.
  • It also lets you write the detected key to the song’s metadata.

You can edit some preferences including musical range (starting frequency, number of octaves, etc.), spectral analysis, segmentation, etc.

It is a portable music key finder software, so you can use it without actually installing it on your system.

Rapid Evolution

Rapid Evolution is another nice song key finder software on this list. Apart from song key, it can also detect BPMBeat Intensity, and Replay Gain of a music track. Plus, it can be used to add metadata tags to songs.

How to find music key in this free software:

  • First, add one or multiple songs using its Import feature. It supports a lot of music formats to import such as MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, APE, MPC, etc.
  • From the interface, select the songs to find their key, right click on them, and click on Detect > Key option. As soon as you do that, it starts song key estimation and after the detection is completed, you can view respective song key on the interface. You can tag detected music key to corresponding song’s metadata.

From Options > Settings, you can customize some preferences including Detection Settings. For key detection, you can enable/disable ‘detect start and end key‘ and ‘detect advanced key‘ options, and also, you can customize the percentage audio sample to process. Other configurations to set up include library settings, data mining settings, similarity settings, etc. You can also play a song in its inbuilt media player.


Mixxx is an open source DJ software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be your another alternative to find song key. As you import your music library, it displays metadata of song which include Song Key too (see above screenshot). You can also view song key at the top of the deck. Apart from song key, it can also detect and show BPM of a song. You can view a lot of other metadata information like artist, title, album, genre, comment, etc. To view and edit detailed song properties, right click on a song.

This software provides a lot of handy tools which include change BPM, change cover art, etc. To know its capabilities in terms of a DJ software, check this article.


VirtualDJ is a featured DJ software for Windows and Mac. It can also be used as a music key finder software. To simply use it to detect song key, import your local music collection. After that, select a song and it will display its metadata information in a side panel (as shown in above screenshot). The metadata includes BPM, Genre, Year, Title, etc., along with Song Key. If it doesn’t display the song key, you can right-click on a song and use Analyze for BPM etc option. It will detect song key and show that to you in the Key field.

It provides a handy Tag Editor to edit metadata of a song. So, you can write detected song key to the song’s information. Other than that, it provides additional tools like BPM Editor, POIs Editor, Track Cleaner, Video Editor, etc.

Guitar and Bass

Guitar and Bass is one more music key finder software for Windows. It is different than other mentioned software on this list. It doesn’t show key of a particular song, but it can be used to find music key with respect to chords it belongs to. For this, you can use Tools menu > Key Finder option. You can enter a chord and it will display a list of keys to which the chord relate to.

Guitar and Bass is basically a software to learn instruments including guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin. You can find a lot of tools which help you learn music. For example, Tuner, Metronome, Chord Finder, etc. You can find various exercises in it like scales, keys, ear training, etc.

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