7 Best Free Rap Beat Maker Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free Rap Beat Maker software for Windows. These software provide all the essential tools to make rap beats. In these software you also get various instrumental sounds, such as: drum, guitar, piano, horn, trumpet, etc. which you can use to create rap beats. They also offer various key signatures, time signatures, chords, voices, clefs, rests, staves, etc. for enhancing the sound of rap beats.  You can also vary the intensity and tone of each instrument to design the beats in any way you want.

This list consists of various type of music maker software to create rap beats. Some of these software provide Music Sheet to create beats, while some provide Piano pattern to make beats. Both these ways provide enough flexibility to make and control the intensity of rap beats. In addition to that, some of these software also provide internal Mixer to mix and enhance beats.

To insert music, these software let you use Virtual Keyboard, MIDI devices, and Mouse Cursor. Options like: zoom in/out, beat player, bpm meter, loop playback, etc., are present, which make it easy to create rap beats. Created rap beats can be exported in various formats (like MIDI, etc.).

My Favorite Rap Beat Maker Software:

LMMS is one of the best free rap beat maker available in this list. It has a good collection of instrument sounds to make rap beats. Also, a wide array of tools help you modify and create beat sounds. The interface has been designed to compose beats without much hassle.

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LMMS is a free and open source Rap Beat Maker software for Windows. It can also be used to create different types of music, as it contains a very good collection of tools and instruments. This beat maker provides two editors to make beats, namely, Beat+Base Line Editor and Song Editor. Among these editors, you can use “Beat+Base Line Editor” to specifically create rap beats as it provides automatic loop after the last beat.

To create beats, try to choose instruments with high bass values, like drum kit (Kicker), or you can also download external plugins to add more beat related sounds. You can add sound instruments to this editor and make beats by clicking on piano roll. After making Rap Beats, the project can be saved as LMMS project (.mmpz, .mmp), or you can export audio as WAV file.

The Song Editor is good to make beats according to timeline. But, it misses the beat loop option. Tools like Tempo BPM meter, Controller Rack, FX Mixer, Automation editor, etc. are also available, which further enhances the music making capabilities of LMMS.

Various Instrument Plugins are also available to generate sounds of various instruments, such as: Kicker, Mallet, Monstro, Organic, etc. Plus, features, like BPM meter and Time Signal display are also present to provide necessary information.

ACID Xpress

ACID Xpress is a free music creation software for Windows. Along with music, you can also make Rap Beats by using its large library of instruments. Plus, essential rap beat making tools, like Beat Loop option, Drum pattern, and Base line are also available.

This software also provides a virtual Piano to make new tones or beats. This virtual piano can be used to add sound of all available instruments. Now, if you want to add each note by yourself, then you can use Inline MIDI editing tool. This software also lets you add external MIDI instruments to create Beats in real time.

After making the beats, you can save them as MP3, WMV, or WMA format. OR you can also save beats as ACID project file.

On the interface of this software, you get many handy features such as Soft Synth Properties (to set voices, channels, Instrument sound), Mixer (to mix and enhance beats), Explorer (to add beats from PC), Track Properties (to set output settings and clip pool settings).

You also get a Track Editor with Timeline on which you can add various instrument sounds. Not just that, you can also add Audio Track, MIDI Track, Time Marker, Region to enhance the functionality of Track Editor.

Note: In this free version you can only use 8 tracks at a time and option to add external plugins is also disabled.

Music Maker

Music Maker is a really good music making software for Windows. It can also be used to create good rap beats. Various important tools to create good rap beats such as Audio Loop and High Bass Instruments (Drums, Bass PitchDrop, Rolling Boom etc.) are also available in this software. Not just that, an Editing Rack is also present, which is used to add sounds of various instruments simultaneously to make more immersive rap beats. But in this free version of Music Maker, you can only add up to 8 Instruments on editing rack at a time.

In this software, you can also make custom rap beats by using Virtual Piano and Drum Kit Panel. Plus, you can also enhance beats by using Master Effects menu that contains tools named Echo, Limiter, Compressor, Reverb, and 10 Band Equalizer. Three feature rich instrument plugins named Concert Grand LE, Revolta 2, and Vita Synth are also available. These plugins are used to fine tune beats as they contain features like:  pitch, delay, speed, filter, mixer, step sequencer, master tune, panorama, etc.

After creating the rap beats, you can export it in various format namely: WAV, OGG, and WMV.


AudioTool is another free music making software that can also compose good rap beats. This software is ideal for creating beats as it contains dedicated beat making tools, like Beatbox 8, Beatbox 9, and Baseline. These tools contain old styled knob and buttons for tuning and creating beats. In these tools, you also get various instrument sounds (Bassdrum, snare, clap, cowbell, etc.) to create beats based on these sounds. Not just that, an automatic beat loop player is also present to help you create good rap beats.

To create beats, first, you have to add various important tools on the tool panel. Now, join all added instruments using virtual wiring to hear output. Here, you can also add various other tools (synth, effect, mixer, etc.) to enhance rap beats. After instrument setup, you can start making rap beats.

This rap beat maker also lets you hear beats in real time by using its internal music player. Apart from that, various other important features such as: Sample Browser (contains predefined beats), Time Control (to change BPM, time signature), Transport (to playback, record and enable timeline loop), Add Track (to add note, pattern, automation, and audio tracks), are also available to help you create good rap beats.


Hydrogen is actually a drum beat maker software for Windows and Linux. It can also be used to create rap beats on your PC. You can easily add, create, mix, compose, and record beats using this software. It comes with an easy to use and intuitive interface.

It offers a simple Pattern Editor to create rap beats. Here, you can make beats by selecting different notes (b, a#, g#, c, f, etc.) of various available instruments (Kick, Stick, Snare jazz, Tom Mid, etc.) by using cursor. This simple process of making beats makes this software one of the simplest Rap Beat maker.

Its Mixer tool can be used to enhance beats, which provides dedicated options for each individual sounds. To analyse beats, you get tools like Music/Beat Player and BPM monitor.

There is also an Instrument Rack present on the right side of Pattern Editor. This Instrument Rack contains Instrument Panel and a Sound Library. In Instrument Rack, you get options to modify Pitch, Resonance, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Layers, etc. In Sound Library, you will find some extra sound beats, which you can add on the existing sound list.

In this software, you can also view and edit Note Properties, such as Velocity (it shows how hard the note is being played), Pan (it tells how loud it will be on left/right output), Lead/Lag (it is used to introduce lead and lag on the beat), NoteKey (it is used to introduce piano notes).

The beats which you create using this rap beat maker can be exported as MIDI files.

Musink Lite

Musink Lite is another free Rap Beat Maker software. It allows beginners as well as professionals to create rap beats. This software provides music sheet to add beats of different musical instruments (Drums, Guitar, Piano, Slap Bass, etc.) on it. It also provides various music related symbols and signatures, like: Key Signatures (to modify the pitch of the notes that follow), Time Signatures (to establish the number of Beats), Dynamics (to indicate the volume of a musical lines), Clef (to define the pitch range of staff), etc. It also allows you to export created beats as MIDI files.

How to make RAP Beats using Musink Lite:

  • To make beats, start a new project.
  • Fill information, like: project name, number of voices, time signatures, number of bars, staves, etc.
  • Add instruments from MIDI instruments menu.
  • Select various musical notes, tuplets, grace notes, etc. from the Toolbar and add them on the music sheet to make beats.
  • Listen to the created beats for confirmation.

There are various other tools and options that you can explore to create amazing beats in Musink.

Finale NotePad

Finale NotePad is a music composer software, which lets you compose music on sheets. It can also be used to create rap beats on PC. Beats and music are composed here using notations. This software is fairly simple to use, as all the necessary tools are available on its toolbar to create beats. It offers various musical instruments, such as: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Guitar, Synth Pad, etc., to make rap beats.

Before creating rap beats, first you have to add various instrument sounds, then add parameters, such as: Time Signature (c, c#), Key Signature (A minor, F sharp Minor), Staves, etc. After that, you can put various notes (half note, quarter note, 16th note, 32nd notes, etc.) and Rests (half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest 16th rest, etc.) on the music sheet to create beats. You can divide beats into different number of equal sub divisions using the Tuplet tool. In addition to it, other important tools like: Smart shape tool, Articulation Tool, Expression Tool, and Repeat Tool are also present to help you make good and refined beats.

This Rap Beat Maker provides a beat player to listen to beats during or after making beats. It also lets you save beats as Finale Notation File (.mus) and MIDI file (.mid).

Note: In this free version, you can use up to 8 instruments at a time. To overcome this limitation, you have to buy its paid version.

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