17 Best Free Chrome Cleaner Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Chrome Cleaner Software For Windows. These software help you with keeping Google Chrome clean from junk files and by clearing disc space on your computer. These software to clean Chrome also prove themselves helpful when Chrome browser is running really slow or behaves unusual because of unwanted toolbars, extensions, etc. Cleaning Chrome can turn out to be a good habit as it keeps your favorite browser safe and secure. You do not want your browser to crash, show unwanted ads, display unnecessary toolbars, and open unexpected startup pages. So, its very important you clean Chrome with the help of any of these Chrome cleaner from time to time. These software for cleaning Chrome can also clear out browser history, cookies, cache, saved passwords, form filling data, and much more.

If your Chrome is crashing or displaying unwanted ads and you want to Clean Chrome without restoring it, then you have landed on the right page. Go through the list of best free Chrome cleaner freeware, and know how to clean Chrome without uninstalling it.

My Favorite Chrome Cleaner Software:

I choose Chrome Cleanup Tool as my favorite tool for cleaning Chrome. It is developed by Google, the developers of Chrome. It is a very simple tool as it automatically detects and cleans unwanted stuff from Chrome.

You can also checkout the list of best free Registry CleanerTemp File Cleaner, and Registry Backup Software.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool is a free Chrome cleaner by Google. This freeware scans your computer for harmful software which can cause damage to Google Chrome. These problems may include: browser crash, ads, toolbars, unexpected startup pages, and anything else that may cause trouble with browsing in Chrome.

As soon as you install this Chrome cleaner, it starts searching for harmful software. If any threat is detected, the tool removes it and informs that the threat is removed. If no such software is found, it displays the same.

Avast Browser Cleanup

Avast Browser Cleanup is a free browser cleaner which can be used to clean Chrome. As you install and run this software, it detects all the browser installed on your computer. New tabs are created on its interface for each browser detected. These tabs display the add-ons and extensions added to the browsers in their respective tabs. The Remove options helps you to remove add-ons individually. Other options let you Reset Browser Settings and Exclude Add-ons with good rating.

Apart from Google Chrome, this browser cleaner also detects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and their extensions.

Auslogics Browser Care

Auslogics Browser Care provides free Chrome cleaning for your computer. The interface is user friendly and lets you manage Homepage, Search Engine, Tool Bars, Extensions, and Browsing Data easily. Select single or multiple extensions and tool bars to disable or delete them. You will also find a Restore default browser settings option. Clear temporary browsing data, such as: cache, history, cookies, login data, etc. If Google Chrome is connected to your Google account, then this Chrome cleaner will not let you change settings.

This browser cleaner detects other browsers installed on your PC, and lets you manage and clean them through their tabs.


Cookienator is a dedicated cookie cleaner for your computer. It scans your browsers including Chrome for cookies and removes all of them which may or may not posses threat by sharing your browsing data. So, whenever you remove cookies with this Chrome cleaner, you will appear as a new person to the websites which track your browsing data.

Scan your computer and click on Clean Now to clear the cookies. You can also schedule a scan and clean every day, week, or month. Cookienator detects and cleans cookie data from the following software: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Flash local storage.


Wipe is a free computer cleaner which you can use to clean Chrome. When you run this software, it begins scanning your computer for useless junk. After the scan is complete, the interface displays total space taken by unwanted files in bytes. Now click on Details button to view the distribution of junk files among Browsers, Windows files, Registry files, etc. You can either select all junk files or select just one section to be cleaned. To clean Chrome, click on the main check box of Chrome section to select all the Chrome junk files, then click Delete. You can also choose to select a single or multiple files under single or multiple sections.

Under Chrome and Internet Explorer sections you can select and clean Cache, Cookies, History, Session storage, etc.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a free utility for computer maintenance which can be used for cleaning Chrome. To clean Chrome, click on the Browser Assistant option on the main interface. The tool opens in a new pop-up window. It displays the browser you want to clean on the bottom left corner of the window. Select the Chrome icon if you want the Chrome cleaner to be active. Here you can disable or remove the following: PlugIns, Extensions, Search Engines, Histories, Cookies, and Start Pages. You can also clean other browsers if you want.

Glary Utilities provides a bunch of useful tools other than Chrome cleaner. These tools include: Disc cleanup & repair, Startup manager, Registry repair, Disc space analyzer, Uninstall manager, and many more.


FCleaner is another good chrome cleaner just like Glary Utilities. Apart from computer cleanup, it also provides browser cleanup options. The left panel lets you clean your computer through 3 sections: Windows, Browsers, and Application Plugins. Click on Browser Tab to view the browser options for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and SeaMonkey. Under each browser you can select Internet Cache, Internet Cookies,Internet History, and Saved Passwords. After selecting the options to scan, click on Analyze. Click on Run Cleaner to clean the selected junk data. Click on Statistics to view the log.

Cleaner, Uninstaller, Startup manager, System restore, Schedule Task, and many more system utility tools are available on FCleaner.


CCleaner is an amazing software for system cleanup and can be used for cleaning Chrome. There are two different tools in CCleaner to clean Chrome.

  • The first one is a simple cleaner. Click on the Cleaner tab, go to Applications to view Google Chrome cleaning options. There you can select to clean Cache, History, Cookies, Download History, Session, Form Info, Passwords, and Compact Database. Here you can select and run cleaner on Chrome and other applications simultaneously.
  • The second Chrome Cleaner tool lets you clean its plugins/extensions. Go to the Tools tab, click on Browser Plugins, then select Google Chrome. Here you can view the list of extensions added to Google Chrome. Select a single or multiple extensions to Enable, Disable, or Delete them.

CCleaner is an extensive software to manage and clean your computer with a number of tools. The Cleaner tool lets you clean Windows junk as well as junk from other applications. You can even scan and fix Windows Registry through CCleaner. Other tools include: Uninstall manager, Startup manager, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate Finder, System restore, etc.

Free Window Sweeper

Free Window Sweeper lets you clean traces of your internet and computer activity. The Cleaner Setting on the left panel of interface lets you select browser and Windows options to analyze and clean. The Chrome cleaner option lets you select temp internet files, cookies, URL history, stored passwords, download history, and session. You can select any single or multiple options to analyze. After selecting the options, click on Test to begin analyzing for Chrome cleanup. The result is displayed on the interface with the number of files and items that will be removed. Click on Clean to clean Chrome.

You can also analyze and clean Internet Explorer, Windows, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Office, Instant Messengers, etc. through this cleaner software.


BleachBit scans your computer for useless files through Windows system and other programs, which includes browsers. To clean Chrome, go to the left panel and select the Google Chrome options which you want to clean or you can use this Chrome cleaner to clean Chrome entirely. Once you select the options, you can click Preview to view the temp files and the disc space that will be cleared. Click Clean option to clear off the temp files which include Chrome cache, cookies, DOM storage, form history, history, passwords, search engines, sessions, etc.

Perform a Deep Scan, clear Flash, clean Internet Explorer, clean System files, and many more.


ClearProg is a free Chrome cleaning software for Windows. Including Chrome, it can also clean other browsers and software which create temporary and junk files. Click on Google Chrome in the list of programs to view options to clean: Cookies, Cache, History, Typed URLs, and Download List. Other browsers included in this browser cleaner are: Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and Mozilla. You can also add a folder manually to look for junk files and then cleanup. Select the Logfile option to create log of the scan and cleanup.


JetClean also provides system cleaning just like above listed software. To clean Chrome go to the Apps Clean section and select the Chrome options that you want to clean: internet cache, history, cookies, saved form info, saved passwords, etc. Click on Scan Now to begin the analyzing. This Chrome Cleaner tool automatically detects and erases the junk files. You need to shutdown Chrome before cleaning with this Chrome cleaning software.

You can run the same scan for other browsers, Registry, Windows files, System files, RAM, and other programs installed on your computer. Other tools include system info, uninstaller, toolbar manager, startup optimizer, registry defrag, internet booster, etc.

SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner Free has a dedicated Browser cleaner where you can clean Chrome along with other browsers, like: IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Select Chrome to view the current homepage, extensions, and plugins. You can select any homepage, plugin, or extension that looks suspicious and remove it from Chrome. A Restore option is also available.

Other important tool on this freeware to clean Chrome is the Cleaner tool. Click on the Cleaner tool, go to the Browsers tab, and select the options to clean cache, cookies, history, database, passwords, etc. You can also clean Registry, Applications, and Windows junk through this Cleaner. System optimizer, Uninstaller, Disc tools, and other PC tools are available here.

System Ninja Free

System Ninja Free is a tiny but very useful tool to clean your system. These is no separate option to clean Chrome, but it looks for browser junks of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and cleans them. Go to the Junk Cleaner tool and start scanning your system for junk. If there is any browser open, you are given option to close it before scan begins. Click on Delete files once the scan is complete.

Startup manager, Uninstaller, Process manager, PC analyzer and other tools are available on board.


ACleaner is a multi cleaner software which is capable of cleaning Chrome for free. The Cleaner tool on this Chrome cleaner freeware lets you select Chrome and erase Chrome junk files. Go to Settings option under Cleaner tool, go to the Browsers tab, select Chrome and choose from the following options to clean: Cache, Cookies, URL history, Download history, Stored passwords, Sessions, etc. You may select other mentioned browsers to clean as well. Click on Test Now after selecting the options, then click on Clean Now to clean the junk detected.

Clean other App junk, Windows junk, Registry, and manage Startup programs on this free software.

OneClick Cleaner for Chrome

OneClick Cleaner for Chrome is a free Google Chrome extension to clean Chrome. It helps you to get rid of the files that are clogging up your Chrome and making it slow. Add this extension and click on its icon and it opens in a new tab.There is a list of Cleaner options to select from. You can specify a time duration for which you want to clean your data. Select and clean the following data: appcache, cache, cookies, download list, fileSystems, formData, history, indexedDB, localStorage, pluginData, passwords, webSQL, etc. Click on Clean Now option after selecting the data to get rid of.


Click&Clean is another good Chrome cleaner extension. Unlike the previous one, it will not open a new tab but opens a small popup. From the extension popup, you can easily clean various Chrome junk files. There are different tiles for each option. These options to clean junk include: Private Data, cache, History, Download list, Cookies, etc. Simple click on the delete button on these tiles to delete them. Go to the Chrome Tab of the extension to view and manage Plugins and Extensions.

It also has options to close the browser securely, scan for malware, go incognito mode, view DNS, view Cache, and open Windows options directly from the button.

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