Best Free CSV to GPX Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free CSV to GPX Converter Software for Windows. These are the free software that you can use to convert waypoint, tracks, and route data from Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to GPS eXchange (GPX) format. You can also use these free software to convert CSV to other GPS data file like KML, LOG, TRK, WPT, RTE, XML, ASC, TXT, and more formats. These let you simply open a CSV file, view the data, and then convert the file to GPX format using save or export function. I have listed down the exact steps of conversion, so you can checkout the description.

The advantage of these software is that most software allow you to view waypoints and routes on map and edit data prior to conversion. You can insert new waypoints, remove any existing one, edit waypoint information, rearrange waypoint order, and do more. Plus, additional options to compress track, append files, get directions on map, etc., are also provided in these. One of these can also be used to find location of a photo as to where it was originally taken. All in all, these are quite feature rich yet easy to use software to convert CSV to GPX.

My Favorite Free CSV to GPX Converter Software for Windows:

ITN Converter is my favorite software on this list as you can convert a variety of GPS data files from one format to another. Plus, you can edit waypoints using a supported interactive map service.

GpsPrune is another good one that you can try. It is also a portable software.

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ITN Converter

ITN Converter is a featured route converter and planner that you can use as a CSV to GPX converter. You can simply import a CSV file to it containing multiple waypoints and other data and then convert it to GPX format. It supports multiple version of GPX file including GPS eXchange, GPX Garmin MapSource, and Garmin Nüvi. Besides GPX, you can also convert CSV to KML, RTE, WPT, TOUR, TXT,  XML, etc. Before conversion, you can edit CSV data as per your requirement. Also, you can create a new route file from scratch using it.

Let us checkout steps to convert a CSVfile to GPX format in this software.

How to convert CSV to GPX in ITN Converter:

  • First, open a CSV file to this software.
  • Next, you can view all the waypoints, rearrange order of points, delete existing point, add new one, or recerse the ordefr of points.
  • After that, select output format as GPX format and press the Export button.
  • Finally, provide output location and save the GPS data from input CSV file to GPX format.

Additional Feature:

  • Editor: It provides a handy Editor feature that lets you edit waypoints using various map services like Bing Map, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS World Map, Yandex Maps, etc. You also get features like Get Directions, Show entire itinerary, and more in its Editor section.


It is one of the best CSV to GPX Converter that lets you view data on map and also lets you edit waypoints prior to conversion. Plus, it supports a wide number of input and output file formats to convert GPS data.


GpsPrune is a free portable CSV to GPX converter software for Windows. It is primarily designed to let you view, edit, and convert route and GPS data. It supports some more input and output formats that include KML, KMZ, TXT, POV, SVG, and Image files. You can also modify data before conversion, like add new waypoints, edit existing ones, change waypoints’ placement, etc.

How to convert CSV to GPX in GpsPrune:

  • First, click File > Open option and select All Files option to browse CSV file. While opening CSV file, you can customize options like field delimiter, filed extraction, units, etc.
  • Now, you will be able to view CSV route and waypoint data on the interface over world map. If needed, you can edit point, change point name, duplicate a point, delete or add a point, rearrange waypoint, etc.
  • After editing, simply click on the Export GPX option from File menu and set up output parameters like name, description, encoding, etc.
  • At last, hit the Ok button to start CSV to GPX conversion process.

Additional Features:

  • You can use this software to find picture location.
  • It lets you compress tracks, mark points in rectangle, get altitude from SRTM, etc.


It is a feature rich software that can be used too view and edit GPS data from CSV file and then convert it to GPX format.


POIConverter is another free CSV to GPX converter software for Windows. It is basically a software to convert Point of Interest, tracks, routes, and other GPS data from one file format to another. Apart from CSV and GPX, it supports various other input and output formats for conversion of GPS data, such as KML, ASC, WPT, RTE, XLS, LOG, TXT, and more. It is also very easy to use and you’ll not face any difficulty in performing conversion through it. To further help you out, I have listed CSV to GPX conversion steps below which you can checkout. Let’s see.

How to convert CSV to GPX in POIConverter:

  • Go to its File menu and click the Open option to import source CSV file.
  • Now, if you want to tweak some basic settings for output file, go to the Options > GPS eXchange option and customize settings like use uppercase letter, maximum characters, proximity, etc.
  • Finally, use its Save option from File menu, set export format to GPX, provide output filename and location, and hit the Save button to start the conversion.

Additional Features:

  • Append: You can append two or more CSV files into a single GPX file using this feature.
  • Options: You can also customize data type, track filter, and coordinate format as per your requirement.


It is another nice and simple software to convert a CSV or any other supported file containing waypoints and routes data to GOX file format.

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