4 Best Free Cursor Highlighter Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Cursor Highlighter Software For Windows. These software let you highlight mouse cursor while you move cursor across the screen of your computer. You may need these cursor highlighter software to highlight mouse pointer for presentations, to easily locate the cursor on screen, or to highlight cursor while recording screen.

Windows has its own cursor highlighter tool; however, this tool has manual mouse pointer highlighting option. In case you do not like the Windows’ tool, you can use other mentioned cursor highlighter tools. These tools let you highlight mouse cursor with different shapes and color. Yes, you will find free cursor highlighter software with custom mouse highlighter options. You can select from different shapes, color, size of highlighter, and opacity. Some of these tools have options to show mouse click feedback for both left and right clicks.

In case you do not want to use cursor highlighter, these free mouse pointer highlighter software let you assign Hotkeys to toggle highlighter On/Off.

In the following list of free cursor highlighter software, you will find tools that work everywhere on Windows operating system, while some are program specific. You will also find screen recording software that come loaded with mouse cursor highlighter tool.

Go ahead and go through the article to know more about these mouse pointer highlighter software and also know how to highlight mouse cursor using these.

My Favorite Cursor Highlighter Software:

I will prefer using Windows default tool in case I just need to highlight mouse pointer while presentation at specific areas. If I have to highlight the cursor movement, I will go with PenAttention. All of the mentioned tools are good for what purpose they serve. You can also select the best one for you when you read about them below.

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Windows Default Cursor Highlighter

Windows has its own tool to highlight mouse pointer for presentations. This cursor highlighter tool does not highlights cursor all the time, but only when you want to. When enabled, you can press Ctrl key on your keyboard whenever you want to highlight cursor position. A ring transition effect around the cursor position highlights cursor.

To enable Windows’ cursor highlighter, go to Control Panel > Mouse. In the new window that opens, go to Pointer Options tab. Under the Visibility section, simply enable the Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key.

Now whenever you press the Ctrl key, Windows will highlight mouse pointer. This option lets you manually highlight cursor and might not be preferred for frequent usage. If you want a software to highlight cursor movement then checkout the next software. This is a good choice only if you want to highlight certain cursor positions.


PenAttention is a free cursor highlighter software for Windows. It can be used to highlight cursor position on monitor in various colors and shapes. Its a very simple software with configurable options to set cursor highlighter properties. Let me inform you that this mouse cursor highlighter can only highlight cursor position and toggle highlighter color for right mouse clicks. Let us checkout the features this mouse highlighter software provides:

  • You can set opacity of highlighter.
  • It lets you change cursor highlighter color.
  • You can choose cursor highlighter shape from Circle or Rectangle. Set highlighter size for circle or rectangle.
  • It lets you set Hotkey manually to enable/disable cursor highlighter.
  • Choose the option if you want to toggle highlighter color on Mouse Right click. The highlighter color toggles between 3 random colors.

This cursor highlighter software is a simple one and comes in handy if you want to show mouse movement in a presentation, or if you are recording your screen.

Cursor Highlighter Extension For Chrome: Cursor Spotlight

Cursor Spotlight is a free cursor highlighter extension for Google Chrome. Its a pretty handy tool that has been developed to highlight mouse cursor while using Chrome. It lets you define highlighter color, opacity, as well as size.

Click on the Extension icon to change the cursor highlighter settings. You can use different color sliders to choose a color of your choice for the mouse highlighter. Sliders to adjust opacity and size of the pointer are also available. A preview panel displays how the highlighter will look. You can also assign a hotkey to toggle highlighter on/off.

This free cursor highlighter only works on Chrome. You do not need to turn it on/off for different websites.

Highlight Cursor While Recording Computer Screen

If you want to to highlight mouse cursor while recording computer screen, you can use some of the Screen Recorder software which come with cursor highlighter tool. There are various screen recorders that you can use for this purpose. Lets checkout one of them to get an idea.

CamStudio is not a dedicated cursor highlighter software, but is a very famous opensource screen recorder software that comes with free mouse cursor highlighter tool. It lets you customize various mouse pointer options including cursor style, cursor highlight, and mouse click options.

Under Cursor Options menu, you can set following cursor highlighter options:

  • Size of cursor highlight.
  • Choose shape of highlight from circle, oval, square, or rectangle.
  • Set highlight color.
  • Enable visual mouse click feedback. Set different color for right click and left click feedback.

Once you start recording a screen-capture video, CamStudio records cursor highlights along with the video. The highlight is not visible while you record, and you can only view the cursor highlight and click feedback in the recorded video.

Note: While installing this free screen recorder software, you will be prompted to install Bing toolbar and other few software, which you can ignore.

You can try the following other screen recorder software with mouse cursor highlighter tool:

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