12 Best Free Mouse Mover Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free mouse mover software for Windows. These software come in handy for the times when you do not want time triggered applications or screen savers to run. Sometimes your computer also goes to sleep if kept idle for some time. These auto mouse mover software prevent that from happening when you intentionally want your screen to be active.

Most of these automatic mouse mover software are open source. Some of these let you change various parameters, like: set movement interval, frequency, number of repetition, schedule, etc. Some  of these mouse movers provide basic options to just wiggle mouse a bit after a given interval of time.

Go through the list of best free software to move mouse automatically. Decide if you need a highly configurable mouse mover, or a simple one with very few options.

My Favourite Mouse Mover Software:

Move Mouse and MouseJiggler are the auto mouse mover tools that I prefer the most. Move Mouse has highly configurable options, while MouseJiggler has minimal option to perform its only work.

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Move Mouse

Move Mouse is an open source mouse mover software for Windows. It is simple and easy to use with configurable mouse movement parameters. Click on the Start button to begin the program. What this automatic mouse mover does is, it keeps moving the mouse pointer automatically after a given interval of time. The interface has a lot of options to configure. Find these options to auto move mouse in the following tabs:

  • Actions: Set the interval to move mouse, Stealth mode, Set static mouse position, Click left button, Activate application, etc. options are available in this tab.
  • Behaviour: Set behaviour options here, like: pause when mouse pointer moved, auto resume, enable start/pause with hotkey, minimize on pause, etc.
  • Script: Add .ps1 scripts to execute when mouse mover starts/at each interval/when mouse mover pauses.
  • Schedules: Add time to start/pause the service.
  • Blackout: Add time interval when you do not want this free mouse mover to run.

This freeware is one of the most advanced mouse mover tool available. It does not only let you move mouse automatically, but also gives you the option to execute scripts and programs.


MouseJiggler is another open source mouse mover software. When enabled, it moves the mouse to and fro at the same spot. This software to move mouse  has a pretty small and simple interface with 2 options: Enable Jiggle and Zen Jiggle. Click on the Enable Jiggle option to jiggle the mouse with visible pointer. Select the Zen Jiggle option to jiggle mouse with the pointer movement not visible. Click on the ? button to know more about this freeware mouse mover.

Mouse Mover

Mouse Mover is programmed to move your computer’s mouse pointer automatically every 5 minutes. When you run this auto mouse mover, a small interface opens. It has only one option: Press OK to end program. No other configurable options are available in this freeware to move mouse.


XuMouse is a free automatic mouse mover for Windows. It gives you two mouse options: Move Mouse and Click Mouse. The mouse action time can be set from 5 to 500 seconds. If you have selected Move Mouse option, the mouse will move to a random position after given time. Selecting the Click Mouse option clicks the pointer wherever it is located after given time interval. The mouse pointer will not move in the Click Mouse option. Click on the Stop button to close the program.

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is another good mouse mover freeware for Windows. It does not moves mouse pointer randomly, but lets you record a mouse movement, and repeats the movement in loop.

Click the record button to begin recording the mouse movement. Stop the recording, and assign the number of loops in which you want to play the recording. You can also assign hot keys to start/stop the mouse movement through keyboard. This mouse mover lets you record many mouse movements. You can select any of the recorded movements and play in loop.

Mouse Recorder Pro

Mouse Recorder Pro also records mouse movement to move mouse when needed. With this auto mouse mover you can not only record mouse movement, but keyboard activity as well. Record the movement, and the recorded event is displayed on the UI. Select an event, and click on the Play option.

Click on the Advanced option to view advanced settings, such as: Loop number, script playback speed, etc. The loop option can be set to anything in between 0 to infinite. Change the playback speed to fast, normal, or slow.


TinyTask is a small mouse mover utility with a really compact user interface. It lets you record mouse movement, and play them in loop just like the above mentioned mouse mover. The options available on the UI are: Open, Save, Record, Play, Compile, and Settings.

Click on the Record icon to record the mouse movement, and save it to play whenever you want. Click on the settings to change the number of loops, playback speed, change hot keys, access help, etc.

The compiler option lets you turn a mouse movement recording into an executable file.

Apart from mouse movement, this mouse mover also captures mouse clicks.

Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer is an easy to use automatic mouse clicker. Click on the Record option to record the movement. Stop recording to view the recording in the list of recordings. Play the recording to run the recorded mouse movement. You can assign Hot Keys to operate the freeware from keyboard. Click on the Loop option, and add the number of loops to repeat the mouse movement.

Apart from mouse movement, you can also add keyboard actions. This software to move mouse has an easy to use interface, and it does its job pretty well.


KeyControl lets you record and move mouse in 5 different patterns. The thin user interface of this mouse mover has the following options: Open, Save Settings, Recordings, Play, Stop, and Record.

Click on any number from 1 to 5, to record mouse movement in it. Click on Settings to change the number of Loops, Mouse Travel Speed, Transparency, and Record Keyboard option. Click Apply to save your setting after you have changed it. If you check the Record Keyboard Only option, this auto mouse mover will record the keyboard activity.


MouseController is an open source mouse mover software with basic options. Record the pointer movement on the monitor, configure the repeat and delay options, and you are good to go.

Set the hot keys to start/stop recording, and start/stop playback. Repeat parameters which can be set are: Repeat Every n seconds/minutes, Repeat n time, and Delay by n seconds/minutes. The time stretch option lets you stretch the recording by 0.5, 0.9x, 1, 1.1 times. It is considered as one of the best free mouse mover software.


Mouse-Mover is a tiny mouse mover software which does its job perfectly with very few options. Set the time for Move Mouse Every t second(s), and set the number of pixels through which you want to move the mouse in the Move Mouse in Pixel option. Now click Start to run the program. The mouse will move randomly for the defined time interval and pixels. Click on Stop to close the program.


wigglemouse is another simple open source mouse mover. All you need to do is set a time interval after which you want to move mouse cursor.

The interface lets you set time in hh:mm:ss format. The mouse cursor wiggles a bit whenever the timer goes off. It repeats in infinite loop, so you do not have to define the number of loops. It is one of the simplest solution to keep the computer screen active.

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