8 Best Free DXF Viewer App for Android

Here is a list of the best free DXF viewer app for Android. DXF stands for Drawing Interchange Format or Drawing Exchange Format. It is a CAD data file format. This format is developed for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs. DXF is a semi-public standard format and you need a dedicated program to open these types of data files.

In this post, I’m covering 8 free Android apps that you can use to open and view DXF files on Android devices. All these apps can open DXF files and visualize the data with various options. Depending on the app, you get layering options, model options, various types of views, etc. Most of these apps also let you draw, add measurements, control layers, annotate, and change the view of the DXF data. This allows you to create the desired view of the schemata and export it to JPG. Let’s check out these apps one by one in detail.

My Favorite DXF Viewer App

CAD Pockets is my favorite DXF viewer app on this list. This is a simple app to open DXF files on Android devices with additional options. The app can visualize schemata in 2D as well as in 3D. It offers multiple views to visualize the model from different perspectives. On top of that, you can also select and view specific layers only. Apart from viewing, it also lets you customize the file withdrawing, measuring, and annotating tools. Then you can export the results as a JPG file. If you are looking for an app with drafting capabilities then I recommend you to check out UVCAD.

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CAD Pockets - DWG Viewer & Editor

CAD Pockets is a free DXF viewer app for Android. This app allows you to view and edit CAD data files on the go. The supports editing DWG files and viewing DWF, DXF, and PDF files. The app comes with a simple user interface where you can browse a file either from local storage or from the cloud. This way, you can easily open and view a DXF file with this app. When you open the DXF file, it offers a list of options to view and analyze the data. It offers drawing tools, measuring tools, and layering tools. Along with that, there are multiple View Modes as well. Depending on your data file, you can go 2D, 3D wireframe, or 3D solid. In the case of editing a file, the export is limited to JPEG format in the free plan. Last but not least, this app supports online collaboration. You can share your files with others and collaborate on them within this app.


  • This app can open and view DWF, DXF, and PDF files.
  • It comes with a wide collection of tools including:
    Editing Tools: Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Erase, Mirror, Align, Edit Text, Grip Edit, Block Attribute Edit.
    Drawing Tools: Circle, Polyline, Line, Rectangle, Arc, Text, Insert Block, Smartpen, Image.
    Measuring Tools: Aligned Dimension, Radial Dimension, Angular Dimension, Linear Dimension, Arc Length Dimension, Coordinate Dimension, Perimeter and Area, Distance, Coordinate Query.
    Annotating Tools: Revision Cloud, Brush, Text, Multi-image, SmartVoice.
    View Mode: 2D and 3D views, Regen, Change Background Color.
  • It also has text-based search, modeling tools, layering tools, and coloring tools.
  • The app allows users to collaborate online with others.
  • This app is free to use with no-ads but in-app purchases.

UVCAD - CAD 2D Drawing & Drafting Editor & Viewer

UVCAD is a free DXF viewer and editor app for Android. This app opens at an empty screen unless you create a new file or open an existing one. Then it loads an editor where you can view the DXF files with a wide range of layering and visualization options. Apart from viewing, you can edit the DXF file and draft new blocks and elements in the schemata. For that, this app offers a collection of drawing, annotating, measuring, and block tools. You can create new blocks, remove blocks, edit blocks, and much more. This app is designed to draft CAD data files in 2 dimensions. It can also generate an isometric projection of the schemata creating a pseudo-3D model.


  • This app supports DXF file format with import and export.
  • Offers a set of drawing tools, measuring tools, annotation tools, and layering tools.
  • Allows entity modification with move, rotate, mirror, scale, offset, trim, fillet, chamfer, rectangular, polar, and linear array.
  • Block support (grouping): block list view, add a new empty block, create a block from selection, edit a block, insert a block into drawing, nested blocks, remove a block, rename block.
  • Dynamic Editing Functions with Visual Handles and Snaps and Isometric Projections.

DWG FastView-CAD Viewer&Editor

DWG FastView is another free DXF viewer app for Android. This app is a feature-packed CAD app that comes with a free trial. You can use the app for free with limited functionality. The app supports DWG and DXF data files and offers various CAD features including Edit, View, Measure, Dimension, Find text, etc. It also offers multiple viewing options in 2D and 3D along with coloring tools. This app has multiple tools for each of these features that let you view as well as edit your DWG files on the go. In the case of DXF files, you can edit the schema with all the available tools and export the result as a JPG file.


  • This app is fully compatible with DWG and DXF data files.
  • It offers a wide collection of tools to edit CAD files including Draw, Annotate, Measure, Dimensions, Layers, Colors, View Modes,  etc.
  • It supports editing DXF schema that you can export to JPEG.
  • This app is free to use with some restrictions.

CAD Assistant

CAD Assistant is a free Open Cascade CAD Assistant for Android. This app lets you open and view various CAD files on your Android device. Unlike other apps, CAD Assistant opens the data in an interactive environment. It offers a wide collection of options to customize the environment as per your need. You can change the display configurations, visualization options, interactions settings, performance counters, and other advanced settings. In the customized environment, the app lets you interact with the schemata, toggle planes, layers, and more. Last but not least, it can convert schemata to various file formats. You can head over to Import/Export option and export the opened file to any possible file format.


  • This is a feature-packed app to view DXF and other CAD files on Android.
  • It opens the data file in an interactive environment.
  • Users can customize the environment along with interaction settings as per their needs.
  • This app can also convert a CAD data file to other possible file formats.

CAD Reader-Fast Dwg Viewer and Measurement Tool

CAD Reader is a free DXF viewer app for Android. This is a simple app designed to view CAD files on the go. This app supports DWG, DXF, and other CAD data files. It opens up at explorer where you can pick a CAD file stored on your device and open it. When a file is opened, you get a bunch of options at the bottom of the screen. It includes drawing tools, measuring tools, screenshots, and layering tools. Apart from that, you can change the color scheme. In case you make any changes to the DXF file, you get the option to export it to CRP format.


  • This is a simple CAD file viewer app that supports DWG, DXF, and other data files.
  • It offers many tools for drawing, measuring, layering, and screenshots.
  • Users can also change the background and comment color of the schema.
  • Options to export changes to CRP file format.

SchemataCAD Viewer DWG/DXF

SchemataCAD Viewer is another free DXF viewer app for Android. This app can help you open various CAD files on the go including DWG, DXF, and SCH. You can simply browse the storage to pick the file that you want to open. After that, the app loads the data from the file and shows the schemata on the screen. It does not offer any measuring or marking options. Instead, there are zoom and page options to view the data. But you can select each layer individually and check the font used in the file.


  • This app can open DWG, DXF, and SCH data files.
  • It offers options to page and zoom options to view the data file.
  • Option to select the layers of your choice to view.
  • It can open files up to 20 MB with ease and might crash for larger files.

Etoolbox Mobile CAD Viewer

Etoolbox Mobile CAD Viewer is a free Android app to view DWG, DXF, and DWF files. This is a simple CAD viewer app where you can open any locally saved file. When you do that, it shows the data on the screen along with some options on the screen. One of those options lets you control the layers. You can select/deselect layers as per your needs and view the specific layers only. There is a measurement tool to get the dimensions between any two points. Apart from that, the rest of the options are various types of views. This app offers 6 preset axis views and 4 preset isometric views. You can toggle the view of your choice and visualize the data.


  • This app can open 2d and 3D CAD files including DWG, DXF, and DWF.
  • Users can control the visibility of the layers to view different layer combinations.
  • It offers 6 preset axis views and 4 preset isometric views.
  • Offers a grey-scale mode to view the schemata.

AutoCAD - DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD is a free DXF viewer app for Android. This is the official Android app of AutoCAD by Autodesk. It can view and edit DWG, DXF, and other CAD data files. This is not a free app but it comes with a 7-day trial. You have to create an account and start the trial to use the app. This makes it fine for one-time use as it offers so many features. It offers tools to select and measure the components of a CAD file. And if you want to change something, you can do that too. The app lets you draw, cut, copy, paste, trim, align, and annotate blocks. After editing, you can export the resulting files to your device or to the cloud.


  • This app can open DXF files on Android.
  • It can open and edit DWG AutoCAD files.
    Options to import files directly from Dropbox.
  • The app comes with many features to select, measure, draw, annotate, trim, and align components.
  • You have to create a trial account to use the app.
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