5 Best Free Email Verification Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free email verification software for Windows. Email verification is the process of identifying correct and working email addresses and distinguish them from bad or invalid email addresses. Apart from just identifying correct or bad email addresses, some of these software also show SMTP status, Disposable service status, MX record status, etc. All of these software do the same task but in different ways as some verify whole email address, while others only verify the domain of email addresses. Email verifiers which verify the whole email address give much more accurate results when compared to software which only verify domain names.

Most of these email validation software use command prompt and external software like Curl and node.js to run. Plus, some of these are API’s of online email verification software that you can use in the system with the help of command prompt. With API’s and command prompt based software, you need to follow proper steps to run them. I have mentioned all the necessary steps to run these software in the article. However, some email validation software also come with proper interface which you can use with ease.

My Favorite Email Verification Software For Windows:

Validawy is my favorite software because it can verify a large number of email addresses at a faster rate than other similar software. Plus, it does not have any limitation like other software.

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Validawy is a free email verification software for Windows. This software can also be used as a bulk email verification software as it verifies multiple emails at a very fast rate. Its email verification speed is very fast because it allows you to use up to 500 threads to execute the verification process. Plus, it does not impose any limitation on the number of email addresses which you can validate at a time.

To validate multiple email addresses, you need to add a mailing list of TXT file format using Open option. As soon as you add a mailing list, you can view all the email addresses on its main interface. After that, select the number of threads that you want to use to perform the email validation and position from where you want validation to start. Lastly, just press the Start button to start the validation. After the validation process, you can view all the valid and invalid email addresses marked by green and red ticks respectively. Plus, a message explaining the reasons behind most invalid email addresses are also provided by this software.

Overall, it is one of the best email verification software that you can find for free.

Dynamic Email Validator

Dynamic Email Validator is another free email verification software for Windows. Using this software, you can validate whether an email address is correct or not. In it, you can either input and verify one email at a time or you can bulk validate email address by adding a mailing list in a TXT file.

In order to validate email addresses, first, add mailing list using its Open option or directly enter email address using Add Address option. After that, just hit the Validate button to start the validation process. After validation, this software marks correct email addresses with a green tick and with OK status, while all incorrect email addresses are marked with a red cross sign.

The validating process can take a lot of time in case of multiple email addresses because this free version can only use a single thread to execute the validation. Its another limitation is that it can only validate up to 50 email addresses at a time. To remove all limitations, you need to purchase the advanced version of this software.


email-verify-master is a free and open source email verification software for Windows. It uses EmailChecker.com service to verify email addresses. In order to work, this software needs a working Internet Connection, node.js, and Command Prompt as it does not have an interface. Using it, you can easily verify one or more email address at a time. However, it is not that suitable for multiple email address verification because of its very slow email verification speed.

Let’s take a look at its setup process and how to verify email address using it:

  • The first step is to install this software, to do that open the email-verify download folder and write CMD on the address of the system and press Enter.
  • Immediately, the command prompt will open up. In the command prompt write this command: npm install -g email-verify and press enter to install this software.
  • After the successful installation, write verify-email command and write one or more email address separated by spaces. For example, verify-email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected].
  • Lastly, just press the Enter button to start the email verification process.

This software verifies emails in one by one manner and shows the result on the command prompt. If an email address is valid, then it shows success: true message and if an email address is invalid, then it shows success: false.


Validator.pizza is a free email verification API for Windows. Using this API, you can verify the email structure and domain name of an email address. To verify an email address, it checks its email structure, MX records, and whether the email belongs to the disposable email service or not. With it, you can verify up to 120 email addresses in an hour. Plus, at a time, you can verify only one email address, which is another drawback of this software.

Validator.pizza is mainly a web service that you can access using a web browser and find out whether an email address is valid or not. However, to use this software on a system, you need to download and install Curl software on your system. After the installation of Curl, open the command prompt and write curl -X GET "https://www.validator.pizza/email/[email protected]"  and replace [email protected] with an email address that you want to verify and press Enter. As soon as you press enter, it starts the verification process and shows you the result. In the result, you can view whether the domain is valid or not, email address has MX record or not, whether email uses disposable service or not, and Status (200 for valid and 400 for invalid email address).


mailboxlayer is another free email verification API for Windows. Using this API, you can check email address validity along with the validity of its domain and username. Besides this, it also shows you whether a given email address uses disposable service or not, whether it is present on the MX records or not, and also shows SMTP-Check status (it shows that an email address can receive emails or not).

In order to use this software, first, you need to download and install the Curl software. After that, go to the mailboxlayer.com and sign up on the free plan subscription of this software. After the successful registration, you will receive an API key along with an API test email link. Now, open the command prompt and enter the command: curl -X GET, then put a space and paste the API test link. In the API link, you can view the email address through which you had signed in on the mailboxlayer website, so just replace that email address with a new email address that you want to verify. Lastly, press the Enter button to get the verification result.

The whole command with API test link would look like this
curl -X GET "http://apilayer.net/api/check?access_key=f04a63e9c0837b1a79c74bb43139a1&[email protected]&smtp=1&format=1".

Note: In this free version of this mailboxlayer API, you can only verify up to 250 email addresses per month. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase the paid subscriptions of this software.

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