5 Best Free Facebook Cover Maker Software For Windows

Here is a list of the best free Facebook cover maker software for Windows. In these freeware you just have to drag and drop the images, and apply the effects that you wish to apply. You don’t have to worry about the dimensions of the Facebook cover and these freeware do this task for you.

My Favorite Free Facebook Cover Maker Software:

Out of these free Facebook Maker Freeware, I liked Slicetige Lite the most due to the fact that it is quite easy to use and offers a lot of features like adding layers, text, image and different effects like white bokeh, random color bokeh, advanced bokeh, polka dot, and little photo frame. The output can be taken in different formats like PNG, BMP, and JPEG.
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Slicetige Lite

Slicetige Lite is a simple software which lets you create Facebook cover photos for free. This very interesting software that lets you create a cover picture and a profile picture for your Facebook profile, from a single picture. When you load a picture to this software, it slices the picture in such a way that your profile picture, and cover picture looks like they are one single picture. Usually if you try to do so with other picture editing apps, the job is not done precisely. Slicetige Lite lets you make cover picture and profile picture for Facebook from a single picture very accurately. It provides you an option to open a new file from template, or the wizard. Insert the picture, after which they can be resized, and moved as per your choice and requirement. The new template can be filled either with a solid color, gradient, double gradient, or texture to give beautiful effects. Different effects like white bokeh, random color bokeh, advanced bokeh, polka dot, and little photo frame can also be applied to your Facebook cover picture. The image can be rotated, flipped, and applied with filters. By default, a profile picture is generated as a part of the cover photo, but it can be changed if required. The generated Facebook cover picture and profile picture can be exported as PNG, BMP, and JPEG.


Paint.NET is a very useful tool to create and edit images. Here you can easily create Facebook cover photos, and in order to facilitate it and speed up the process, a template  “facebook_banner_page_template” is available. Here you can easily insert the images as per the template layout, and use several inbuilt tools of the Paint.NET to achieve the desired effects. You can easily add layers to your image, crop, rotate, flip, make adjustments, text, and various other effects. Save the image in several popular image formats, like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and many more. The final picture can thus be uploaded to Facebook as cover picture.


PICBOW is a very simple and easy to use Facebook cover maker software. Firstly you have to register, and then login to the software. Here you have to simply click on the Facebook button, and select the option of cover photo. Then you can choose the option of Free Collage, or Grid Collage. In case of free collage you can choose the option to insert your own image, select image from collage, and make adjustments to image, like: resize photo, rotate photo, transparency, border radius and border thickness. The images can be moved to the front or back as per the requirement. In the free collage you can also select the number of grids to be available for the image insertion to achieve the desired results. After the final completion, the Facebook cover image can be saved as PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP. The final image can also be shared on Facebook, and other social media websites, like Twitter, and Flickr. This freeware can also be used to make Facebook Profile photo, and Facebook Timeline photo. You can also edit the photo, create grid collage, create free collage, create photo cards, and create color splash with the help of this Facebook cover maker.


GIMP is a very popular image editor freeware which can be used to create Facebook covers using Facebook templates. There are a number of templates available, and one such template being “jrklein.com-facebook-seamless-cover-profile-template“. The best thing about this template is that it highlights and provides you with all the necessary information about how it is to be used. You can also add, remove, hide, and show certain layers. This template clearly highlights the different areas like profile photo so that you can check out the final image, and provides you a look and feel of the output. You can also make several edits to the file as per your wish using several features. Several colors, effects, filters can be added with the help of tools to beautify your cover picture. The final output can be taken out as popular image format like JPEG, PNG, PS, TIFF, and many more. Upload the final image on Facebook as cover picture.


Smilebox is a beautiful software which can be used to create Facebook cover images. It is quite simple and easy to use. Select a design from the design catalog to be used. Then select the personalize option. In order to speed up things a little bit, autofill options can be selected to fill the design with photos from the photo well. Photo Well has a collection of photos you can load to the software. Images and texts can be added to the cover picture as well. The layout, title, colors, and various other options can be selected based on the requirement. You can change the text font, size, color, and alignment options. The images too can be rotated, zoomed, fixed, and cleared for better effects. On completion, the preview option can be selected to get a look of the final Facebook cover picture. The generated Facebook cover can be uploaded to Facebook, or shared on Twitter and E-mail.

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