13 Best Free Facebook Video Downloader Software For Windows

Here is the list of Best Free Facebook Video Downloader Software For Windows. These software let you download single as well as multiple Facebook videos on your computer. In the following list, you will find video downloader software, browser extensions, as well as Windows apps to do the same.

These Facebook video downloaders work on different principles, so choose what suits you the best. One way to do it is by copying Facebook video URL and pasting it in the software, which then downloads that video. To copy a Facebook video URL, right click on a video; option to copy its URL will appear. The other way to download a Facebook video is through browser extensions. These extensions detect the videos available on the Facebook webpage you are on, and provide options to download these videos.

While downloading, some of these free Facebook video downloader software provide options for custom download. You will be able to select the video format, quality, and output folder before downloading a video. Some also provide option to download high definition videos of quality upto 4K.

Go through the list and you will get to know about the mentioned software. You will also know, how to download Facebook videos using these software.

My Favorite Facebook Video Downloader Software:

VDownloader and Video DownloadHelper are the tools that I like the most. VDownloader lets you batch download Facebook videos, and you can also set the quality and format of the video being downloaded. Download upto 4k videos with this software. Video DownloadHelper is a web browser extension which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. It also lets you download Facebook videos in different formats and quality.

You can also checkout the list of best free Facebook Video Uploader SoftwareFacebook Chat Software, and Video Broadcasting Software For Windows.


VDownloader is an amazing and free Facebook video downloader software. It is a feature rich tool that can download high definition Facebook videos upto 4K. It also lets you download multiple Facebook videos at once. Actually, you can use it to bulk download videos from almost any website.

To download a Facebook video, you will have to add its URL to the download list. You can also add multiple video URLs at once. You can download a video in a format of your choice. Set the output format as: avi, mp4, wmv, mpeg, mov, mkv, 3gp, etc. Another option lets you download Facebook videos as audio in mp3, ac3, wma, wav, etc. formats.

If you do not want to use your browser, simply use the integrated browser of this software to surf Facebook or any website, then download videos instantly.

As I said, its a feature rich software, so lets take a look at some of the features that you can make use of:

  • Integrated search engine and browser.
  • Social media integration to share videos or parts of videos.
  • Proxy option to access videos that are blocked in a region.
  • Schedule download.
  •  Video Conversion (only 3 videos allowed to convert per day in free version).

You can unlock various other pro features of this software by upgrading. Remember that the above mentioned features are available for free.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a free Facebook video downloader extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once added to a browser, it detects the videos available on a webpage and lets you download them in different video formats and quality.

When you have to download a Facebook video which you found while surfing, simply click on this extension’s icon. It displays all the videos available on the open webpage, along with their titles and thumbnail. Various download options let you download a video in MP4, 3GP, and WEBM formats. You can also choose from various video qualities to download from, but video quality options are only available if you are downloading MP4 videos.

You can use this tool to download videos from any website.

4K Video Download

4K Video Download is an amazing video downloader software. It lets you download multiple Facebook videos at once. You can download videos of quality upto 4K with this free Facebook video downloader.

To download a video, simply paste its URL in the interface. You will be asked to choose the video format, quality, and download path before downloading video. Its as simple as that.

A Smart Mode feature is available here that lets you bulk download Facebook videos. Simply copy and paste the video URLs one by one, or you can also copy bulk links at once and paste them here. The download of videos will be lined up. To choose the video output quality, go to the Smart mode tab. There, you can select the output parameters, which will apply to all the video downloads when Smart mode is active.

Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

You can also download Facebook videos without any software or tool. There’s a little trick that you need to implement to do so. Lets see How to download Facebook videos without any software:

  • Copy the Facebook video URL and paste it in the address bar of your browser.
  • From the URL, replace the http://www part with m. So now the web address will look like m.facebook.com/videos….
  • This opens the mobile version of Facebook. Play the video and right click on the video.
  • From the context menu, select the Save Video As option to save the Facebook video on your PC.

Its as simple as that. This process can be used if you download Facebook videos once in a while. Continue reading the list to know about more software to download Facebook videos, if you download them regularly.


FlickTube is a Windows 10 App from Microsoft that lets you download Facebook videos and even manage them. You can also download videos from other websites; all you need is the video URL.

To download a Facebook video using this Windows 10 app, paste the video URL in the URL box. This app will detect the video and display its title, thumbnail, and file size. Download the video. The downloaded videos by this app will be available in the My Video Downloads list. You can play a video from here, open file location, or delete video. You can also use this software to download audio files.

Awesome Facebook Video Downloader

Awesome Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension lets you download Facebook videos right from Facebook website while you are browsing it in Chrome. This Facebook video downloader extension integrates the video download option on the videos that appear on your News Feed. So, you do not have to go elsewhere to download Facebook videos.

The best part about this Chrome extension to download Facebook videos is that you can either download a video in HD or SD quality. All the videos will be downloaded in MP4 format.

Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader is another Google Chrome Extension to download Facebook videos. Its an amazing tool which detects all the videos on the Facebook page you have opened.

A single click on this extension’s icon displays the list of available videos. Videos are displayed with their respective thumbnail, so that you can easily recognize them. Simply click the respective Download button to download a Facebook video. Moreover, it also displays the size of video file along with the download button. All the videos are downloaded in mp4 format.

FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown Video Downloader is another Chrome Extension to download Facebook videos. It works almost the same as the above mentioned extension, Social Video Downloader. It detects the videos available on the page of Facebook that is open and lets you download them. The only difference is that, you get options download videos in two video qualities: HD or SD quality.

All the videos that you download are saved in MP4 format.


XTREME DOWNLOAD MANAGER is an interesting downloader software which can be used to download Facebook videos to computer. Its an open source Facebook video downloader, and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It integrates itself to the web browsers you are using, and whenever you visit a website, it detects and displays a list of videos on that website. This list is displayed in a small Toolbar, that by default appears on your computer screen at the bottom left corner.

When you stumble upon a video on Facebook and want to download it, click on the Download Video Toolbar. It displays the list of videos available on the webpage. It gets a bit confusing while downloading Facebook videos, as it names the videos in the list according to your Facebook profile name. To avoid the confusion, simply open the video in a new tab, then go to the Download Video toolbar of XDM. This way, it will only display the video available on that page to download.

You can also download other files and manage downloads using this software. The hovering toolbar is exclusively designed to download videos on a webpage.

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is a free software to download Facebook videos on your PC. With this software, you can bulk download Facebook videos. All you need to do is add the video URLs to the download list.

Before initializing download, you can set video download quality, set video download format, select a folder to download video, and even select option to download only audio of the video.

The status of videos being downloaded is displayed on the interface. Once a video is downloaded, you can play it right from the interface.

Its a very easy to use and dedicated Facebook video downloader software.

Fast Video Downloader

The free version of Fast Video Downloader lets you download Facebook videos on your PC. In fact, you can download videos from other websites as well. Get the video URL and paste in the URL section. Batch download Facebook videos by entering multiple URLs (maximum 5 URLs). Also, you can set the video download quality as Highest Quality, 1080p, 720p, Large, Medium, or Small.

All the downloads can be viewed in the Download List.

There are various additional features that the paid version of this software offers. Upgrade to paid version and avail features like video conversion, video resolution conversion, video download scheduling, pause download, etc.

Facebook Video Downloader (Windows 10 App)

Facebook Video Downloader is a Windows 10 app that can be found in Microsoft Store. Its a unique application as it has an integrated Facebook browser and also lets you download videos while surfing Facebook.

How does it works? You will have to login to Facebook to browse through your Facebook timeline. Whenever you find a video that you want to keep, right click on the video and copy the video URL. Now go to the Download tab (the one with Download icon) and paste the URL there. Click on Download and a download link will appear with the title and thumbnail of video. Click on it to download the video to your PC.

You can also download a video even if you aren’t using Facebook from its integrated Facebook surfer. You just need to get the Facebook video URL from any other browser you might be surfing on.

Its best suited if you want to use Facebook on this app.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture

Apowersoft Video Download Capture is a free Facbook video grabber software. You can download Facebook videos here by adding video URL. When you paste a Facebook video URL, it detects the video, and begins downloading it. It has option for bulk Facebook video download, but its only available for registered users.

To view all the downloaded videos, you can visit the Completed section. Its a very simple yet amazing Facebook video downloader. It has various other options, but they are available only for registered users. These options include screen recorder, webcam recorder, etc.

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