5 Best Free Fisheye Remover Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Fisheye Remover Software For Windows. These software let you remove fisheye distortion from photos clicked by wide angle lens and fisheye lens. All of these software help you fix fisheye and render straightened photos. Let me emphasize that these fisheye removal software are absolutely free to use and give satisfactory results.

In order to remove fisheye with these free defish software, you may or may not have to enter lens data or make adjustments. So, do not worry if you have photos without EXIF data.

Some of these software let you make adjustments manually to fix fisheye, while some carry out the fisheye correction process automatically.

Go through the list and you will get to know about these software to remove fisheye distortion and also know how to remove fisheye distortion.

There are some paid software which carry out the fisheye removal process without any issue, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Fisheye-Hemi (photoshop plugin), etc. In case you are looking for free alternative to Fisheye-Hemi or other such tools, you have come to a right place.

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MathMap: GIMP Plugin To Remove Fisheye

MathMap is a free image processing application that can be used to defish photos. Now, it is an advanced tool with numerous image processing options, and can either be used as a GIMP plugin, or as a command line tool. Using MathMap is easy, but installing Mathmap to make it work with GIMP can be a bit tedious.

How To Install MathMap plugin in GIMP:

Simply download MathMap and install it. It will make a folder in C:/Users/(Computer name), with the name .gimp-x.x (x.x represents the versionof MathMap). Open the folder and copy all the contents of the folder and paste in the GIMP folder that is available at the same location, with the name .gimp-x.x (x.x represents the version of GIMP that you are using). After you have successfully pasted the contents, start GIMP, or restart if already running. You will find the MathMap plugin at Filters>Generic>MathMap.

Now that you have installed MathMap Plugin for GIMP, you can defish photos.

How To Remove Fisheye in GIMP using MathMap plugin:

You will find no other simpler tool than GIMP for fisheye removal using MathMap. All you have to do is open your photo in GIMP, then open the MathMap tool UI. You can also apply the effect without opening the UI. To open UI, go to Filters> Generic> MathMap> MathMap. On the interface, you will find a preview of your photo with various tabs. Go to the Filters tab, then go to Distorts, and select the Defish option. No adjustable options are available that you can change, but the result is pretty satisfying.

There are various other filters and tools available in this Image processing plugin for GIMP. The tools available let you add Blurs, Colors, Combination, Composition, Distortion, Geometry, Noise, and other effects on your photos. Its a very interesting tool for GIMP, and is a must have if you are a GIMP enthusiast.

GML Undistorter

GML Undistorter is a free defish software that lets you remove fisheye distortion from fisheye and wide angle photos. It also works well as a software to fix barrel distortion. Using this software is really easy, and it can fix fisheye distortion without compromising image quality.

How to remove Fisheye using GML Undistorter:

After you have loaded your photo here, you will have to enter the focal length of the lens used to click the photo. It can also retrieve the focal length info from the photo’s EXIF. Now use the Fine Tune slider to adjust the distortion correction. The changes appear in the photo in the preview panel; click Undistort button to apply changes on your photo.

The output rendered is flawless with no noticeable edge distortions. The output photo’s quality and output folder can also be set.

GML Undistorter is a simple tool and is good at what it does. Its a must try if you want to fix fisheye distortion or barrel distortion.


RadCor is an advanced lens distortion correction software with fish eye correction tool. The defish tool available here lets you substantially bring down and fix fisheye distortion for free. Its a complete package to correct various types of lens distortions, including barrel distortion, chromatic distortions, and of course, fisheye distortion.

How To Remove Fisheye Distortion using RadCor:

RadCor has a dedicated fisheye correction tool. Simply load your photo here, then click on the FishEye radio button on the interface. By adjusting the two sliders that will appear to adjust fov (field of view) and the area to crop, get a desired result. You can preview the output, right on the interface. When done, apply the effect and save your photo.

There’s a drawback to this fisheye removal tool, that it only provides square photos as output. This works good only for circular fisheye photos. If you want to fix wide angle fisheye photos, then you will get a square photo; this excludes a major part of your photo; however, you can select what part of wide angle photo you want to keep in the output image.

Other tools available in RadCor let you fix lens distortion based on lens profile or manually. You can also carry out chromatic corrections to fix color distortion.


Hugin is a panorama stitching software that can be put to use to fix fisheye distortion. It is an advanced software with various image processing options, used mostly by professionals. There is not a fisheye remover tool that is available, but a certain set of steps that you have to follow for fisheye correction.

Before you proceed with the procedure, make sure you have the following data about the photo handy: Lens type, Focal Length, and Crop Factor of your camera.

How To remove fisheye distortion in Hugin:

  • Open your photo in Hugin.
  • As soon as you add your photo, you will be asked to add lens info about the photo. Select lens type as full frame fish eye. You can select other lens types from the list if you have used different lens. Enter focal length used to click the photo. You have to enter the crop factor of camera in Focal length multiplier section.
  • Go to the Stitcher tab. Select Rectilinear, Cylindrical, or Equilateral options in the projection tab. Click on Calculate field of view, Calculate optimal size, and Fit crop to images buttons. (If you choose Rectilinear projection, then the image rendered will be very huge in shape, so its suggested to resize the output image before or after its saved.)
  • Click on Stitch.

Your image with wide angle fisheye will be rendered and saved at the defined folder.

Hugin has lots of capabilities, and it may seem difficult to execute a process here, but its easy to use once you get hold of it. You can even find various tutorials on Hugin’s website.


Photivo is an open source raw image editor which can process raw as well as bitmap images. It has various image editing tools, and one of them is defish tool. The defish tool lets you correct fisheye distortion by entering focal length of lens used to click a photo. Its very easy to use, and after correcting image, you can choose the image quality, image size, and various other parameters for the output image.

How To Remove Fisheye using Photivo:

The process to remove fisheye distortion is very simple using Photivo. Open your photo here, then go to the Geometry tab. Here click on Defish tool, then enable it. After enabling it, you will be able to enter the focal length that you used to click your photo. If you do not know the focal length, you can enter focal length by guesstimating to get a desired defished photo. Once done, go to the Output tab, and define output photo parameters.

If you want, you can make several other changes to your photos using this defish software.

I was having a bit trouble with output image quality after defishing a photo, and it didn’t work well with low resolution photos.

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