5 Best Free FIT File Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free FIT file viewer software for Windows. A FIT file is a GIS data file used by Garmin Fitness GPS devices to store GPS tracks and routes. It is also known as Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file. All the information that logged on the GPS device during a race or athletic event is saved in a FIT file format. The recorded data is useful to find out athlete performance, lap time, athlete heartbeat, longitude, latitude, etc. information.

These FIT file viewer basically show all the GIS and performance data in a sorted manner that makes analysis really easy. Most of these software also automatically fetch maps from the internet to align the recorded GPS coordinates with the actual map of the track. In order to analyze map data, these software provide tools like zoom in, zoom out, pan, scale, etc. Most of these software also support other similar formats like CSV, TRK, TOUR, KMZ, etc. In general, all of these are simple and easy to use FIT file viewers which anyone can use without much hassle.

My Favorite FIT File Viewer Software For Windows:

GPXSee is my favorite software because it shows all types of FIT data along with the route maps. It also gives freedom to change various units for measuring time, coordinates, etc. Plus, it also provides options to fetch maps from various different online map services.

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GPXSee is a free FIT file viewer software for Windows. Using this software, you can view all information contained in a FIT file such as GIS data, GPS data, Cadence, Speed, Elevation, Distance, etc. Besides these standard details, it can also display sports related data such as heart rate details throughout the race, car or motorbike rpm throughout the race, etc. According to the GPS data, it also loads the map of the actual location where race or sports occurred. By default, it fetches the map from the 4UMaps, but you can any time change the map service to Open Street Map, Open Topo Map, USGS Imaginary, etc. from its Maps section.

This software also marks the path of race or any other sports activity over the map which is another handy feature. In this FIT viewer, you get flexible Time, Units, and Coordinates formats which you can toggle at any time using its Settings Menu.

Just like FIT files, you can view and analyze other GIS data contained files using it, such as GPX, IGC, KML, SLF, TCX, etc.

Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin BaseCamp is another free FIT file viewer software for Windows. This software is not only used to view FIT files, but it is also used to plan outdoor activities, relive past outdoor activities, and to view detailed path information of a trip.

In this software, you can view both the visual of the path over the map along with detailed FIT data. The map provided by it is very detailed and you can also zoom in on the map to get a closer look at the path of the track, direction of movement, and exact time details according to the track position. To view the complete FIT data, open the FIT data from the side panel. In the data, you can view all essential information like Speed, Elevation, Time, Position, HeartRate, Leg Angle, Cadence, etc. Plus, a graph showing Elevation, Distance, and Heartrate in a comparative manner is also shown.

This freeware also provides various additional features such as Edit (to edit trip information), Trip Planner (to create a path of a new journey), Adventure (to create Garmin adventure), and more.

GPS Utility

GPS Utility is yet another free FIT file viewer software for Windows. In this software, you can view and analyze Sports and GPS data contained in a FIT file. Along with FIT files, you can also use it to view Garmin, GPS, GPX, Navigo, Raymarine, etc. files.

This software provides various separate sections to show various types of data present in a FIT file namely Waypoints, Routes, Trackpoints, Summary, and Map. Let’s take a brief look at all sections.

  • Waypoints: In this section, you can view Coordinates, BMP, Symbol, Comment, etc. information of the different points of the race or sports.
  • Routes: In it, you get route names, average speed during the lap or race, duration of the race, time reference, etc.
  • Trackpoints: It shows Coordinates, BMP, and Seconds details at different points of time during the activity.
  • Track Summary: It shows the overall time to complete the race or lap, maximum altitude achieved, mean coordinates, and speed in meter per seconds.
  • Map: It shows the complete path of the activity, race, or lap. Plus, some options to analyze the map such as zoom in, zoom out, and magnifier are also provided by it.

In this software, you can find many more features and adjustable settings (latitude, longitude, meter, yards, feet, etc.) which make this a really good FIT file viewer.


RouteConverter is a free GPS tool to view and edit track, waypoints, and route information. It can also be used to view FIT file viewer as it can display track, waypoint, and route information. Along with FIT file, it can also be used to open and view TRL, GPS, CSV, TRK, TOUR, KMZ, etc. files.

This software can show FIT file data, but various essential data types like BMP, Speed, etc. cannot be shown by it. Still, its ability to show track map over the actual map fetched by it from various map services (OpenStreetMap, AOC summer map, open fight maps database, etc.) is quite impressive. To closely analyze the track map, it also offers some handy tools like zoom in, zoom out, pan, distance-elevation graph, etc.

Most of the standard FIT data such as longitude, latitude, position, duration, position count, overall ascend/descend, etc. can be accessed from its side panel. In general, it is one of the simplest FIT file viewer that you can find for free.

Fit File Analyzer

Fit File Analyzer is a free open source FIT file viewer software for Windows. It is also portable software that you can use on the go without installing it on a computer. In order to run this software, you need a web browser as it is also a web-based software.

In this software, you can drag and drop one FIT file on its interface at a time to view FIT file data. Apart from FIT file, it does not support files of other formats. After loading a FIT file, you can view two main sections on its interface namely File General Info and File Sections. In File General Info, you can view file technical information like header size, protocol version, data size, CRC, definition message, file footer info, etc. The File Section contains all the important data such as speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, total cycles, latitude, longitude, event info (event type, event group, timestamp, etc.), start position, start position latitude, and more. However, it does not show the track map of the event which is a major drawback of this software.

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