4 Best Free IGS Viewer Software For Windows

This article contains a list of best free IGS viewer software for Windows. These software let you open, view, edit, import, export, save, and print IGS/IGES files using various tools.

All of the software mentioned in this software will help you to open and view IGS/IGES file. They have various tools which help you to view and edit 3D models easily. You can use rotation, panning, zooming, mesh, left view, right view, top view, bottom view, back view, isometric view, perspective view, transparency, etc. These IGS viewer software let you view shaded image and wireframe of the models in different colors. These will show you how an object looks in real, describe each part, and tell how it is created.

If you have a file with .igs extension, then use any of these free IGS viewer software to view and edit. Go through this article and read how to open IGS file.

Any file with an extension of .IGS are IGS files. IGS/IGES stands for Initial Graphics Exchange Specification/Initial Graphics Exchange Specification. It is a type of data format which can exchange information with CAD systems. It exchanges data in form of wireframe, circuit diagram, solid modeling, and freeform surface.

My Favorite IGS Viewer

IGS viewer is my favorite of all the listed software. You can open and view 3D models of an object. It also lets you view each part in transparent, shaded, or wireframe mode. It can describe how it looks in reality in different colors. Shaded parts can also be viewed in different colors. Each section like right, left, top, bottom, etc, can be viewed in 2D for a proper view of their line, length, width, etc. Good quality and simplicity makes it an interesting and unique IGS viewer.

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IGS Viewer

IGS Viewer is a freeware to open, view, and edit 3D CAD models. It processes data pretty fast and its user-friendly interface makes it a nice IGS viewer software. You will find many tools to navigate and analyze 3D structure of the models. It lets you view 3D objects in 2D view from four sides: left, right, top, and bottom.

Use shade to view how the object looks in real. Wireframe lets you view every detail of a 3D structure. You can also change wireframe color and color of shades for objects.

Fitall and Zoom options let you view objects in full view with centered position and enlarged image of IGS objects.

It can run on the following Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003.

Geomagic Verify Viewer

Geomagic Verify Viewer is a simple freeware to open IGS files or IGES files on PC.

You can Zoom, align, and rotate an object in different directions to view and analyze it. It lets you measure the distance between two points or two angles on the IGS file. You can also find out the radius, diameter, and other parameters of a circular figure. Color, visibility, mesh display, and body display of objects can be changed as well.

Right, left, top, bottom, back, and front options show respective 2D views of a 3D model. You can easily find out length, distance, angles, radius, and various other parameters of objects in 2D mode. Shade and wireframe options will help you see how an object looks in real and how different sections create 3D object.

It is basically used for creating 3D models or CAD designing. It is just like CAD software and much easier to use. You can use it to create 3D designs from scanned 2D images in very less time. It easily lets you make CAD designs with realistic looks.


FreeCAD is a free IGS viewer and IGES viewer. Open an IGS file in workspace to view it using various navigation tools. It lets you rotate, pan, and zoom objects. Wireframe, shades, flatline, and points options let you view 3D models precisely. You can view right, left, top, bottom portions of 3D images in 2D. Shade feature will help you understand how an object looks in real. Wireframe and shaded parts can be viewed in various colors.

You can draw 2D images using Sketcher. Create a 2D constrained geometry and use it as a base to design other objects.

This IGS viewer consists of various modules for different purposes:

  • Robot Simulation: It helps you to simulate and study Robotic movement of designed objects.
  • Drawing Sheets: It lets you create 2D view of a 3D model. You can export IGS as PDF or SVG.
  • Rendering: It exports and renders 3D objects through external renderers. It uses LuxRender and povray to do so.
  • Architecture: It helps you create Architecture models. It supports workflow like BIM with compatibility to IFC.

It can open, import, export, and save files of various formats other than IGS or IGES:

  • Supported formats: obj, FCStd, dwg, stl, bmd, step, frd, gcad, igs, csv, svg, ply, dat, etc.
  • Import: obj, inq, dwg, stl, dxf, step, brp, gcad, svg, csv, ply, igs, etc.
  • Export: dwg, obj, dxf, html, bms, pdf, dwg, oca, igs, obj, etc.
  • Save as: png, ppm, jpg, xpm, bmp, tif, ico, FCStd, etc.

It is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Note: While using the Export option, exporting a file in some extensions will lead the program to terminate abnormally.


Gmsh is a free, simple, and standalone software to view IGS files and IGES files. Open a file in workspace, which displays the wireframe of the loaded object. Now you can view the model using various mouse gestures. Right click and drag to move the parts and scroll the mouse to zoom. You can also merge multiple IGS files in a single file.

View solid color surface through SICN, Gamma, and Rho. It uses four modules: Solver, Post-processing, mesh, and geometry. It is based on OpenGL and FLTK.

  • Supported formats are: brep, geo, stp, igs, msh, iges, vtk, stl, wrl, bmp, pos, jpg, pnm, png, etc.
  • Import as: BREP, STEP, and IGES.
  • You can save IGS files as: pnm, geo, ppm,  brep, png, stp, jpg, msh, bmp, p3d, pos, stl, wrl, vtk, etc.
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