26 Best Free STL Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free STL Viewer Software For Windows. All these software will help you view, edit, draw, analyze, save, import, export, and print STL files. You can easily open a 3D model and use various tools to edit. You don’t need to create 2D drawing. You can view and edit CAD data instead of 2D drawing.

STL stands for Stereolithography. It describes the geometry of 3D model without any CAD software. It is a triangular representation of 3D structure of an object. Surface of the structure is broken into small facets. STL standard consists of two data formats: Binary and ASCII.

You can easily edit, redraw, and analyze 3D object. It lets you view and examine each section of the 3D object. It can also measure various dimensions and other data. You can use various tools to edit and view like wireframe, shade skin, rotate, pan, mirror, scale, etc.

If you want to view the construction of any model then you can import the STL file in any of these STL viewer software. So go through the article, pick any of these as per your need, and view STL files. Here you will also know how to view an STL file and How to edit an STL file.

My Favorite STL Viewer Software:

I like STL viewer the most. It lets you open, view, and edit an STL file. You can view each section of the model by rotating, panning, zooming, etc. Various editing features are also available, like, change colors, change background color, control transparency, etc. It lets you view the real look of an object and how the different sections create the object.

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STL Viewer

STL Viewer is a free and simple software to open file with extension .stl. It lets you view a 3D object in respect of all angles and direction. You can view its right, left, top, bottom, back front, edges, vertices, etc. Shade skin will let you view and know about its real look. Wireframe and rotation together show the elements that created the object.

Rotating, panning, zooming, changing draw stile, and changing projection mode helps you to view easily. You can change color of wireframe and transparency of the object. But these changes cannot be saved, you can only view them.

Compatible Windows operating system: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003.

Note: It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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3D Builder

3D Builder is a free simple application to open STL file. It has some inbuilt models, so you can open these inbuilt models and files from disk as well. Built in images are toys, gadgets, train set, trophy, household, miniatures, etc. It lets you view 3D models, edit, and print the models. You can edit through smooth, split, smooth, merge, emboss, subtract, intersect, and extrude down.

It also supports obj, 3mf, wrl, and ply, in addition to STL file, and saves output file as: stl, obj, 3mf, wrl, ply, etc.

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ADA 3D Viewer

ADA 3D Viewer is another free STL viewer and STL 3D printer. Open a file through Open icon or drag and drop a file. You have to use mouse to navigate. Use (Press and hold) middle and right buttons of mouse to rotate and translate respectively. Ctr key and middle button of mouse rotate an object around a definite point. Control zoom percentage through wheel of the mouse.

You can change object colors and background colors. It also shows details of triangle of mesh, extensions, and number of vertices.

Supported formats: SYL, OBJ, and RSM.

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FreeCAD is a free STL 3D viewer . It lets you view and creates 3D designs and models. It can create MCAD, PLM, CAE, and CAX projects. Select, rotate, move, edit and scale an object. You can use various 2D and 3D drawing tools to create a project like circle, arc, point, point line, polygons, wires, sphere, cylinder, torus, cone, box, etc. It lets you edit these objects by cut, fusion, boolean operation, etc. You can also use inbuilt python console to modify the object.

You can use open, save, zoom, import, export like basic options. It can rotate the model in any direction or angle. View model as wireframe, shaded, flat line, points, etc.

  • It can open many formats other than STL, such as: FCStd, obj, dwg, frd, asc, svg, dat, ply, csv, gcad, step, stl, etc.
  • Import files of formats: inq, obj, dwg, dxf, brp, svg, dat, ply, csv, gcad, step, stl, etc.
  • Export obj, dwg, dxf, bms, dwg, obj, ploy, oca, pov, svg, etc files.
  • Save a picture in formats: png, jpg, bmp, ico, ppm, tif, xpm, ppm, FCStd etc.

It is cross-platform and works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

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GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a free software to open STL 3D models. You can open a new file, import, and export an STL file. Various editing options are available: delete element, rename element, delete selected area, selection in 3D(like main, surface, mesh, geometry, deselect, etc). You can also construct point, line, plane, circle, holes, polygons, rectangle, sphere, cone, circle, curve, surface, etc. It lets you analyze surface, analyze  airfoils, create cluster, copy cluster, chek dimensions, check curves, and check deviation label.

  • It can export as: poly, pol,stl, g3d, vda, ascii, csv, png, pdf, and content diagram.
  • Save an edited file in formats of: aramis, tripos, atos, gsnap, gnispect, etc.
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Geomagic Verify Viewer

Geomagic Verify Viewer is a freeware to view 3D objects. Open an STL file in workspace, rotate it in any direction (or angle), take print screen, and add note. View it from front, back, top, bottom, left, and right.

It has almost all basic necessary features like open, save, show all, hide all, zoom, fit all, point set, wireframe, shaded, hidden-line, align, rotate clockwise, rotate anticlockwise, etc. You will find tree structure of files, model, data, section, reference (GD&T, Deviation) in left panel. View properties and other values in right panel. You can also measure distance between two lines, measure angle, and measure radius.

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Autodesk Meshmixer

Autodesk Meshmixer is a freeware to open STL file. Click on Import icon to open an STL file or you can also use drag and drop function. You can draw 3D image using various tools. It incorporates many standard and advanced features which help you to view and edit a 3D STL file, such as: mesh mixer, stamp, shaders, analyze, remesh, erase, offset, bridge, join, separate, sculpt, stamp, mirror duplicate, transform, make solid, make slice, add tube, unwrap, inspector, mesh query, slicing, orientation, etc.

Export file as: obj, dae, ply, stl, amf, wrl, smesh. Import files of formats: obj, ply, stl, amf, mix. Finally, save a file as mix (maxmixer format).

It is Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, and OS X.

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Gmsh is a free, simple, and cross-platform STL viewer. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Open an STL file in workspace and view wire frame model. Right click your mouse and drag to rotate the object. Scroll your mouse to zoom the object. You can open, save, merge, clear, delete an object. Statistics has options SICN, gamma, and Rho to view the solid color surfaces.

  • Supported formats other than STL: geo, brep, stp, msh, p3d, stl, vtk, wrl, pos, bmp, jpg, png, ppm, pnm, etc.
  • Save output file as : geo, brep, stp, msh, p3d, stl, vtk, wrl, pos, bmp, jpg, png, ppm, pnm, etc.
  • It saves mesh file as .mesh format.
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RPViewer is a freeware to view STL file. It lets you view, edit and print an STL file. It has many options including basic and advanced option such as: save, open, rotate, pan, zoom, solid features model, solid wireframe model, simple wireframe, paint model, orthographic, perspective view, isometric view, etc. It lets you open STL file in workspace with so many other options. Like you can rotate object in any direction or angle through left click of mouse. You can also change various color schemes like: face color, back face, edge, background, etc. Change transparency of an object from 0 to 100%.

It also supports RP file format, in addition to STL format.

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Rilhas' Free STL Viewer

Rilhas’ Free STL Viewer is a free, standalone, and light weight STL viewer. Right click on Workspace lets you load, save, and reload STL file. Flip faces and options to capture snapshot are also available.

It can load and save STL and TXT file formats only. Whenever I tried to load TXT file, it shows an error. It simply loads STL text file which is saved by any STL editor or viewer. It is also unable to capture snapshot. Zoom, rotate, and move options are not available.

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DeskArtes View Expert

DeskArtes View Expert is a free STL file viewer. Open STL file and view by rotating it along x, y, and z axis. It splits worskspace in different views: left, right, bottom, and top. Left panel of the interface lets you view file details and properties. Measure distance between two points, point location, and radius angle. You can add markup, use zoom in and zoom out options, generate 2D drawing, etc. Save Output in formats: stl, 3de, zrp, wrl, zpr, dxf, ply, and sli.

Supported formats other than STL: 3de, stl, astl, wrl, zrp, prt, stp, cgr, ply, dxf, etc.

It is cross platform: Windows, Mac OS X, and SGI IRIX.

Note: Some features are not enabled in the free version of this STL viewer. You have to pay to use those features.

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Materialise MiniMagics

Materialise MiniMagics is a free STL viewer. It can rotate, zoom, and pan. You can view inner parts of a model. It also detects model for multiple shells, flipped triangle, and bad edges; thus helps you to evaluate the quality of model. It can make bad edges visible, bad edges invisible, highlight bad edge, flip triangle as normal, flip triangle as visible.

It lets you use coordinates system to view models. Measure distances between two points. Add text annotation and let you read information of the models.

It compresses an STL file to MGX. Import and save .stl, .magics or .mgx files. It can also open some file formats other than STL, i.e., stl, magics, mgx, and MATAMx.

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MicroCFD is a free STL viewer. Open an STL file in workspace to view and apply some changes. You can change grid, change transparency, change intensity, change color, change axis, invert facets, etc. It saves output as STL.

It can open objects having many facets. It can handle more than one million facets. But its response times for panning, rotating, and zooming decreases with the increment in facets.

It can load STL ASCII, and STL Binary. Save as STL ASCII and STL binary.

Supported Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

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OrthoView is a freeware to open files of STL format. View STL file in workspace using various color schemes. It shows material, shadow, and different views of an object. You can view an object from top, bottom, right, left, back and front. Rotate, zoom, pan, and control transparency of the object while viewing.

It is specially designed to view 3D-HD model of arch, tooth, and diagnostics reports of patients. It easily analyzes, performs various measurements, and thus helps in treatment. It opens patients reports and let you view in different sections. It displays model information and patient’s data.

It can open formats: stl, dcm, 3sz, and xml.

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MeshLab is an open source STL viewer. It can open multiple STL files. View object as wireframe, points, flat lines, boundaries, smooth surfaces,etc, You can also view vertex edge, label, axis, boundary, box corner, current, mesh, histogram, curvature, etc. Move and rotate the object in any direction. Filter option lets you select, clean, repair, create new mesh layer, create raster layer, set points, etc. You can also align, fill hole, use measuring tool, apply z-painting, select vertex, select faces, delete vertex, delete faces, etc.

There are many other options available to view and edit 3D object, like: import, reload, export, snapshot, layer dialog, bounding box, points, wireframe, flat line, flat, smooth, face rendering, surface rendering, align, measuring tool, render mode, lighting, shader, background drig, shader, etc.

Import file of formats: ply, stl, ong, off, dae, pts, xyz, gts, tri, asc, txt, x3d, x3dv, wrl etc.

Save output file as MLP and ALN.

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Viewer is a free 3D viewing tool. Open STL, OBJ, and IBF file in workspace and rotate in different direction to view the object. Change color, use zoom in, zoom out and many other options to inspect the object. It can display edges, faces, and vertices. You can view an object from different aspects of view like from top, let, right, bottom, back, and front. It lets you view object using display mode and projection mode, such as: flat shading, per vertex, smooth, perspective, and orthogonal.

It saves output file as: stl, obj, ibf.

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eDrawings is a free STL viewer. View, review, edit, print STL files, edrawings, AutoCAD DWG files, AutoCAD DXF files, and SOLIDWORKS. It lets you play animation. You can view 3D model by rotating, panning, zooming, etc. Orient the model to view its top, front, back, bottom, left, right, isometric, and perspective view. All these option let you view 2D structure of respective part.

It can also open files other than STL file, like : easm, edraw, eprt, sldprt, slddeaw, stl, dxf, dwg, etc.
It saves an output as: eprt, zip, exe, htm, bmp, tif, jpg, png, and gif.

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AnyCAD Viewer

AnyCAD Viewer is free STL viewer and STL 3D printer software. Open an STL file through file browser or drag and drop function. It supports multiple tabs and thus can open multiple STL files at a time. You can view 3D structure of an object in different angles and direction by rotation. Change background theme, copy logs to clipboard, and print the opened file.

It can open many other file formats such as: IGES, IFC, FBX, OBJ, MDx, X, blend, DAE, 3DS, DXF, STEP, etc.

Compatible Platform: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008.

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SolidView-Lite is a free STL viewer. Open STL file to view a 3D model of an object by rotating, moving, zooming, etc. Modify an STL file through various functions: translate, align, flip, mirror, scale, combine, units, etc. You can view left, right, top, bottom, front, and back of an object. It also shows isometric and trimetric view. It can measure angle, distance, arc, thickness, edge, add note, draw markup, erase, etc.

You can also view SLDASM, VRML, SLDRPT, SolidWorks formats, SVD, SVX, PLY, and WRL. Measure and edit SFX and SVD files. Print STL and SolidWorks files.

Note: Some options like model analysis, wall/gap analysis, compare objects etc, did not work on STL file during my testing.

Compatible operating system: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 98, and Windows 2000.

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3D-Tool Free Viewer

3D-Tool Free Viewer is free STL viewer. Import an STL file to open and view. It can create cross-section of a model, insert text, pictures in 2D-drawings, and pictures in the background of the 3D-view. You can also view part assemblies process. Colors of parts can be changed or can be transparent and rendered to various modes: hidden lines, shaded, shaded with edges. Creates cross-section and exploded view of the models.

There are two tabs available for 3D and 2D models. 3D tab let you measure angle, distance, radius, edge length, diameter, epoints, clearance, and wall thickness. 2D tab can measure angle, distance, radius, diameter, and line length. You can rotate, move, zoom, copy, mirror, and scale a model. You can use SpaceExplorer, SpaceNavigator, SpacePilot, use SpaceTraveller, etc, as 3D mouse.

It supports ddd, stl, exe, step, igs, native, and cad formats. Export animation as AVI video. It can also import 3D and DDD files. Save and Print 3D and 3D views or their combination. Print and Save any 3D or 2D view or combination of views as BMP or JPG file.

Compatible Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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JavaView is a free software to view 3D designs and mathematical designs of models. It can display 3D designs of an object in any HTML documents. You can move, rotate, translate, zoom, edit, modify, etc. It can show you details of the object like color, texture, depth, grid, axis frame, etc.

It can save file of formats: JVD, JVX, PPM, GIF, OBJ, MPL, MGS, PS, WRL, EPS, etc. Export as Electronic model and HTML.

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Repetier-Host is a free STL file viewer. It can open multiple STL files. It lets you rotate, scale, move object, move view point, zoom, duplicate, and edit them. Move and rotate an object to view its top, bottom, back, front, isometric, edges, vertices, etc. It export files of formats: obj, amf, and stl.

It is Cross platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Wings 3D

Wings 3D is a free STL viewer. Import an STL file in workshop to view and use. Right click context menu for using various options. It has many standard and advanced tools, such as: rotate, scale, extrude, cut, bevel, weld, bridge, plane cut, sweep, intersect, sheer, inset, and bend. You can also view symmetrical model through Virtual mirror tool. It has edge ring, edge loop tools for editing edge and navigation tool to view the model. AutoUv can add texture to model. You can cut and unfold the model’s surface. Export for cut and unfold for texturing and painting. You can import and export files of formats: ndo, 3ds, bzw, dae, eps, xml, obj, pov, stl, wrl, x, etc.

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STL 3dit

STL 3dit is a free and simple STL viewer. Open an STL file to view 3D models. Use your mouse gesture to rotate, move, and zoom. It also serves as an STL editor, so you can easily edit an STL file in element editor.

It has a remarkable feature that it can extrude 2D image into 3D image. It can save an output as STL file.

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3DCrafter is a free real-time 3D design viewer application. It supports drag and drop function, so it is so easy to open an STL file. You can also edit an STL file and apply animation using options like: objects, grouping, change shape, materials, layers, objects, etc. It can create complex 3D models from 2D models. Modeling tools are available to paint, deform, and sculpt 3D images. You can add predefined shapes, objects, and text as well. Use coordinate systems to control X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis movement.

Export pov and rib file. Import file of formats: DXF, AC3D. ZGL, XYZ, XGL, COB, 3DS, 3DO, STL, RBS, RAW, IOB,etc. Finally, save a file as 3DC and STL formats.

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Netfabb Basic

Netfabb Basic is a free STL viewer. Open STL file through Red plus symbol. It will open the models in repair mode, where you can view and edit it. You can open multiple STL files also. You can repair and edit a mesh file as well.

It can create duplicate object, change color, move, rotate, scale, mirror, measure the length, etc. You can use automatic repair options or can repair manually using various other options: close trival holes, close all holes, stitch triangle, remove double triangle, split non-oriented edge, fix flipped triangle,detect self-intersection, etc.

Note: Free version of this STL viewer has limited features.

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