27 Best Free Hex Editor Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Hex editor software for Windows. These software let you open, view, and edit Hexadecimal files. Usually, normal text editor software don’t let you edit hex codes. You need special software to edit hex code file. This article will introduce you to a list of best free hex editor software. Here you will learn how to edit hex files and related operations to edit hex code.

Hex editor can edit files at low-level basis. Hex codes are a physical representation of files. Hex editors let you edit physical data of a file.

Computers store files in the binary format, which is a series of bytes. These bytes have value ranging from 0 to 255. A specific address is assigned to each byte starting from 0. Hex editor fetches these raw data and enables you to edit them.

Generally, a hex file editor is composed of three sections: Offset value section, Hex code presentation section, and character value section. These hex editing software can copy, paste, print, save, and do other basic editing operations. Some software can also edit decimal code, octal code, ASCII code, binary code, etc. Some of these hex editing programs let you add two and more files, apply logical operators, insert other files, insert binary, insert bytes, insert text, etc.

My Favorite Hex Editor Software:

HxD Hex Editor Software is one of my favorite hex file editors. I like it because of its dynamic and useful features. It lets you copy, cut, paste, compare files, insert bytes in hex file, jump to any specific address, find a specific code, replace a code, etc. It can edit Decimal code and Octal code as well.

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HxD Hex Editor

HxD Hex Editor is a freeware to edit HEX files. It is a simple hex editor and lets you edit multiple hex files simultaneously. It can also edit Decimal files and octal files.

Features Of HxD Hex Editor:

  • Compare two hex files.
  • Search and replace a specific code.
  • Jump to any address line.
  • Insert bytes in any open file.

Available for Windows: Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT4, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Free Hex Editor Neo

Free Hex Editor Neo is another free hex file editor freeware. It can also edit decimal, ASCII, double, binary, and float. It is a nice Hex Viewer and Hex Editor software. It can edit multiple files simultaneously in different tabs. Click on Open icon or go to File>Open to open a File, Shared File, Process, Volume, Open Disk, and Hex. Repeat this process to open multiple files.

Features Of Hex Editor Neo:

  • Insert other files and hex files.
  • Encrypt and decrypt a hex file.
  • Fill binary, octal, decimal, float, double, string, and hex file or pattern.
  • Save and print edited hex files.
  • Change file size in Bytes, KB, MB, GB, and TB.
  • Capable of handling large size binary files.
  • Supports multi tabs.

Note: There are some other features which are not enabled in free version. To use these features, you have to purchase this hex editor. Basic features are free.


WinVi is an open source hex editor software. It is a simple freeware to open, view, and edit different types of files such as: Hex, ASCII, DOS, EBCDIC, UTF-8, and UTF-16. You have to open a file in hex edit mode to edit hex codes. It simplifies your work through Search option, which lets you search specific strings to edit them. It helps you replace the searched strings with other strings. You can use Insert File option to insert other files in an open hex file.

Compatible Windows versions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


BitEdit9 is a freeware to edit hex file. It is a Hex viewer, Hex Editor, Decimal Editor, Decimal Viewer, Binary Viewer, Binary Editor, Octal Viewer, and Octal Editor. It has three sections: Offset, Hexadecimal, and Character section, where you can view first byte, complete list of bytes, and symbols respectively.

A drop-down list lets you select different Unicode: Hex, Decimal, Octal, and Binary. Apart from these, you can search a specific code and replace selected code with other code.

Hextreme Hex Editor

Hextreme Hex Editor is a free and simple hex editor software. It can open multiple hex files simultaneously in different tabs. You can search any hex code, go to any desired address line, and go to decimal place. It incorporates many other features like, you can change background color, change text colors, change interface view, save, cut, copy, print, etc.


wxHexEditor is a free and cross-platform hex editor. It is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. It also supports multiple tabs, so that you can easily open and edit multiple hex files at a time. Simply open multiple hex files one by one and edit them in editor section. It displays offset, hexadecimal characters, and symbols. You can also view and edit dataInterpreter. You can search, replace, jump to any offset, change interface view, etc.

Catch22 HexEdit

Catch22 HexEdit is a free Hex Editor Software. It lets you open, view, and edit any type of files, but up to a certain limit of file size, that is 16 Exabytes. It can also serve as: Hex Viewer, Decimal Viewer, Decimal Editor, Binary Viewer, Binary Editor, Octal Viewer, and Octal Editor. You can edit and view multiple files at a time in separate tabs. You can also search, replace, import, export, save, print hex files, etc.

Supported Windows Versions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

Freeware Hex Editor XVI32 is a free hex editor. It can open files up to maximum size of 2 GB. You can view ASCII as well as hexadecimal files. It lets you use two cursors simultaneously on its interface, one for hex code and other for symbols or text. You can adjust font size and types, search text or hex code, insert any file, jump to any address line in hex and decimal codes, etc.


Frhed is a simple hex editor software. It lets you open, view, and edit hex files. You can open a hex file, partially open a file, and open a drive as well.

Features Of Frhed Hex Editor:

Apart from all basic features like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc; it has some other advance features. They are:

  • Add append.
  • Compare offset values.
  • Import and export as hexdump.
  • Insert files in an opened file.
  • Find and replace codes.
  • Adjust view settings like background color, etc.
  • Add bookmarks.
  • Insert Decimal values.
  • Apply template.
  • Jump to any offset value.
  • Apply assignment operator like XOR, OR, AND, etc.


Hexplorer is another freeware hex editor. It lets you open, view, edit, print, and save hex files. You can import and export codes: Ascii Hex, Atmel Genric, Intel Hex, RCA Cosmoc, Spectrum, SPASM, MOS Technology, Signetics, Wilson, DEC Binary (XXDP), LSI Logic Fast Load, etc. Change Date, time and attribute, copy a chain of text or hex codes, find and replace a code, etc. You can carry out many operations on codes such as: XOR, AND, OR, Increment bytes, Decrement bytes, swap bytes, flip bytes, etc. Copy and paste MRU and external text. Encrypt hex files with your own password and save your private information from being hatched. Search and find a definite pattern of codes in open hex file.


Cygnus is a free and one of the best hex editors. You can open files through drag and drop method. It lets you edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB), so you can say that it supports almost all files without any memory limits. You can edit hex and ASCII codes.

It can simply open, edit, save, print search, find, import, and export hex files. It can edit multiple files by dropping them onto program icon. It has features of file comparing. It can print all or any portion of a file.

Compatible Windows Versions: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 3.5, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Note: It is not totally free; some features are not enabled in free version. To unlock those features, you have to purchase this hex editor.

FS Hex Editor

FS Hex Editor is one of the best free hex editor freeware. It can be also used as Binary Editor. It supports multiple tabs, so you can easily work with multiple hex files and edit them.

Some Important Features Of FS Hex Editor:

  • Find and replace code.
  • Support multiple tabs.
  • Arrange different tabs as cascade, tile, or window view.
  • Open, edit, save, print, and insert hex files.
  • Export as hexdump, select a whole offset block, add append, get incode text, get floating point value, and jump to any offset value
  • Translate into UTF-8 code.
  • Change interface view, background color, and text color.
  • Add and remove bookmark to a specific offset.


iHex is a free, simple, and cross-platform hex editor software. Open any file through open option or shortcut icon. Edit hex file and save it. You can save edited hex files in new changed size by MB, KB, GB, and Bytes. It can compare and combine two hex files. Find text or hex and replace them.

Available for Platforms: Windows and Linux.


TrueSight is a free, simple, and cross-platform hex editor software. It can open files of maximum size 18 exabyte. It supports multiple tabs, so you can open, view, and edit multiple hex files together. It can display hex as well as ASCII code. Apart from these, you can jump to any address, jump to previous modification, jump to next modification, find any specific codes, etc.

Available for platforms: Windows and Linux.

Runs on Windows versions: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Tiny Hexer

Tiny Hexer is a free hex editor software. It opens multiple hex files at a time and lets you arrange them in cascade view, tile horizontally, and tile vertically. You can view hexadecimal, octal, and decimal number formats as well.

Insert and delete nibble, find and replace, find and store, insert file, open drive, convert characters as per source and target, jump to any offset values directly, compare files, add bookmarks, etc.

Available for Windows: Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 2k3, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

MiTeC Hexadecimal Editor

MiTeC Hexadecimal Editor is a free hex editor software which can simply open hex files to view and edit. It lets you save the edited file as a new file. You can open multiple files in cascade view, tile horizontally, and tile vertically.  It has an inbuilt calculator which helps you to calculate various operations on hex code, like: Basic functions, Trigonometric functions, Hyperbolic function, Scientific function, Logical operators, Bit operators, etc.

It also supports octal and decimal files. You can search, find, and replace any offset values. Insert and delete nibbles, jump to any offset values, compare files, dump BIOS, dump memory, etc. It can convert hex files between ANSII, EBCDIC, MAC, and OEM codes.

Available for: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Java Hex Editor

Java Hex Editor is a free hex editor software. It is a simple freeware that lets you edit only single hex file at a time. You can search and replace any specific hex and dec codes. Jump to any hex and dec values, and select a lock which helps you edit easily.


Be.HexEditor is a free hex editor. You can simply open, view, create, and edit any hex file. It lets you view ANSII as well EBCDIC code. Find, jump to desired value, and finally save the edited hex file. It can open files of any size and supports multiple languages.

Tyrannosaurus Hex

Tyrannosaurus Hex is another free hex editor. It incorporates all basic editing options, like: cut copy, paste, save, print, etc. It can open file, drive, process, LC-1 vector memory, test file, and foreign process file.

Important features Of Tyrannosaurus:

  • Supports multiple tabs.
  • Displays histogram.
  • Jump to any address value.
  • Find and replace.
  • Change background color and interface view.
  • Read Palette.

Hex Edit

Hex Edit is a free hex editor software. You can open a file through open option or use Drag n Drop method. It lets you do all basic editing operations like cut, copy, paste, save, print, etc. along with many other advance options.

Other Features Of Hex Edit Software:

  • Import and export hex files.
  • Add append.
  • Add other hex files.
  • Find and replace any hex code.
  • Highlight specific codes.
  • Bookmark codes.
  • Jump to any offset value or address.
  • Can change Various font styles.
  • Encrypt and decrypt file.
  • Apply operations like: assignment, logical, addition, subtraction, etc.
  • Lets you use calculator.


Hex-Ed is a small, simple, and free software to edit hex files. It simply opens hex files with offset values, hexadecimal codes, and symbols. It lets you do some basic operations only, like: view, edit, save, find, search, jump to any specific address, etc.


Open and edit hex files for free with CIHexViewer. You can easily open and view multiple hex files in separate tabs. But it cannot simply let you edit a hex file. You have to enable each file to edit through Modify Data icon. It can open and edit any file. It supports comparison of files, parallel search of files, etc.

It is a cross platform hex editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


iBored is a freeware to view and edit hex files. You can edit multiple hex file at a time in separate windows.

How To Edit Hex Files Using iBored Hex Editor Software:

  • Drag and Drop the file you want to edit.
  • Double click the added file and adjust block size.
  • Hex file is now ready to view.
  • Enable the open file through Disk>Mark Writable.
  • This hex editor will ask to save before closing the window.

Available for Windows: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

HT Hex Editor

HT Hex Editor is a free hex editor. It simply lets you browse files through the directory tree. It opens hex file in read-only mode. You have to make it writable first to edit it. It can be done by clicking the button to toggle between read-only and Writable.

It displays hex code with offset values and symbols. You can change font size as per your need. You can translate hex code into ASCII, EBCDIC, Custom, Mac, DOS, etc.


Microhex is a free hex editor software. It supports multiple tabs, so that you can open and edit multiple files in separate tabs. Double click on any code and start to edit them. You can add new line and delete the existing line. Apart from these, you can cut copy, paste, jump to new address, add bookmark, adjust font, save, etc.

Compatible Windows Versions: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Open Freely

Open Freely is a free file viewer that supports more than 100 different file formats. It supports hex files also, and can be used as a hex editor software. Here you have to open a file and then open its hex file through Edit > Edit With Hex Editor. Then a new window will open, where you will find hexadecimal codes with offset values and symbols.

It has almost all essential and basic editing options, like: cut, copy, paste, save, print, compare, append, find and replace, insert, jump to any offset value, apply templates, move bytes, copy bytes, etc.

Although it is a nice hex editor software, still I faced a problem while testing it. It froze while working and I had to restart.


Hackman is a free hex editor. Open any file to view and enable it to edit through Edit>Modify Data. You can open any file, directory, drive, RAM, port, etc.

Features Of Hackman Hex Editor Software:

  • Support all basic editing features, like: copy, cut, paste, save, print, etc.
  • Compare files.
  • Change offset values.
  • Jump to desired address.
  • Insert file, byte, random numbers, etc.
  • Change configuration, like: right panel data, left panel data, byte order, lettering, etc.
  • Encrypt and decrypt files.
  • Supports calculator.

Note: Hackman is a suite of various software like Hex Editor, Calculator, Template Editor, Template Creator, Programming Studio, etc. So you have to select Hackman Hex Editor Software to edit hex files.

Some of the functions are disabled, but you can activate them by purchasing the product.

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