6 Best Free Imgur Download Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Imgur Download Software For Windows. These software let you easily download images from popular imgur website for free. Some of these software also let you download images from other websites too. Some of these imgur downloader freeware can bulk download images from imgur. Some programs do not require installation and are portable in nature. Some of these software also supports keyboard shortcuts for downloading the images. Support for auto stop download when duplicate file found is also available in some programs. So go through this list of free imgur download software to find what which suits you better.

My Favorite Software to Download Imgur Images:

Out of these, I like imgur Gallery&Album Downloader the most. This is simple and easy to use program, comes in JAR format too and can be used as a portable program also, and is easy to configure.

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imgur Gallery&Album Downloader

imgur Gallery&Album Downloader is very simple and easy to use program that lets you download the images from Imgur.com website. The program comes in JAR as well as in installable format. Just download the desired one and execute the program. You can type the Keyword or URL in the box to search for images on imgur. Clicking download button will start automatic downloading of images. Its Android version is also available. The program has other options, like, Stop when duplicate found, Keep original image file names etc. You can stop the download process any time by clicking the Stop button. To view the downloaded images, you can click View button on its main interface.

Bulk Download Images (ZIG)

Bulk Download Images (ZIG) is a Google Chrome Extension to download the images in bulk from Imgur and other popular websites. This extension has various types of useful features like Basic Filters, Image Rules, Rename Rules, Functions, and many more. You can download images by applying various types of filters. For e.g. you can apply basic filter for specific format of image files. It supports various keyboard shortcuts. It can also generate QR Code for any opened URL thus you can send this URL to your phone.

Some useful functions in its Grab Images tab are:

  • Basic Filter for downloading files having minimum:
    • Width
    • Height
    • Size
  • Type of Extension, for e.g.
    • bmp
    • gif
    • jpg/jpeg
    • png
    • apng
    • svg
    • webp
    • ico
    • other
  • Image Type:
    • Normal
    • Link Image
    • Text Image
    • Favicon, etc.

Overall, this is a nice extension for Google Chrome and you can use it bulk download images from imgur and others.

Reddit Imgur Browser Downloader

Reddit Imgur Browser Downloader is a free and easy to use Imgur downloader software. It comes in ZIP format; just extract it and execute the EXE file. You have to select the link from the dropdown list and click Go! button to start browsing the images in the selected album. When you click the thumbnail of any image, it will show you the large image in the left pane. You can view the image in full screen mode also. The program supports various keyboard shortcuts; for e.g. you can press ‘d’ on your keyboard to download the current picture. Overall this is a good program to browse and download images form imgur, reddit.


ImgurDL is a very small (just 27.2 kb) JAVA based imgur download tool. It lets you download Galleries from imgur website in an easy way. You just have to supply the imgur gallery link to it, and it will start downloading the images from the album when you click Download button. The default location for downloaded images is your Windows Download folder. It shows various useful counters on its interface when downloading. For e.g. it shows you the Download speed in Kbits/s, No. of Queue, Total files found in folder, Pages it Searched, and No. of Downloaded Files. The program is in beta stage and does not have user options, but it works very fast.

Double-click Image Downloader

Double-click Image Downloader is an easy to use image downloading extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can also use it to download your favorite images from Imgur. Just install this extension and browse for the image in your web browser. Now double click on it to start downloading of the image. It also supports single click downloading; for this hover the mouse over the image and click the download button shown near it. To use this extension, you have to configure it.

For e.g.

  • Choose the default location to save images.
  • Use of Shift key (to use it or not while double clicking).
  • Enable/Disable single click mode.

This extension allows you to download one image at a time, so bulk download is not possible with it.

Image Downloader

Image Downloader is a well-known Google Chrome Extension to download images from the web. You can also use it to download images in bulk from Imgur. Just install this extension and browse the Imgur page from which you want to download the images. Now click the Image Downloader icon on the toolbar. Here you can select the desired images or all images if you want. Type the address of destination folder path and click Download button to start the process. You can apply URL filter and minimum size filter for downloading images. By selecting desired or all images and clicking Download button, the download process will start.

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