6 Best Free Learning Shape Games For Kids For Windows

Here is the list of best free learning shape games for kids for Windows. These free shapes games let your kids learn all the basic shapes with fun. Kids will not find any difficulty while playing these games. Some of these games use real life examples to relate the shapes, so that kids can learn to link real things with basic shapes. This will be very beneficial for them.

One of these games uses Mnemonic technique to relate real things with different shapes. With the help of this technique, kids not only learn the names of all the shapes quickly, but also will be able to relate real things with shapes.

My Favorite Learning Shapes Game For Kids:

The game that I liked the most during testing is Shapes. The best part of the software is that it uses Model Mnemonic technique and explains each shape with several real life examples. With the help of Audio, Video Clips, 3-Dimensional Models, and Music, kids will learn to relate real things with different shapes easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and install these free learning shapes games for kids and make your kids smarter.

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Shapes! is one of the best free learning shapes software for kids for Windows. The software is beneficial for kids to teach the basic shapes like square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, triangle, etc. With the help of animation, video clips, and music, kids will not find any difficulty in learning basic shapes.

Do note that it is a Microsoft PowerPoint based Application. Hence, to run this freeware on your system, be sure you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your system.

The best part of the software is that the developer of this game has used Model Mnemonic technique in the software, which helps kids learn all the shapes quickly. Each shape in this free learning shape software for kids is presented in the form of 3-Dimensional graphics along with many real life examples.

I am sure that the Mnemonic Technique will definitely help your kids learn different basic shapes quickly. After using this software, kids will be able to link real life objects with different shapes. Click on the link given below and install this shapes learning software on your system and make your kids smarter.

Toddler Apps Shape Match

If you are looking for a shape learning game for toddlers, Toddler Apps Shape Match will be a good option for you. This is a very simple Windows 10 app that is specially developed for toddlers. Playing this game, they will be able to recognize some basic shapes, like rectangle, square, circle, star, triangle, etc.

The concept of the game is based on Matching, where kids have to match all the shapes displayed on the screen to their respective places by drag and drop method. That’s all. The game is not as simple as it sounds. Toddlers may find it a little bit difficult as they progress to the higher levels in the game. As the level of the game increases, the number of shapes for matching will also increase. Hence, to reduce the difficulty level for toddlers in the game, colors of shapes and their stencils are kept same in the app.

All in all, Toddler Apps Shapes Match not only teaches your kids the names of different shapes but also helps them learn the names of different colors.

Only downside I see in this app is that it is not possible to directly go to a particular level, and the game always starts from the basic level. So, after a while, your kids might get bored of starting from the same easy place again.

Kids Shapes (Preschool)

Kids Shapes (Preschool) is another free learning shape game for preschoolers that lets them learn shapes with fun. This Windows 10 app is specially developed for preschool kids. I like the way this game teaches the name of each shape to kids. The best part of the game is that each shape is related to the real things, so that kids can relate to them and learn quickly. As an example, if we are learning about Circle, the game shows some real examples related to circles, such as Pizza, Clock, and Orange. This makes kids relate everything in the real world to the basic shapes.

How to play Kids Shapes (Preschool):

The game comes with two different gaming modes, namely: Learn Shape and Find Shape. In the Learn Shape mode of the game, a shape is displayed on a cube on the screen. The name of that shape is pronounced. Rotate the cube horizontally in all directions to see the real-life examples related to that shape.

You can take a test of your kids in Find Shapes gaming mode of the app. The computer pronounces the name of a shape and kids have to select the correct shape from the given list. If they select an incorrect shape, then the computer gives an explanation about that incorrect shape, so that kids do not repeat the same mistake in future.

Shapes and Colors Nursery Games

As the name indicates, Shapes and Colors Nursery Games is ideal for nursery kids and teaches them the names of both shapes and colors. It is a Windows 10 shapes app which is available at Microsoft Store. A lot of shapes and color exercises are provided in the app, so that kids can practice more and more. In order to make it more comfortable for little kids, the developer has added cute animated cartoon characters to the game, which is the main source of attraction for kids.

Let me tell you a little bit about different games included in this:

  • Shelly’s Stones: Shelly is a cute animated tortoise, who is holding a shape in his hand. Kids have to recognize that shape and pop the correct balloon according to that shape. As they pop a balloon, computer pronounces the name of the shape. This helps your kids memorize the name of the shapes.
  • Robot Factory: It is another gaming mode of the app. Here kids have to place the correct shape into a Robot simply by Drag and Drop method in order to complete the structure of the Robot.
  • Learn To Trace: Here kids have to trace the dots to complete a shape. After the completion, the computer pronounces the name of that shape.
  • Dot to Dot: In this mode, kids have to connect all the dots in the correct sequence to make a shape. Kids can only play this game if they know counting.

Some more gaming exercises include Scratch to Reveal, Shape Builder, Build the Toys, etc.

An interesting feature of the game is that you can see your kid’s progress report in the app and reset it anytime.

Shapes Puzzle for Kids

Shapes Puzzle for Kids is a free learning shapes game for kids for Windows. This game lets your kids learn the names of basic shapes such as rectangle, square, circle, etc. with fun. A sweet music is played in the background of the app. I found the music of this app very relaxing. Besides shapes, kids can also learn the English alphabets, counting, paint, etc. The app comes with 5 different types of games. The free version of this app gives you access to play only learning shapes game. If you want the complete access to the game, you have to purchase its full version.

How to play Shapes Puzzle:

Playing this game is very easy. What you have to do is just drag and drop the given shape to their respective places. After completion, the computer pronounces the name of the object thus obtained.

Toddler Basic Shapes

If you are looking for a basic learning shape game for toddlers, download Toddler Basic Shapes. This game is specially designed for toddlers. The app contains 9 basic shapes, which include circle, square, rectangle, star, diamond, pentagon, trapezium, triangle, and hexagon. You have to just place the cursor of your mouse over any of these shapes and the computer pronounces the name of that shape along with its color. Hence, with the help of this app, kids not only learn the names of basic shapes, but also learn the names of some basic colors.

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